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Bryant, Franklin Henry
Buchwald, Art connection with SDA's; humorist; author; book in Heritage Collection
Buck, Edwin Francis & Elsie Landon pastor/missionaries / (Elsie) author; educator
Buckley, Rober M. & Lilian Guy Physician, Missionaries ( mostly in Africa)
Buckwalter, Jacob Arthur & Ellen Elizabeth Mabley educator;pastor; editor; several conference positions; Associate Secretary of Ministerial Association of General Conference
Bull, Brian S. & Maureen (see also Dean - School of Medicine LLU)
Bull, Stanley & Nancy educator; missionaries; taught at Walla Walla & La Sierra Colleges/parents of Brian Bull
Bullock, Trevor & Carissa Dunn professional baseball player who chose to quit because of Sabbath playing issues
Bullon, Alejandro Global Mission Coordinator for South American Division; Author
Bulpitt, Fredrick H. Faculty of CME/Graduate CME School of Medicine 1918/Editor of the "Medical Evangelist" magazine/organized the Laboratory for Metabolic Research
Bulpitt, Zoe Nightingale & John M. "Johnny" CME Grads. (Zoe 1914(John 1918); Zoe worked at CME with Dr. Julia White;instructor of Nursing classes & obstetrics to women medical students
Bunn, John and Bonnie Former basketball coach/Hall of Fame member/ conversion story /lecturer /(Bonnie) teacher in SDA schools
Burchette, Janet & Jack Jack was a member of the third class of Occupation Therapy at CME/LLU 1963; double amputee(legs below knees); conversion story
Burden, John Allen (1862-1942) & Eleanor A. Baxter author; minister; founder & administrator of sanitariums. Purchased both Glendale & Loma Linda Sanitariums. Was manager of both in addition to being manager of Paradise Valley Sanitarium. additional info in Archive Box Collection - includes corr.
Burg, George and Dorothy Loma Linda Medical Center Host/teachers
Burgan, Walter Lee & Mary H. Jones journalist / 1st Director of General Conference Press Bureau for over 28 years
Burgess, Georgia Anna Burrus & Luther J. Burgess First woman missionary to India (self-supporting) / both served in India almost 40 years
Burke, Ann Cunningham & Kenneth I. (Ann) Author/Poet / Kenneth - LLU Faculty
Burman, Charles Augustus & Leona
Burnett, Dorothy Lois Nursing profession;GC position;Missionary; sister Ielah Burnett
Burns, Robert (Bob) Lee & Donna J. Newell teacher at La Sierra Academy /conference positions in Trust Services
Burnside, George & Sheillah Lewin evangelist/speaker for Australian Voice of Prophecy broadcasts/Literature Evangelist /SPAC Division Ministerial Secretary
Burrell, Natelkka E. Dean of Women & Chairperson Education Department at Oakwood College; Pioneer Educator & author (black);(1964+)Professor of Education at Andews Univ;see auto bio -god's Beloved Rebel & Katrina Stands Alone (adopted daughter)
Burrill, Alfred Osborn & Lucella Josephine early pioneer pastor, organized many churches
Burt, Merlin D. & Sarah Bergeron Director of Center for Adventist Research (CAR) at Andrews University / Former Director of Loma Linda EGW Branch Office / author, editor, pastor, teacher
Burton, George Gateley & Karen First Chairman LLU Department of Respiratory Therapy
Burton, Shirley Ann General Conference Association Communication Department Director/ teacher/ Public Relations Department conference level; Editor of Pacific Union Recorder
Bush, Sean & A'me Saverino physician-grad LLU/expert-specialist on treatment of venomous(poison) bites/emergency room physician at LLUMC/newsmaker -TV shows about snakebites & other venomous creatures
Butka, Hersel Eugene & (1)Mabel Wirt(2) Hazel Meyer Medical Director White Memorial Hospital/ Faculty CME/missionaries/Director of Montemorelos Hospital
Butler, Hiland George & (1) Clara Kellogg (2)___ Sales manager for Kellogg Food Company; Author; twin brother William Pitt Butler; Son of G. I. Butler (Pres. Of the GC) / (Clara) Sister of J. H. Kellogg
Butler, Randall II & Donna educator/ librarian / author / LLU Library employee
Butler, William (Bill) Albert,Jr. & Barbara Jane Adventist Book Center manager (Bill) / Nurse (Barbara)
Butler, William Albert,Sr. & (1) Bertha Delena Leonard (2) Helen Lucille Payne pastor;teacher; several conference positions;secretary of North American commission for Self-supporting Missionary Enterprises (GC)
Butterfield, Alton DeForest & (1) Wilma E. Proctor (2) Helen Hall Medical Director of Paradise Valley San (1919-1936)/Medical Director & Chief of Surgery at Loma Linda San & Hospital (1936-1950)/CME Medical Grad. 1917
Byers, Glenn H. & Bonnie Blue Teachers; Education Administration; Dean at Madison College
Byington, John & (1) Mary Priscilla Ferris (2) Catharine (Catherine) Newton First SDA Genernal Conference President (1863-65); builder of churches; early Health Reformer; home was a stop on the Underground Railroad; preacher
Byrd, Bernard C. & Mary Ellen Carden LLU School of Dentistry Chair Oral Surgery Department/Clinic in Dental School named in his honor in 2000
Cabrera, Patty SDA Musician/ graduate of La Sierra University
Cady, Duane & Joyce Clarke Physician (Grad CME 1959) / Chair AMA Board of Trustees (2005-2006) / Chair of Atlantic Union College Board of Trustees / (Joyce) Teacher - Education Administrator
Cady, Marion Ernest & Minnie G. case graduate of Battle Creek College, educator, author, GC & Conference positions; President of Healdsburg College (PUC) & Washington Missionary College (CUC)
Cafferky, Edwin & Grace Burke & Family LLU Med School Grad / Musical family group
Calkins, Erling Ellis & Ellie Lukens author/ pastor
Calkins, Glenn Alwin & Alice Mae served at several SDA institutions, including CME,also conference positions
Campbell, Aaron SDA Medic in World War II
Campbell, Berry Research professor of Neurosurgery CME / Milk vaccines / author
Campbell, Harriett C. Bulpitt Randall & (1)Dwight Randall(2)Paul Omar Campbell CME/LLU Graduate; see also Randall's Visitors Center -LLU DF#
Campbell, Hugh J. & Margaret Jolin pastor; conference worker;educator;Dean at Canadian Union College; Established Pastoral Care Department at Shawnee Mission Medical Center
Campbell, Irwin & Esther Precious Stones/Rocks collector
Campbell, Litta Belle(SDA) & Kemper(non-SDSA) Lawyers/(Litta) first teacher of Medical Jurisprudence at CME for 27 years;author/both took care of legal needs for CME
Campbell, Malcolm Neal & Ida Lillian Frohmader pastor at Battle Creek Church - see WDF #421 for Battle Creek Church controversy