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Bradford, Charles Edward & Ethel McKenzie President of North American Division (1979-1990)/minister/ Associate Secretary of the General Conference/author / President of Lake Region Conference (1961-1970)
Bradley, Clyde Raymond & Eleanor pastor / Chaplain / President of Vietnam-Cambodia Mission (1971-73) / Civilian Chaplain who built the Servicemen's Center on Okinawa
Bradley, Thomas J. & Doris Olive evangelist - pastor/ Hospital Administrator / LLU employee
Bradley, William Paul & Mildred Emanuel teacher; minister; conference positions; Pres. Far Eastern Div.; GC Associate Secretary 23 years; Board Chair of EGW Estate (1966-1980); participated in Glacier View meetings regarding Desmond Ford
Bragan, Jeris & (1)--(2)Darlene (3) Edie SDA Author/ unjustly imprisoned for murder / newmaker
Braille, Louis (non-SDA ) - book in Heritage collection
Brailsford, Joseph Douglas & Margaret Mary John (Rita) Assistant Professor Medical Tech. LLU School of Allied Health Professions;educator; inventor;missionary
Brakensiek, Clifton Mack & Joyce Parsonson CME Class of 1940; Bellflower,CA- city mayor and citizen of the year 1972
Braley, Bradford (Brad) Woodhouse & Olive Batson Rogers musicians & compsers / teachers / Voice of Prophecy musicians / recording artists
Bralliar, Floyd Burton & Mertie Winifred Boynton attended Battle Creek College/educator administrator /author/biologist/agriculturalist/on staff at Madison College from 1912-1951
Branch, Mary SDA Author
Branco, Jose Nunes SDA Educator; former Catholic (conversion story)
Brand, Leonard & Professor of Biology & Paleontology Department of Natural Sciences LLU; Geoscience Institute; author
Brandon, Alfred N. & Mable Louise Pomeroy CME/LLU Library employee/Director of CME Library 1953-57
Brandstater, Charles Albert & margaret M. Kessler
Branner, Esmie g. & Arthur Richard Branner II SDA Author/Counselor
Branson, Bruce William & Physician / Chair of the Department of Surgery Loma Linda University School of Medicine
Branson, Roy editor of Spectrum magazine 23 years / Faculty member of Andrews University - Religion Department
Branson, William Henry (1887-1961) & (1) Minnie Gertrude Shreve (2) Elizabeth Hinton Robbins preacher; writer;evangelist; colporteur; Pres. Cumberland Conf.,Southeastern Union, Africa Div.; VP of GC (1930-46);Pres. China work(1946-50; Pres. Of GC (1950-54); helped to build several educational institutions, churches, hospitals
Branson,William Henry & (1)Minnie Gertrude Shreve (2) Elizabeth Hinton Robbins General Conference President 1950-1954;Evangelist;Author;Conference Administrator. Buried in Loma Linda Montecito Cemetary. See also WDF for Spirit of Prophecy books connection
Bree, Howard G. & Maggie Hare (Maggie) daughter of William J. Hare (1st son of Joseph & Maggie Hare); Secretary for Ellen White in Australia & US
Breed, Almond Jerod & (10 Asenath Leis Davis (2) Della Wallace pioneer SDA minister, preached against the "Holy Flesh" idea in early 1900's
Bresee, Floyd and Ellen Louise (Hendrickson) pastor/ educators / (Floyd)Ministerial Association General Conference/((Ellen) co-founded Shepherdess International - General Conference
Bretsch, Carole Derry & Don SDA Musician;sang with the Heritage Singers; Simply Carole Music Ministries
Bretsch, Opal & Vernon missionaries to Southeast Asia for 16 years/ (Opal) worked for Review & Herald Publishing Assoc.
Brewer, Bartholomew F. & Ruth Marie Knauf pastor / former Catholic priest
Briggs, Bernard D. & (1)Frances Anna Horton (2)Ruth Lois Poppe & (1)Vernon Evens d. 1989(2)Frank Pfeiffer d. 1998 (3)Briggs Professor at CME/LLU/Universtiy Distinguished Service Award 1999/(Ruth)helped to establish Victoria SDA Church
Brines, Celia Richmond & Roland J. (Celia) Author - "Dragon Tales" / Missionaries to China / (Roland) Grad of CME
Bringle, Alten A. & Grace Flatten pastor;evangelist;chaplain; missionary; gospel singer
Brinkerhoff, William H. see also Church of God-SDA DF#
Brockett, Miller & Lauretta pastor / youth ministry / Missionary Volunteers Secretary -Youth Director for Pacific Union & Southern California Conference
Brodeur, Emile A. "Gus" & Helen Knowles Director Publishing program Far Eastern Division/literature evangelist/missionary
Brooks, Charles D. & Walterene General Conference general field secretary/ Director-Speaker for Breath of Life ministry/ several conference positions / pastor-evangelist /
Brooks, Charles Lee & Gladyce SDA Musician/Pator - GC Official / Chair of Committee that produced the 1985 SDA Hymnal /evangelist/educator/administrator
Brooks, Rollin T. Headed constuction of buildings at SDA institutions - South Lancaster Acad.;Melrose San; Takoma Park; Review & Herald building; Loma Linda; White Memorial Hosp.
Brown, Harold LLU Faculty
Brown, Henry Francis & (1) Helen Gearhardt (2) Gladys Sommerville Pastor, missionary, author, GC position, employee of PPPA, later life disagreed with SDA Church and probably left church - no SDA obit
Brown, Joseph Clifton,Jr. & Bette Lukens Prisoner of war WWII;CME Graduate 1956;wife gradute School of Nursing 1947;Worked at Kettering Hospital-led out in 5 Day Stop Smoking Programs
Brown, Kenneth & Marion Educators;missionaries to Pakistan; pastor(Ken); second marriage for both; General Conference position (Marion)
Brown, Marion Sanderson & Delmer Jencks both graduates of CME School of Medicine/(Marion)Master of Public Health degree LLU 1975/directed Medical Department of Columbia Union Conference/one of the first women ordained to the gospel ministry in Columbia Conference/PUC "Honored Alumna" 1994
Brown, Richard Calvin,Sr. & Virginia McClure pastor/Lake Region Conference President/Conference positions/editor of Regional Voice magazine
Brown, Ruth missionary nurse to Africa -Songa Mission 1953/Zaire & Rwanda (1960's) /artist
Brown, Walton John & Doreen Principal Institito Theological Adventista, Brazil; Education Secretary Austral Union;President of River Plate College;Director Department of Education at GC
Brownsberger, Sidney (1845-1930) & Edith Donaldson (Sidney) educator-administrator; First Principal of Battle Creek College & Healdsberg College; Secretary of the GC; minister; worked with self-dupporting schools in the Southern US / (Edith) had experience with Ellen White & Angels as a young person
Brueske, Dewane & Emily Golterman medical missionaires -worked at several SDA Hospitals & missions/ Graduate of CME School of Medicine/ worked at several hospitals in the U.S. and Canada
Bruinsma, Reinder SDA Author / Pastor / Educator
Brunie, Leonard John and (1) Yolanda Southerland (2) Lillian Knorr Marsh Associate Professor of Medicine CME / Graduate CME School of Medicine 1927
Brunt, John Carlton & Ione A. pastor;author;Dean,Walla Walla School of Theology(1983-1990);Vice-President for Academic Administration Walla Walla College (July 1990- Sept. 2002)
Brusett, C. Dale & Jesslyn Evangelistic Team
Bryan, Geneva Nurse(RN);Assistant Secretary of the Colored Department of the General Conference 1942-1947