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Aaby, Edd(Ebb) Clarence & book salesman;curator - host at Elmshaven(EGW home)
Abbey, Ira & Rhoda B. (Buckley?)
Abbott, George Knapp & Cora Mae Richards Physicians; served at CME / (George) Dean of CME (1911-1914) & Medical Super of Sanitarium; author; medical director of other sanitariums / (Cora) served on the sfaff of several SDA sanitariums & hospitals
Abbott, Kenneth Harvey & Mariann Donnely LLU Faculty / Neurosurgery
Abbott, Nancy Carver & Ken SDA Author
Abegg, Samuel J. & Luella Reed Business manager at Walla Walla Sanitarium;conference positions;PPPA employee/manager;see also Remenindo Collection
Ackerman, Dorothy Virginia Evans & James M. (Dorothy) music teacher at several schools / faculty member - Department of Music at Southern University, has building named in her honor.(James) pastor, youth director, teacher, education administrator, conf. positions, 1st.city manager of Collegedale,TN
Adams, George Missionary / SDA Conference Worker
Adams, George O. & (1) Ruth Barrett & (2) Shirley Cleveland pastor / missionaries to Africa / President of Newfoundland, Manatoba-Saskatchewan, British Columbia Conferences & Caribbean Union / Trust Officer for Southeastern California Conference
Adams, Howard Ellison & Elizabeth Barbara Adams minister; file includes photo
Adams, Robert Elmer & Mildred Wheeler minister; Assoc. Secretary Temperance Dept. GC; conference positions
Adams, W. Melvin pastor;evangelist; GC Religious Liberty Dept. Assoc. Secretary/ son of Willis Milton Adams
Adams, Willis Milton & Ethel Mae Keough minister / president of six conferences in NAD / did religious liberty work in Pacific Union for 16 years / parents of Elder Melvin & Elder Milton Adams
Ahnberg, Betty Hausted & Ralph co-founder of Your Story Hour(Betty)-original "Aunt Sue"(see also Your Story Hour - DF # 3935.1)
Airey, Wilfred J. and Dortha Bly Gorsuch Professor at La Sierra College; Airey endowment fund
Aitken, James Julius & Dorothy Lockwood pastor;administrator;instituted use of aviation for mission work;helped to develop Adventsit World Radio
Akers, George H. & Imogene Allen General Conference Officer, Educator
Albers, Leroy Lane & Lois Jean pastor;Stewardship program;musician;file includes photo
Albrecht, Lyle & Peggy Evangelist; Union Evanglistic Team; TV Evangelist on 3ABN
Aldrich, Jonathan M. & Jerusha B. Mandiville testimony from Ellen G. White, worked in publishing house in Battle Creek
Aldridge, Frank Radford & Ruth Cedol (Frank) bookkeeper, Book & Bible House manager, conference positions, Bermuda Mission President, pastor
Alexander, Garnet Lalor and Joyce organized first SDA church in Christiana, Jamacia
Alexander, Humberto Noble Cuban pastor imprisioned by Castro for 22 years -book in Heritage Col. -"I Will Die Free"
Alexander, Wilber Professor at LLU,Faulty of Religion;"Wholeness" concept;chaplain at LLU;founder of Center for Spiritual Life
Allen, Derek A. Allen Stethoscope Inventor / LLU Student
Allen, Irene Armitage & Birtle & (10 Grace E. (2) Irene (Irene) Nurse-anesthetist at Loma Linda for many years/married Bertle at age 81. / both members of Palomar Nature Club/ parents were missionaries to Africa
Allen, Patrick Linton & Patricia pastor, educator, administrator, conference positions, Jamaica's sixth Governor-General 2009
Allen, William & Laurentine Director of Development at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry;Director of World Museum of Natural History at La Sierra University;Teacher
Allison, Jennie B. & Friend of Ellen White; first documented black woman to join SDA Church; son became an SDA minister
Allred, Paul Eugene & Lorna Ann Craw staff positions at Walla Walla College & CME/LLU / missionaries in Mexico for 18 years building SDA Instititutions/ founded Mexican Vegetarian food manufacturing company / consultant for World Food Service for many years
Allred,Edward & Charmay Physician;La Sierra College Grad;CME School of Medicine Grad.;Owner of Los Alamitos Race Course;owner of chain of abortion clinics;newsmaker
Almodovar, Gustavo freelance radio & TV reporter/ general assignment reporter/Sabbath-keeper / witness
Ambler, William George & Ruthe Anderson pastor in several conferences; file includes photo
Amelio, Gilbert "Face of Christ"
Ammons, Linda L. Lawyer / Professor
Ammundsen, Burton E. & (1)Clela Fuller (2)Frances Burnhart Meyer CME Graduate 1949;Missionary doctor. See Kendu Bay Hospital
Amundsen, Wesley I. & Betty Katherine Sapin teacher; pastor; evangelist;conference positions;President Madison College;GC positions
Amundson, Earl W. & Mae Caroline President of Central California Conference / conference positions / pastor / file includes pictures
Andersen, Melvin & Isla LLU Faculty / School of Medicine Director of Development Office
Anderson, Albert W. & (1) Margaret Linklater (2) Hilda Osmond preacher, musician, author,editor, conference positions
Anderson, Arnold Keith & Marcella Tanner Paratrooper Medic WWII;Professor of mathematics at Pacific Union College for 24 years;Author;Grad. Of CME School of Medicine 1933-B;(1989)acting Dean of Men at Hartland Institute for one year
Anderson, Clifford R. "Your Radio Doctor"
Anderson, Eric Loma Linda University Professor / Author
Anderson, Godfrey Tryggve & Idalene Skillern educator;administrator; President of La Sierra College & LLU;author;editor;LLU University Archivist
Anderson, Hascal Blount & Gladys Clark CME Class of 1932
Anderson, Jacob Nelson & (1) Emma Thompson (2) Daisy B. Schrader early missionaries to China.(Emma) author
Anderson, John David & Guinevere Mary Pioneer missionaries to the Solomon Islands; Pastor;teacher; conference positions. See AlsoDF 3994.05A-Malaita Island Mission/Mission ship Melanesia
Anderson, John P. & (1) Ethel (2)--(3)Rachel 50 years mission service to China; WWII internee of the Japanese
Anderson, Joseph Harry & Ruth SDA Artist/illustrator
Anderson, Les & Mary Lane Director of Adventist Aviation Services in Papua New Guinea(1998+); missionary pilot