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Beatly, Arthur Melvin (1864-1894) teacher; worked at Battle Creek San; attended 3 years of Medical School at Ann Arbor, MI; died of TB; file includes family correspondance
Beaven, Winton Henry & Education Administrator; Assoc. Secretary Temperance Dept. General Conference;author; speaker
Beck, Ed & Jacquelyn Faucher (Ed)evangelist;church administrator.(Jackie)teacher;author;musician;Nutrition School instructor.;missionaries;ministerial team in pastoring
Becker, Elmer Leroy & Beuna(Bee) Pearl Slater General Conference Auditor;Author; Missionaries;Controller at LLU
Beckner, Horace R. & Vida Tomlins pastor;conference positions;President of Madison College
Beckner, Judson Barclay & Margaret Ann Thornton pastor, conference positions, missionaries, early SDA pioneers
Beckwith, J. Bruce Professor/Head Division of Pediatric Pathology-Loma Linda University
Beckworth, Bill & Connie SDA Author,Literature Evangelist,Publishing Director
Beebe, Nathan L. & Agnes Wanek Union College Board member;surgeon;CME graduate class of 1921
Beeler, Charles R. & La Verne Wharton pastor;evengelist;missionary;administrative positions Latin America Division;Director of Florida Conference Public Relations Dept.
Beem, Kenneth Clare & (1st) Thelma (2nd) May Baker Slepnikoff several conference positions; 56 years total demoninational service
Behrens, B. Lyn & Dave Basaraba Physicians; /(Lyn) Dean School of Medicine; President of LLU &LLUMC; President of Adventist Health Sciences Center
Bell, Francine Gospel Singer/Songwriter
Bell, Goodloe Harper pioneer SDA educator- taught first school in Battle Creek, author, editor
Bell, Natasha SDA Newsmaker; Miss Michigan USA;Andrews University graduate
Belser, George L. & Arlene Park Minister to the deaf / teacher / Associate Editor & translator for Easy English Sabbath School Quarterly / board member of Christian Record Services
Beltz, Oliver Seth & (1) Medora Sylvia (2) Lois Dorothy Foreman (Dorothy)Educator;Dean of Women at Walla Walla College;Editorial Asst.;Home Study Institute Secretary;lecturer; Originator & Director of LLUMC Volunteer Services/(Seth)Professor of Church Music
Bendeius, Geneva Beatty & (1) Harriman Jones (grad CME-died 1966) (2)Albert Bendelius grad CME Medical School 1937/medical worker in China/world traveler/medical pioneer OB/GYN practice in Long Beach, CA (1940's-1975)
Benedict, Terry L. Adventist filmmaker , writer, producer, director / made the documentary of Desmond T. Doss
Bennett, Hannelore (Hanni) and Don Received Loma Linda University School of Public Health Distinguished Service Award 1999
Bennett, Marilyn Faye missionary nurse, educator, public health work, helped with Vietnamese refugee program at Loma Linda, world traveler, book in Special Collections
Bennett, Mildred Rhoades & W.K. Author;Artist; Teacher;Graduate of Union College
Bennett, Thomas & Linda J. & family newsmakers, killed in plane crash, owned sheep ranch in Yucaipa, Ca area, Tom worked at Loma Linda VA hospital
Benton Sisters (SDA musicians/cooking schools)
Benton, Josephine pastor;chaplain; author - see Heritage Collection -"Called By God"
Bentzinger, Dan & Gloria (Dan)pastor-evangelist; conference administrator;ministerial director/(Gloria) writer & editor
Berg, Orley M. and Olive Managing Editor of "Ministry Magazine"/pastor-evangelist/Asst. Secretary Ministerial Association General Conference
Bergh, Henry & Miriam Jackson conference positions, pastor, PPPA book dept., helped to organize Pathfinder Clubs, designed club flag & other items, wrote the Pathfinder Song, Youth Director for Central California Conference - see also Pathfinders SDA Doc. File
Bergherm, William H. & Frances Ammon General Conference Associate Secretary/Conference positions/Army Chaplain(1943-1950)/missionaries
Berglund, Hazel J. & (1) (2) nurse / physician - grad CME 1943 / worked at Patton State Hospital / pioneer in the field of Physicial Medicine & Rehabilitation / cancer survivor / newsmaker
Berglund, Ruth "Miss Pine Springs"
Bergman, Ernest John & Beryl Pastor;Director of Northwest Conferences Sabbath School Department;started business World-wide visual aids(felt teaching aids for Sabbath Schools). See also DF#3912.27
Bergman, Esther missionary nurse to Ethiopia Zauditu Memorial Hospital
Bergman, George Clyde & Gertrude Katherine Nelson CME Medical School Grad -1924;1st SDA physician missionary to Ethiopia(1927);established Taffari Makonnen Hospital-Dessie,Ethiopia; director of Empress Zauditu Memorial Hospital(1933),Addis Ababa, Ethiopia;brother of Esther Bergman
Bergman, Russell Theodore & Gladys Winn LLUSM Grad 1930 / Charter member Project Hope / President LLU SM Alumni Assoc.
Bergstrom, H. R. & missionaries to Cameroons / Koza Hospital
Berk, Lee S. Associate Director for Neuroimmunology at Loma Linda University/Researcher in Laughter influence on disease / illness
Berthelsen, Bobetta Shearer & Stephen O. LLU Grad.; See also Bella Vista Hospital;Bio File Robert Shearer(father)CME/LLU Faculty
Berzinski, Vivian Hobbs & Greg (Vivian) SDA Lawyer, newsmaker, quadriplegic
Bettle, Ronald A. & Ruth CME Class of 1940; helped to establish Parkview Memorial Hospital
Beyer, Darrell & Marvella Anderson educator;administrator at Union,Southwestern, & La Sierra Colleges;polio survivior - overcoming handicaps
Bickley, Eloise & Ben Educators, Pastor
Bidwell, John (not SDA) -California Pioneer - see book- Her. F 864 B5987
Bieber, David J. & Evea La Fave President of Loma Linda University/Vice-President for Development LLU/President Union College/Education Administrator/author
Bierman, Howard Richard physician/ Cancer research/U.S. Public Health Services positions/Clinical Professor of Medicine - CME-Los Angeles campus 1959
Bietz, Arthur L. & Violet Klein Psychologist;professor;author
Bietz, Emil E. & Sarah School & Hospital Administrator
Bietz, Gordon & Cynthia pastor / Chaplain/author/ President of Georgia-Cumberland Conference/ President of Southern Adventist University (1997+)
Bietz, Reinhold R. & (1) Martha Reiswig (2) Vivienne Craig (3) Pee Zee Abernathy Vice-President of General Conference/President of Pacific Union Conference & other conferences/minister/member of Boards of Trustees for several institutions
Bigger, Darold & Barbara educator/professor of theology & social work Walla Walla College/SDA military chaplain /Deputy Chief of Chaplains for Total Force (1999+)/pastor/author -violet death(murder) of daughter- grief process