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Christian, Jay SDA Author
Christian, Rolland J. & Marion Darrell RN / medical missionary/conference positions/RH & Southern Pub. Circulation manager
Christie, Harold and Daisy educator / administrator/ dean/ missionaries /polio survivor
Christman, Donald Robert (Don) & Dorothy Louise Daniel see also DF# 3541.37 -Penfigo Hosp. -"Savage Fire"
Christman, Harry Krum & Ruth General Conference & Conference Home Missionary Secretary/Conference Publishing Director /Circulation manager for Southern Publishing & PPPA
Christoforidis, Christoforos & Eleni Greek pastor 40+ years/President of the Greek Mission/radio speaker for the Greek Voice of Prophecy/author
Chun, Pyung Duk & Chung Hee Chung Korean Union Conference President (1987); evangelist
Church, J. B. & Hazel pastor-evangelist; "swap-meet" pastor; author, teacher, lay activites director
Church, Monte Director of Native Ministries, Canada; singer; evangelist
Church, Moses James (1819-1900) & Sarah (1822-1888) SDA convert / "father" of Fresno, CA / businessman / newspaper editor/ constuctor of irrigation ditches/helped organize the first SDA church in Fresno / local elder
Cimpoeru, Petre & Lydia Educator/ author-editor/LLU Reference librarian /Asst. Archivist Department of Archives & Special Collections LLU library
Claflin, Glen Lee, Jr. & Jean Southern California Conference worker -20 years/Loma Linda Foods Company employee/LLU Power Plant employee
Clapham, Noel Pavitt & Joy Ashton Educator;Head of Humanities Department at Avondale College,Australia; leader of Choir at Avondale College & Church
Clark, Clair Burton & Erma Emiline Wallace (see also C. B. Clark Collection DF # 3449.2A)
Clark, Fred C. & He died in a fire during the 1936 General Conference Session in San Francisco
Clark, Harold W. & Edith SDA Author & Teacher
Clark, Roy Palmer & Hyacinth May Coffin Pitcairn Island 1st Postmaster; Elder of Church; Schoolmaster
Clark, Walter B. & (1) Lucile Cherrie White (2) Helen Jefferson Dean of students Loma Linda Univ./ Dean & Business manager at Pacific Union College & Southern College/Asst. Manager at St. Helena Sanitarium
Clarke, Stuart J. & Agnes Tolas physician; author; philanthropist
Clement, Lora E. Editor of the "Youth's Instructor" (1922-1952)/Review & Herald Editorial Librarian (1952-1958)
Cleveland, Edward Earl & Celia M. Abney Director General Conference Ministerial Association/evangelist/ author/teacher/founder of Academy of Adventist Ministers
Cleveland, Harold Lovell & Elizabeth Carter pastor-evangelist /church builder / President of Allegheny West Conference / 1996 inducted into Martin Luther King Board of Preachers & Collequim of Scholars at Moorhouse College / (Elizabeth) teacher-educator / Bible Worker
Cleveland, Robert Eugene & Shirley Mae Massee Vice President of Loma Linda University / Cleveland Reading Room in Library named in his honor
Cleveland, William James & Rita Thompson pastor / Southwest Region Conference President / (Rita) Teacher
Clifford, Herbert (Burt) E. & Doreen Staples Chief Executive Officer at Sydney Adventist Hospital 23 years/administrator/minister/medical missionary/surgeon/bioethicist/theologian
Clough, Caroline Louise Wild & author, editor of Life Boat Magazine, secretary to David Paulson
Clough, William C. & Vera Rueter physicians - grads of CME / donated the historical Loma Linda Scapbook (includes pictures) (stored in Vault - photo album #9)
Cobb, Leon William & Anna Barker teacher-educator / Canadian Conf. Positions/ President of Canadian Union College / SDA Church "Citation of Excellence 1984"
Coble, Ralph Rexford & Eva Lillian Literature Evangelist; publishing work; missionaries to Peru
Coffin, Day "David" Dean and Edyth Gruber teacher/grad. Of CME/medical missionary to China/Little Eden Hospital/Prisoner of War WWII
Coffin, Frank A. & Eva Neild author/ editor/manager at ABC's/conference positions/worked at Review & Herald & Southern Pub. Assoc.
Coffin, Galen and Beth Armstrong Missionaries-connected with hospital in Singapore
Coffin, Harold G. & Emma Geoscience Research Institute- Research Scientist; Educator; Author; Creation Seminars
Coggin, Charles Benjamin & Nanette McDonald CME faculty -Department of Internal Medicine / parents of Joan Coggin
Coggin, Charlotte Joan (JoAnn) cco-founder of the Overseas Heart Surgery Team/Heart Surgeon/LLU Vice-President for Global Outreach/special assistant to LLU President for International Affairs/Grad CME class 1953-A
Cole, Timothy & Millerite preacher; editor of the Bible Advocate; story regarding William Miller; first Pastor of Second Advent church of Lowell, MA; Pastor of Free Baptist Church (non-SDA)
Coleman, Denver D. and Josephine Kent Graduate of CME/Coleman Pavilion -School of Medicine/LLU Distinguished Humanitarian Award
Collier, Clarence Robert & Helen Watson CME Graduate 1949;missionary to India; Professor & Head of Physiology Department at CME/LLU
Collier, Gordon W. author of Closing Events Studies/pastor/Closing Events Research Foundation
Collins, Alan Artist(Sculptor)/ Good Samaritan Statue at LLU
Collins, John E. & Gwendolyn Pastor;teacher;Conference worker;member of Pacific Union Conference Church Ministries Department;developed & taught One-On-One Evangelism,a personal witnessing program/Buffalo Soldier WWII -see DF6060
Collins, Norma J. 1st female to be Ellen G. White Estate Vice-Director / author / editor
Colver, Benton Noble & Angnes Grace Kellogg physician; grad of AMMC (1904);taught at AMMC & on staff at BC San; taught & was Director of Nursing at BC College; author; Faculty of CME; Pres. CME Alumni Assoc (1933-34 & 1939-40)
Colwell, Nathan P. (non SDA) - helped CME get "B" rating/ First secretary of the Council on Medical Education & Hospitals of the Amereican Medical Association
Comm, Dorothy (Dot) Minchin & Walter (Dorothy) -English Professor at La Sierra University/Author /Editor / (Walter) teacher
Commin, William Bazett & Mollie Tarr business manager of Helderberg College & Sentinel Publishing Company/Sabbath School Secretary of Southern Africa Division
Compton, Arlene Nelson Roland & (1)Philip Roland (2)Robert Compton Administrative Nursing Positions; Mid America Coordinator for Association of SDA Nurses (ASDAN)
Comstock, Daniel Delos & Belle Wood Physicians; faculty of CME; on staff at Glendale San & White Memorial Hosp; authors/(Daniel) grad of AMMC / (Belle)school teacher, public speaker
Comstock, Ray B. & Marie Graham Founded Yerba Buena Mission - Chiapas, Mexico /missionaries
Conard, Claude George and Gertrude May Fowler Son of George & Clara Clark Conard(see WDF)/ Father of Ruth Conard