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Hampton Institute, Va. 22 Years Work; Miscellany, Vols. 1, 2; calendars B
Bliss, Sylvester A Brief Commentary on the Apocalypse Boston: J.V. Himes 384 pp. B WE, AU, LLU Goo , DBI
Baxter, Richard A Call to the Unconverted to Turn and Live NY: American Tract Society 176 pp. A WEa, AU, LLU, LSU Goo (2 copies)
Caspari, Chretien E. A Chronological and Geographical Introduction to the Life of Christ, tr. M.J. Evans Edinburgh: T. & T. Clark 314 pp. C Goo
Jarvis, Samuel F. A Chronological Introduction to the History of the Church London: W.J. Cleaver 618 pp. B WE, AU, LSU Goo
Inspiration. A Clerical Symposium on "In What Sense, and Within What Limits, is the Bible the Word of God" by Farrar, Cairns, Leathes, White, et al. London: J. Nisbet & Co. 242 pp. C AU Arch Several ed.
Wesley, John A Collection of Hymns for the Use of the People Called Methodists London: Wesleyan Conf. Office 316 pp. (B) WE, AU, LSU DBI
Anon. A Collection of Interesting Tracts Explaining Several Important Points of Scripture Doctrine NY: Carlton & Porter 204 pp. B WE, AU Arch
Frere, James H. A Combined View of the Prophecies of Daniel, Ezra, and St. John London: J. Hatchard, etc. 508 pp. C AU Goo
Fuller, Thomas A Comment on Ruth; and, Notes upon Jonah, ed. W. Nichols London: W. Tegg 213 pp. C AU Goo The Andrews copy only on Ruth
Middleton, Erasmus A Commentary on Saint Paul's Epistle to the Galatians London: B. Blake 476 pp. (B) WE, AU, LSU Goo
Luther, Martin A Commentary on St. Paul's Epistle to the Galatians London: B. Blake 476 pp. B Wea, AU, LSU Goo , Gute , CCEL Numerous eds.
Lange, Johann P. A Commentary on the Holy Scriptures: Critical, Doctrinal, Homiletical, tr. P. Schaff NY: C. Scribner 98 Vols. C Arch On inventory: Books of Kings; Chronicles; Jeremiah and Lamentations; Ezekiel; Minor Prophets; Acts
Trapp, John A Commentary on the Old and New Testaments, ed. H. Martin London: R.D. Dickinson 5 Vols. C AU Inventory has only OT Vols.
Hackett, Horatio A Commentary on the Original Text of the Acts of the Apostles Boston: Gould and Lincoln 480 pp. B WE, AU, LLU MOA
Stonard, John A Commentary on the Vision of Zechariah the Prophet London: C. and J. Rivington 461 pp. C AU Goo
Benefield, Sebastian A Commentary or Exposition upon the Three First Chapters of the Prophecies of Amos London: J. Haviland C Harv.
Ellicott, Charles J. A Commentary, Critical and Grammatical, on St. Paul's Epistle to the Galatians Andover: W.F. Draper et al 188 pp. C AU, LLU, LSU Arch (many ed.)
Dupin, Louis E. A Compendious History of the Church, from the Beginning of the World to this Present Time London: B. Lintott 4 vols. C AU
Cruden, Alexander A Complete Concordance to the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments NY: M.W. Dodd 856 pp. A LC, AU Goo , Arch
Fallows, Samuel A Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms Chicago, NY: F. H. Revell Co. 512 pp. C AU Arch (sev. ed.)
Russell, Michael A Connected of Sacred and Profane History from the Death of Joshua to the Decline of the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah London: C. & J. Rivington 3 Vols. C AU, LLU Goo , Arch
Cuninghame, William A Critical Examination of some of the Fundamental Principles of the Rev. G.S. Faber's Sacred Calendar of Prophecy Glasgow: F. Cadell, Hatchard & Son 185 pp. C NYPL, Harv., DTS Hathi Only 3 U.S. libraries have this, plus Oxford Univ.
Beard, Augustus F. A Crusade of Brotherhood Boston: Pilgrim Press S LC, AU Goo (reprint of 1909 ed.)
Hamilton, William A Defence of the Scriptural Doctrine Concerning the Second Advent of Christ Glasgow: M. Ogle 332 pp. C Princeton, DTS Arch
Anon. A Dictionary of the Holy Bible, for General Use NY: American Tract Society 534 pp. A AU, LLU, WEa MOA
Parker, Theodore A Discourse Occasioned by the Death of Daniel Webster, Preached at the Melodeon, Oct. 31, 1852 Boston: B.B. Mussey & Co. C AU Goo , MOA
Faber, George S. A Dissertation on the Prophecies that have been Fulfilled, are now Fulfilling, or will hereafter be Fulfilled... London: F.C. & J. Rivington 2 vols. C AU, LLU Goo (many ed.)
Wintle, Thomas A Dissertation on the Vision contained in the Second Chapter of Zechariah Oxford: University Press 99 pp. B WE
Mann, Horace A Few Thoughts for a Young Man: A Lecture Boston: Ticknor and Fields 96 pp. A,H WE, AU Goo
Colcord, Anna L. A Friend in the Kitchen Oakland, Cal.: Pacific Press Publ. Co. B SDA
Daneau, Lambert A Frvitfull Commentarie vpon the Twelue Small Prophets Cambridge: I. Legate C AU
Faber, George S. A General and Connected View of the Prophecies; Relative to the Conversion, Restoration, Union, & Future Glory of the Houses of Judah & Israel London: F.C. & J. Rivington 2 vols. C AU, LLU, LSU Goo (2 sets)
Westcott, Brooke F. A General View of the History of the English Bible, 3rd rev. ed. London: Macmillan Co. 356 pp. C AU, LSU, PUC Arch 1st publ. 1868
Bogatzky, Karl Heinrich von A Golden Treasury for the Children of God NY: Evert Duyckinck 384 pp. A WEa, AU Arch
Stuckley, Lewis A Gospel-glasse Representing the Miscarriages of English Professors... London; NY: Robert Carter & Bro., 1852 495 pp. C Emory, PittsSem
Avrillon, Jean Baptiste Elie A Guide for Passing Advent Holily,... London: J. Burns 285 pp. C Loyola Goo
Pike, John G. A Guide for Young Disciples NY: American Tract Society 544 pp. A Wea, AU, LLU Goo
Bourdillon, Francis A Help to Family Worship; or, Short Forms of Morning and Evening Prayer for Four Weeks London: Religious Tract Society 128 pp. C WEa, Harv., GTU
Anon. A Help to the Gospels, Containing ...Practical Lessons NY: American Sunday School Union A UTS, NYPL Goo , Arch
Botsford, George W. A History of Greece for High Schools and Academies NY: The Macmillan Co. 381 pp. C AU (1912 ed.) Goo
Armitage, Thomas A History of the the Year 1886 NY: Bryan, Taylor & Co. 978 pp. C AU Goo
Martyn, W. Carlos A History of the English Puritans NY: American Tract Society 496 pp. (A),B WE, AU, LSU, PUC Goo , MOA Vol. 4 of The Great Reformation Series
Newman, Francis W. A History of the Hebrew Monarchy from the Administration of Samuel to the Babylonish Captivity, 2nd ed. London: J. Chapman 333 pp. C AU Arch
Kent, Charles F. A History of the Hebrew People... NY: C. Scribner's Sons 2 Vols. C AU, LSU Goo , Arch , DBI
Martyn, W. Carlos A History of the Huguenots NY: American Tract Society 528 pp. (A),B WE, AU, LSU, PUC MOA Vol. 3 of The Great Reformation Series
Neely, Thomas B. A History of the Origin and Development of the Governing Conference in Methodism Cincinnati: Cranston & Stowe 452 pp. B WE, AU Arch
Fraser, Alexander A Key to the Prophecies of the Old and New Testaments which are not yet Accomplished Phila.: J. Bioren 484 pp. C AU Goo
Tweedie, William K. A Lamp to the Path Boston: Gould & Lincoln 240 pp. A AU, OC 2 copies
Miller, William A Lecture on the Typical Sabbaths and Great Jubilee Boston: J.V. Himes 33 pp. B AU, LLU, PUC 2nd copy (2nd Advent Libr., V.3, no.5)