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Twijnstra, Nantje
Missionary Dentist - Thailand
Abegg, Samuel J. & Luella Reed
Business manager at Walla Walla Sanitarium;conference positions;PPPA employee/manager;see also Remenindo Collection
Adams, Howard Ellison & Elizabeth Barbara Adams
minister; file includes photo
Adams, Robert Elmer & Mildred Wheeler
minister; Assoc. Secretary Temperance Dept. GC; conference positions
Adams, W. Melvin
pastor;evangelist; GC Religious Liberty Dept. Assoc. Secretary/ son of Willis Milton Adams
Ahnberg, Betty Hausted & Ralph
co-founder of Your Story Hour(Betty)-original "Aunt Sue"(see also Your Story Hour - DF # 3935.1)
Airey, Wilfred J. and Dortha Bly Gorsuch
Professor at La Sierra College; Airey endowment fund
Aitken, James Julius & Dorothy Lockwood
pastor;administrator;instituted use of aviation for mission work;helped to develop Adventsit World Radio
Akers, George H. & Imogene Allen
General Conference Officer, Educator
Albers, Leroy Lane & Lois Jean
pastor;Stewardship program;musician;file includes photo
Alexander, Humberto Noble
Cuban pastor imprisioned by Castro for 22 years -book in Heritage Col. -"I Will Die Free"
Alexander, Wilber
Professor at LLU,Faulty of Religion;"Wholeness" concept;chaplain at LLU;founder of Center for Spiritual Life
Ambler, William George & Ruthe Anderson
pastor in several conferences; file includes photo
Amelio, Gilbert
"Face of Christ"
Amundsen, Wesley I. & Betty Katherine Sapin
teacher; pastor; evangelist;conference positions;President Madison College;GC positions
Anderson, Clifford R.
"Your Radio Doctor"
Anderson, Godfrey Tryggve & Idalene Skillern
educator;administrator; President of La Sierra College & LLU;author;editor;LLU University Archivist
Anderson, Joseph Harry & Ruth
SDA Artist/illustrator
Anderson, John P. & (1) Ethel (2)--(3)Rachel
50 years mission service to China; WWII internee of the Japanese
Anderson, Roy Allen & Myra
Author, evangelist; General Conference positions
Andreasen, Niels-Erik A. & Demetra
President of Andrews University & Walla Walla College/ Dean School of Religion LLU
Arnold, Ray Deyo &(1) Electa Harding (2) Irene Anderson
installed original chimes & PA system on Loma Linda Campus/CME employee -electrician
Arnold, William Charles & Dorothy Rhea Davis
teacher;education administrator;pastor
Arrabito, James & Pat
photographer;artist; History of the Sabbath project for LLT Producations;laymen's Great Controversy Edition.
Artress, F. Lynn and Barbara Joanne
member of the LL Overseas Heart Team;missionary; LLU Faculty;LLU Graduate School of Medicine 1942.
Atchley, Euel H. & Esther Belle Nixon
teacher;editor of "Listen" magazine; Temperance Dept. of the GC
Atteberry, Maxine D.
Dean CME School of Nursing; President of California Board of Nursing Examiners
Baasch, David Henry & Iva Munson
pastor/assoc. secretary General Conf/several conference & division positions/education administrator
Bacchiocchi, Samuel
Biblical Perspectives (publications by author); author; educator; lecturer
Baerg, Harry J. & Ida May
Artist & illustrator
Bailey, Judy Wolter & Royce
(Judy) Musician -harp & RN/(Royce) physician/ both graduates of LLU
Bailey, Leonard L. & Nancy Schroeder
See Also Baby Fae - infant heart transplants
Baker, Alonzo L. & Eleanor A.
Author;Teacher at La Sierra College;lecturer;sister was Alma McKibben; Endowment at La Sierra University
Baker, Isaac & (1)Myrtle Hickman(2)Ruby James (3)Edyth McCullock
minister for 71 years/first graduate of Keene Industrial Acad.(Southwestern Univ.)/donated land for Ozark Academy
Baker, Norman W. & Dixie M.
Pastor / Teacher
Baker, Roy C. & Alta
pastor/conference positions/President of Central & Southeastern California Conferences
Baldwin, Dalton & Barbara
Professor- Faculty of Religion LLU; author / Dalton died Mar. 21, 2011
Baldwin, Wilton Oakes & Ruth
teacher;adminstrator; Education Superintendent for several conferences
Balharrie, Gordon & Anna
pastor;education work world-wide;lecturer; conducted seminars/Dean Walla Walla School of Theology (1961-1977)
Banfield, Warren St. Claire
Minister;administrator;Human Relations
Banta, Jeralyn & David
LLA Elementary School Teacher
Barber, Ora M.
nurse;physician;on-staff faculty Loma Linda (CME) & White Memorial Hospital
Barclay, William Lindsay & Nora
pastor;author;poet;teacher;colporteur;member of 1st class NEWSTART at Weimar College
Barger, R. Curtis & Mary
minister; General Conference Sabbath School Department Assoc. Secretary;conference positions
Barnard, James F. & (1)Nevam Strong -died 1970 (2)Frances L. Brown
CME Medical School Grad. / see also Barnard Endowment LLU Library Heritage Room/(Frances)Music teacher;missionary to Africa
Barnard, Marion C. & Cleo
(See also LLU Library Missions Endowment Fund)
Barnes, Roger William & Oca Davis
Executive,Author,Scientist,Surgeon,teacher, CME/LLU Faculty,Department Head
Baron, Will
Author/former New Age Priest/ Book in Heritage collection-"Deceived by the New Age"
Barr, David Cecil & Marjorie Betzer
(Cecil)teacher;guidence counselor/(Marjorie)Educational Office worker
Barron, Henry A. & Pansy Strickland
evangelist; musician(Barron Brothers); author; editor; youth ministries