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Comstock, Ray B. & Marie Graham
Founded Yerba Buena Mission - Chiapas, Mexico /missionaries
Conard, Ralph Wilson & (1)Gertrude Catherine Flahaut-died 1920(2)Dorothy Zeidler Warner
Brother of Claude George Conard/3rd child of Helen Clark Conard (see WDF)/worked at PPPA & RH publishing
Cone, Robert L. & Margaret Perkins
LLU Vice-President/internal auditor & Assoc. Controller CME/conference positions/missionaries
Conibear, Howard Theodore (Ted) and Irma
sand artist /see also Bibleland DF#
Conklin, Hugh W.
(SDA?- connected with Battle Creek Sanitarium in the 1920's)
Conley, Gene
former basketball & baseball player - now SDA businessman
Coolidge, Leroy E. & Ruby
Medical Director & founder of Takoma Hospital & Sanitarium/ Vice-President of General Conference Medical Department
Coon, Glenn Adelbert, Sr. & Ethel Numbers
ABC Prayer Crusades
Cooper, Lenna Francis
see also Dietetics Association
Corr, William Philip
CME/LLU Faculty (non SDA)
Corson, Frank Eugene
Chairman CME Board of Trustees/comptroller of College of Medical Evangelists
Cossentine, Erwin Earl
Pastor/ President of La Sierra College, Union College, Avondale College
Cossentine, Robert E.
Physician, son of Erwin Cossentine
Cott, Elizabeth Buhler & Alfred William
Pioneer missionaries to the "Davis Indians" /author / camp nurse at Wawona Campground
Cotton, Marilyn & Dan
SDA Musicians /pastor/evangelism team for the Quiet Hour
Cottrell, Raymond Forrest & Elizabeth Landis
Pastor/ Author/ Teacher/ Editor/missionaries to China
Coulston, Elmer Floyd & Leatha Wenke
medical missionaries to China/Elmer died while serving there & is buried in China
Couperus, Molleurus &(1) Mary Agnes Ott (2)Florence Schmidt(3Dorothea "Dos" Abildgaard
Educator/ Editor - 1st Editor of Spectrum Magazine/ Physician (grad CME 1934)/Missioanry to Indonesia / LLU Faculty (35 years Chair of Dematology) / file includes iformation about brother John Jitse (CME grad 1936)
Courville, Cyril Brian & Margaret Farnsworth
Physician / CME Faculty/author/founded & organized the Medical Cadet Corps & the 47th General Hospital
Courville, Donovan A.
LLU Staff - Professor of Chemistry /author -books in Heritage Collection/theology major -archaeology interest
Coyne, Arthur Edmund & Maude Squire
CME Medical Grad 1918/medical missionaries to India/Dean CME/Medical Supervisor Glendale Sanitarium/staff surgeon at several hospitals
Craig, Winston J.
Professor of Nutrition at Andrews University
Cramp, Arthur L. & Jean
(CME graduate - Not SDA )
Crandall, Ella Johnson &(1) Carl Moyers (2)Howard E. Crandall
Distinguished Medical Librarian/Staff CME/author/founder & original editor of Cumulative Index to Nursing Literature
Crane, Milton Gilmore & Barbara G.
Faculty LLU / author
Crawford, Erwin Armstrong & Anna May Evelyn Harrison
General Conference Department of Health/Faculty & staff LLU/Associate Dean LLU/Grad. Of CME 1945/Honored Alumnus 1974
Crews, Joseph A. & Lu Ann Tunison
see also Amazing Facts
Crider, Charles C. Sr. & Jean M. Howard
missionaries/educator(Charles)/(Jean)nursing administrator & teacher
Crooks, Hulda Hoehn
"Grandma Whitney" - 23 climbs; author;see collection in Archives; climbed Mt. Fuji at 91
Crooks, Samuel Andrew
CME Professor - husband of Hulda Crooks
Culpepper, Menveal Elton & Doris Howard
conference positions as Publishing Secretary/canvassor/General Conference Publishing Department Secretary
Curtis, Glenn Charles & Bernice
founder of hospitals/worked in Inter-America & Equador/grad of CME 1924
Cutler, Oran Idnire
CME Professor of Pathology/killed in auto accident Sept. 1939/Cutler Hall named in his honor
Dale, Charles L. & Grace Risinger
medical missionary to China/pathologist/educator/scholar/CME Faculty
Dalrymple, Gwynne Weston & Madeline Brodt
pastor/Bible teacher/author/Assciate Editor Signs of the Times magazine
Darnell, Robert & Mary
pastor/missionary to Middle East/conference & Division postions/educator/Faculty LLU
Dart, Archa O. & Dorothy Louise Cope
SDA Author
Dart, Merrill Oren & (1)Violet Whitman (2)Mona Deyo Strickland
physician/grad CME 1932/philanthropist/member of the Board of Trustees for Southern University
Davenport, Donald E. & Pearl Hoyt
missionaries to China / Grad. CME 1915
Davidson, Richard M. & Jo Ann Mazat
Professor of Old Testement at Andrews University/ Authors
Davis, Clifton
SDA preacher / Actor
Davis, Thomas A. & Margaret
pastor/author/editor-Review & Herald Pub. Assoc.
Dawson, Theodore (Ted) & Lila
employees of CME 1940-1947/Loma Linda Academy Employee 1947-1970/Park in Loma Linda named in their honor
Day, Larry & Bonnie
missionary dentist/ Asoc. Professor & teacher of Dental Oral Surgery LLU/Alumnus of the Year 1995
Dayes, Lloyd A.& Thelma
First Neurosurgeon (1965) at LLUMC/Professor & Acting Chair Neurosurgery School of Medicine/teacher & preacher-evangelist
Dederen, Louise Marie Fyon & Raoul F.
(Raoul)professor of Theology at Andrews University;teacher;author/(Louise)Heritage Room Curator at Andrews University
De Fluiter, Henry
(SDA Songwriter)
Degering, Etta B.
SDA Author
Delansig, Mariano & Lucresia
pressman for Philippine Publishing House & Loma Linda University Press/(Lucresia)LLUMC employee for 22 years
De Leo, Charles
"Keeper of the Flame" - Lady Liberty - Statue of Liberty / See also archives Doss Collection box # for letters, articles, pictures,other information.