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Hunter, Charles Calvin & Hazelle
veterinarian/Professor on Faculty LLU/Director of Animal Care Facility/file includes photo
Hunter, Donald W. & Mary Katherine Neaeus
Asociate Secretary of the General Conference/President of several Unions & conferences/pastor/chaplain/missionary/singing evangelist
Huse, George A. & Rose
Chair Board of Directors for Southern Pub. Assoc./literature evangelist/Manager of several publishing houses worldwide/General Conference Director of Publishing Department (18 years)
Hutchinson, Joseph W., Sr. & Geneva B. Rogers
Literature evangelist/Publishing director for several conferences/file includes photo
Hutchinson, Edwin R. & Marion Hoemberg
educators/missionaries to Pakistan & Bangledesh/(Edwin)murdered by bandits in 1972
Hwa, Wu Eng & Iu Lian Hoe
pastor/teacher/colporteur/publishing work/manager of Malayan Signs Press
Ising, Walter Konrad Wilhelm & Frida Schlegel
General Field Secretary for General Conference (1946-1950)/Asoc. Secretary for Sabbath School Department -General Conference/conference & Union positions/author/missionary/editor
Ismond, Wolfe
"Shanghai Wolfe" - book in Heritage Collection/Missionary
Iversen, John Orville & Mary Louise Doles
Director of Communications for Pacific Union Conference;VOP worker & announcer;Youth leader;other conference positions
Jackson, Mac James & Eleanor hutchinson
pastor in several conferences/missionary pastor to Banglasesh at age 75 /missionary fundraiser for Montemorelos University,Mexico age 80-85/file includes photos
Jacobs, Bobby Earl
missionary to Zimbabwe/President of Christian Record Services
Jacobson, John & Judy
Asst. Professor Surgery & Pediatrics LLU/worked with LL International Heart Team/file includes photos
Jacobson, Melvin V. & Laurita Wineland
pastor/conference positions with Temperance & Religious Liberty Depts./inventor of "Smoking Sam"/health education
Jaeger, Edmund C.
See Book - Son of the Living Desert
James, G. Ray & Ruth E. Gaggin
pastor/M.V. Secretary -conference positions/file includes photos
James, J. Ross & Mabel Reekie
pastor/missionary/ file includes photos
James, Robert A. & Nora Ruth (Ruthie)
Grad LLU School of Dentistry 1960/ Professor LLU School of Dentistry/founded Nations's first University-based program in Implantology
James, Rudolph Augustus (Rudy) & Rhoda Murry
Canada's First black Adventist pastor/evangelist/literature evangelist/publishing director in Bermuda
Janzen, Jacob & Ernestine Taylor
medical missionaries /educators/both grads of CME Medical School/faculty CME
Jeffrey, Connie Vandeman & Ron
Musician;author; Assistant manager of Adventist Media Center;daughter of George Vandeman
Jobe, Frank W. and Beverly Anderson
CME Grad Class of 1956 / Sports medicine doctor/endowment at LLU
Johannes (Hovanissian) Joseph Carr
medical missionary over 33 years/LLU Honored Alumnus 1969/CME Grad 1929 & First CME Intern at San Bernardino County Hospital
Johns, Varner Jay Jr. & Dorothy Mae Hippach
Chair of Department of Medicine LLU/ Assoc. Dean for Continuing Education/grad CME 1945/professor
Johns, Verner Jay Sr. & (1)Ruby Charlene Morrison(2)Martha Ford Dow
Pastor, Educator, Author, Composer
Johns, Warren H. & Loretta Beth King
(Warren) Pastor, Educator, Editor;Seminary Librarian at Andrews University; Library Employee at LLU; distance runner / (Loretta) Administrator positions
Johnsen, Carsten
(SDA Author, teacher.)
Johnson, Armen J. & Pearl
pastor/singing evangelist/musician
Johnson, Duane S. & Shirley Canin
Asociate Secretary General Conference/missionaries/teacher/education administrator/conference positions
Johnson, Mildred
Assistant Director of Youth Activities Department of General Conference/Leadercraft Training Course
Johnson, Terry Lyndon
Member of Presidential Honor Guard (United States)/bio book in Heritage collection/dyslexia/SDA military service
Johnston, Thesba & Harold
educator/counselor/psychologist/Andrews University faculty/developed Women's Ministry Programs & Issues for General Conference
Johnstone, George Anthony & Theresa Arntzen
CME School of Med. Grad. 1923/Foods for Life Founder/Inventor of Resusciator/ Founder of Hospitals
Jolley, Weldon B. & Dorathy T.
LLU Professor & Associate Director of Surgical Research/found "key" to successful transplants/author/ newsmaker
Jones, Brian D. & Elizabeth Beard
SDA Author, pastor, teacher
Jones, Martha Dorothea Van Gundy & Norval
Loma Linda Foods Dietitian / author /see publication Today's Foods in Heritage Journals
Jones, Lucile & Carl
missionaries & educators/(Lucile)Professor of Health Education at Walla Walla (1952-1971); nurse; author
Jones, Michael Alvin & (1)Dorothy Maile (2)Diane
former "Insight" Magazine editor/author/pastoral ministry/left SDA Church & then returned (story)
Jones, Phil & Joanne
pastor/evangelist/Bible Study Seminars
Jones, Robert Llewelyn & Charlotte B. Jewell
pioneer missionaries to Africa/pastor/ (Robert) killed by a wild buffalo while in Africa
Jorge, Jaime & Emily
SDA Musicians / Violinist /music ministry
Joseph, Lillian
graduate of CME School of Nursing 1923/school nurse/Clinical Lab Technician LLUMC & other places/volunteer as Ex. Secretary of LLU Nursing Alumni Assoc.
Judefind, Thomas Francis & Maude Paulson
CME/LLU Faculty
Judkins, Melvin Paul & M. Eileen
Professor & Chairman of Department of Radiation Services/Director of the Cardiovascular Lab at LLU/"Judkins" Technique/Alumnus of the Year 1972
Kellogg, Ernest Clinton
President of Walla Walla College/CME School of Medicine grad 1922/Faculty of CME
Kellogg, Kenneth E. & Virginia
CME Professor
Kellogg, Llewellyn C. & Rilla Kemp
see also Dean - School of Medicine - College of Medical Evangelists
Keough, George Arthur &
teacher/principal/ Union & Division Education Secretary/founder & President of Middle East College/Columbia Union College Chair of Religion Department/author
Kilgore, Rochelle Philmon & Charles
over 50 years as educator/ English professor & Chair of English Dept. 1936-1960 at Atlantic Union College also College placement & Alumni Assoc.positions/(Charles) conference positions
Kime, Samuel Wesley Jr. & (1) Margaret Macpherson (2) Sonya
physician/grad CME 1953-A/pathologist/teacher/artist(cartoon sketches CME staff - see book Giants of CME)
Kimlin, Clarence Edward & Myrtle Royce
Manager of Glendale Sanitarium & Hospital