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Graf, Catherine
Dean CME/LLU School of Nursing/Director of Nurses at LLUMC/charter member of Loma Linda University Church
Greaves, Timothy & Thelma Van Lange
physician/pioneer in Cytology/Alumnus of the Year LLU 1975
Green, Steve
SDA Musician
Greene, James Arthur & Joyce Ann
LLU Campus Business Administrator /conference positions
Greene, Nathan
SDA Artist
Greer, George William & Hazel McElhany
Choirmaster/Educator of Music SDA Colleges/Bio book in Heritage Collection
Gregg, Alice
LLU Library Employee / Librarian
Griffith, William Herbert & (1) Leota Hayes (2) Selma Uhrig
conference positions as Accountant & Treasurer/PPPA employee/Book & Bible House manager
Griggs, Donald Ezra & Loice P. Adamson
physician/missionary to China/teacher/Faculty CME
Groves, Ella Belle Sargeant & Kenneth Ellison
(Elle) Librarian at Loma Linda University Library/Heritage Room Volunteer / (Kenneth) Educator; Business Manager at Walla Walla College
Gruber, Charles Michael
educator/author/Faculty CME-Chair of Department
Grunke, Leal & Ruth
Education & Youth Director/radio pastor/First to produce VOP programs on tape/pastor/helped to establish Chapel Records/helped to secure land for Monteray Bay Academy
Guenther, Carl E. & Marion J. Wildberg
Asociate Secretary Home Missionary Department of the General Conference/pastor/conference positions
Haas, Harold E. "Gene" & Margie
educational Administrator/conference & Union positions as Superintendent of Education
Hackett, Willis J. & (1)Margaret Estelle Rollins (2)Thelma Trude
missionaries /evangelist/General Conference general Vice-President/President of conferences
Hadley, Gilbert Gordon & (Alphie) Alice Ruth Wagner
[see also Dean School of Medicine -LLU]/ Afghanistan - Kabul Medical School association & assistance / GC Health department position
Hadley, Henry L. (Hank) & Bonnie Rae Barnes
physician/grad of CME 1946/Chair Department of Urology LLU/President of Medical Alumni Association/author
Haffner, Harold LeRoy
minister/teacher/colportuer/file includes photos
Haldeman, Madelynn Jones
theologian/pastor/professor/one of first SDA women to be ordained(1995)/author
Hale, Frank W. Jr. & Ruth Saddler
President of Oakwood College/educator/organized Hub of Harmony Chorus/author
Hall, Leighton T. & Pearl
Denominational work 37 years/conference & hospital positions/file includes photos
Hall, Stephen Anthony
Youth pastor/teacher/file includes photo
Halliwell, Leo Blair and Jessie
Pioneer Missionaries to South America (Amazon River - Boats)
Halstead, Bruce Walter & Teri Lee Holcomb
co-founder of CME School of Tropical & Preventive Medicine/grad CME/researcher/founded World Life Research Center
Halverson, Wilton Lee and Hazel
Director of Public Health for state of California/CME Faculty & Professor of Preventive Medicine/ grad. of CME/Alumnus of the Year 1947/conference positions
Hamilton, John T. & Arlene Winsor
Musician & Professor at La Sierra College;Endowment fund
Hamlin, Charlotte
author; advocate of healthly lifestyle;
Hammill, Leroy Richard & Dena Tinienko
see also DF# 4222 - Sermons
Hammond, Richard J. & Emily
SDA Educator / LLU Faculty Member
Hamrick, James F. & Ruth Lee Dawson
Pastor/evangelist/chaplain/radio broadcast "The Bible Question Box"/file includes photos
Hancock, John Henry & (1) Helen Virginia Lonberger(2)Charlotte Soderblom (Lollie)
Mr. Pathfinder/ World Youth Leader
Hankins, Elmer A. Jr. & Jean Dunbar Smith
physician /surgeon -radiology (treated cancer patients in Riverside County)/senior surgeon LLUMC 1951+/designed Riverside SDA Church/ FAA examiner for pilots
Hansen, Richard & (1) Ulla Maria (2) Karen & family
physician/health worker/ASI -Poland Springs Institute /
Hanson, D. Horace & Marie Bentz
colporteur/minister/pioneer worker to Alaska in 1916/conference positions
Hanson, Della Francis Thompson & Herbert Martin
Missionaries to Ethiopia - see book For God & Emperor in Heritage Collection/other materials in Archives collections & vault
Hanson, Herman Samuel & (1) Zella Estelle Olmstead (2) Florence Gill
pastor/evangelist/education administrator/conference positions
Hanson, Michael and Sharon
conference revivalists/evangelists/musicians/children with Cystic Fibrosis
Hanson, Samuel Clarence & Florence Watts
educator administrator/teacher/pioneer layworker in Alaska/church organizer at Pilot Point, Alaska
Hara, H. (Hatsuji) James & (1)Margaret Farr(2)Fanny M. Spillman
served on LLU faculty 44 years/grad. CME 1918/Medical School Alumnus of the Year 1956/Most noted Japanese-American graduate of CME/Brother of Sabo Hosoki Hara, CME Class of 1932
Harding, George Tryon III (Sr.) & (1)Mary Virginia Woolley (2) Lelia Timberman Fenton
Seventh (7th) President of the College of Medical Evangelists (1948-1951)/Director of Harding Hospital for SDA Psychiatry training/CME grad. 1928/Alumnus of the Year 1947/founder of Worthington Foods Company
Hardinge, Leslie & Molly Ellen Miriam Petavel
Hardinge, Mervyn Gilbert & Margaret Olive Feldkamp
Author; Head of Division of Public Health & Nutrition at LLU
Hare, Eric B. & Agnes Fulton
Missionary -"Dr. Rabbit" / Author -story teller/ General Conference Sabbath School Department Secretary/brother of Reuben Hare / son of Robert Hare / grandson of Joseph Hare
Harlow, Clarence E. & Emily Chase
Pioneer Loma Linda Resident / Business Owner - Harlow's Appliances & Ice Company
Harris, Chessie & George
Founder of Harris Home for Homeless Children
Harris, William J. & Amelia Eitel
Associate Secretary of the Sabbath School Department of the General Conference/missionaries/author/editor/lecturer/conference positions
Harrison, Charles W. & ((1)Evelyn H. Stern (2)Lena Sarah Phillips
physician/CME Class 1915/Head of CME Anatomy Department for 7 years/teacher/ Hospital Medical Director at Sydney Sanitarium in Australia
Hart, Richard Henry & Judy Osborne
Chancellor & CEO of Loma Linda University(2001+);Dean, School of Public Health LLU(1990-2001); LLU Alumnus of the Year 1999
Hartwell, Raymond Herbert & Iva Hamel
pastor-evengelist/missionary to China /Middle East Union President/other foreign Union positions
Hasel, Gerhard Franz & Hilde Schafer
Educator, Author, Theologian