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Everest, Charles F. & Clarice A.
pastor/conference position/chaplain
Fagal, Harold E. & Ruth Ellen Smith
minister/Dean La Sierra Campus LLU 1977-
Fagal, William A. Sr. & Virginia
Founder of Faith for Today Broadcast / SDA Author
Farnsworth, Howard Wentworth & Helen Taylor
Son of Ernest Farnsworth
Fearing, Andrew Coatsworth & Bertha
Ferrier, Andy
SDA Concert Accordionist (Switzerland)/prison ministries/HighFlight Ministries for POW/MIA's
Feyerabend, Henry
Manager Canadian Adventist Media Center(1996)/speaker for Canadian It Is Written broadcast/ Evangelist
Fields, John Allen, Sr. & "Ann"
minister/singing evangelist/youth pastor/missionary/literature evangelist/ Family Life Director - GA
Figuhr, Reuben Richard & Mary Belle Holt
General Conference President
Fillman, Glenn & Mildred Virginia Wyrick
conference positions/pastor/singing evangelist/Director of Youth Camps-Pathfinder programs/MV Secretary
Fillman, Orvin M. & Ruby Ann
singing evangelist/pastor/file includes photo
Fink, Chester Charles & Pearl Beatly
CME/LLU Registar 1925-1963/Secretary to the President of CME 1918-1925
Finley, Mark & Ernestine (Teenie)
Pastor/evangelist/author/Director-Speaker for It Is Written / includes Finley family information
Finster, Lewis V. & Lillian M. Pasher
First American Adventist missionary to the Philippines/First president of Central Luzon Conference
Fisher, Edison David & Katherine Collins
physicians/Grads of CME/Faculty-Staff of Glendale & White Memorial Hospitals/see also Mason Hospital,KY
Fisher, Oral Elvin & Ruth
author/LLU faculty -Department of Ophthalmology(eye surgeon)
Flaiz, Theodore Richard
( See also Flaiz Memorial Higher Secondary School of SDA's - DF# 3534.33)
Fletcher, Lee Herbert
educator/several conference& Union positons/President of West Indies College/Director of Education-Inter American Division
Flynt, Harold Lewis & Emma Jane Coon
pastor/teacher/story of how life was saved by mother's prayer/file includes pictures
Folkenberg, Elman J. & June Coffey
pastor-evangelist/General Conference Secretary of Temperance Department/developed 5-day Stop Smoking Plan with J. W. McFarland/see also DF Printed Sermons
Folkenberg, Louis E.&(1)--(2)Hazel M. Emmerson &(1)--(2)Folkenberg
pastor/father of Stanley /grandfather of Robert S.
Folkenberg, Robert S. and Anita Emmerson
SDA General Conference President /missionary/conference,Union,Division positions
Follett, Margaret Edwards & Alden
Managing Editor of Pacific Union Recorder(18 years)/proofreader/long-term assistant editor
Follett, Orno & Annes Grace Wammack
Minister/Pioneer missionaries to North American Indians/Founded Lake Grove Indian Mission & others
Ford, Herbert Paul & Anita Alice Cavagnaro
(SDA Author)
Ford, Orley & Lillian Gertrude Schafer
Pioneer Missionaries to South America (Peru,Amazon,�)
Foster, Ray L. and Frances Nelson
missionaries/(Ray) physician/(Frances) photographer,author/ see also Adventist Pioneer Library
Fox, J. DeWitt
Physician, Author, Editor, CME Med. Class 1946
Frame, Robert R. & Peggie Jean Watson
Asociate Secretary General Conference/several conference & Division positions/missionary
Franz, Clyde O. & Lois Mae Clark
General Conference Secretary/several conference positions/minister/LLU Board of Trustees member
Fraser, Ian McLennan & Marjorie J.
Loma Linda University Vice-President/professor/Chair of Department/lecturer
Frazee, Willmonte Doniphan & (1) Helen Larson(2)Willeta May
pastor/Health evangelist/co-founder of Wildwood Medical Missionary Institute/author
Fuchs, William & Audrey Marie
Education Administrator
Garber, Nellia Burman & Robert
(SDA Author)
Garcia, Loreto R. & Carol Ornopia
physician/honored a one the 10 outstanding men in the Philippines 1971
Gardner, J. Earl
missionary physician to Malaysia - see Panang Adventist Hospital/Grad CME 1919/Honored Alumnus 1975
Garrett, Mitchell Robert & Icie Jean Chambliss
colporteur/pastor/evangelist/conference position-MV Secretary
Gentry, Bob & Pat
(see also -Creation's Tiny Mystery )
Geraty, Lawrence Thomas
(see also La Sierra University - Presidents)
Geraty, Thomas Sinclair & Hazel Mae Ellen McVicker
Educators, Missionaries, GC Employees
Gibb, Arthur Edwin & Marie Louise Rice
pastor/evangelist/conference positions/Associate Secretary of the General Conference
Gibbs, Paul Thomas & (1) Carolyn Kretschmar (2) Gladys Anderson
educator/teacher/evangelist/conference positions/English Department Chair at EMC/Andrews Univ.1946-1963
Gibson, Jesse O. & Dorothy Melva Chilson
minister/Secretary of the Statistical Department & Temperance Department General Conference/conference positions
Gibson, Robert; Gibson, Walter; Gibson, Jesse
(Gibson Brothers)
Gillespie, Bailey & Judith
Educator, Author
Gimbel, Howard V. & Judy
Gimbel Eye Surgical Centre, Canada (Grad of LLU School of Medicine 1960)
Glanzer, Ben Theo
(SDA Singer, writer, see also Kings Herald's - VOP)
Glass, David
pastor/healing story from auto accident/newsmaker
Glenz, Edwin O. & Florence Canning
literature evangelist/ conference Publishing Director/musician
Goodacre, Charles J. & Ruthy
Dean LLU Dental School 1994+/author