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Bull, Stanley & Nancy
educator; missionaries; taught at Walla Walla & La Sierra Colleges/parents of Brian Bull
Bulpitt, Fredrick H.
Faculty of CME/Graduate CME School of Medicine 1918/Editor of the "Medical Evangelist" magazine/organized the Laboratory for Metabolic Research
Burke, Ann Cunningham & Kenneth I.
(Ann) Author/Poet / Kenneth - LLU Faculty
Burns, Robert (Bob) Lee & Donna J. Newell
teacher at La Sierra Academy /conference positions in Trust Services
Burnside, George & Sheillah Lewin
evangelist/speaker for Australian Voice of Prophecy broadcasts/Literature Evangelist /SPAC Division Ministerial Secretary
Burton, George Gateley & Karen
First Chairman LLU Department of Respiratory Therapy
Burton, Shirley Ann
General Conference Association Communication Department Director/ teacher/ Public Relations Department conference level; Editor of Pacific Union Recorder
Butka, Hersel Eugene & (1)Mabel Wirt(2) Hazel Meyer
Medical Director White Memorial Hospital/ Faculty CME/missionaries/Director of Montemorelos Hospital
Butler, William (Bill) Albert,Jr. & Barbara Jane
Adventist Book Center manager (Bill) / Nurse (Barbara)
Butler, Randall II & Donna
educator/ librarian / author / LLU Library employee
Butterfield, Alton DeForest & (1) Wilma E. Proctor (2) Helen Hall
Medical Director of Paradise Valley San (1919-1936)/Medical Director & Chief of Surgery at Loma Linda San & Hospital (1936-1950)/CME Medical Grad. 1917
Calkins, Erling Ellis & Ellie Lukens
author/ pastor
Calkins, Glenn Alwin & Alice Mae
served at several SDA institutions, including CME,also conference positions
Campbell, Berry
Research professor of Neurosurgery CME / Milk vaccines / author
Campbell, Irwin & Esther
Precious Stones/Rocks collector
Campbell, Litta Belle(SDA) & Kemper(non-SDSA)
Lawyers/(Litta) first teacher of Medical Jurisprudence at CME for 27 years;author/both took care of legal needs for CME
Campbell, Maynard Vernon & Vera L. Howard
Vice-President of the General Conference/President of several conferences,unions, divisions.
Canaday, Lewis Halleck & Edna Barrett
author/educator/Industrial Arts Professor at Walla Walla College for 28 years/Industrial Arts building at WWC named the Canaday Technology Center in his honor.
Capman, Elmer Howard & Vera Griswold
teacher;worked at Review & Herald Publishing & Philippine Pub. House/First pastor of Damascus, MD SDA Church
Carcich, Theodore & Louise Schneider
Vice-President of the General Conference/Conference President for Washington; Illinois; & Southern New England/ minister
Carner, Vern & Barbara Jean
pastor; Bible teacher; faculty LLU
Carson, Benjamin Solomon
Author, Surgeon, (seperated Bender twins joined at head)
Cason, Mabel Earp & Earnest
SDA Author
Case, Charles C. & Mildred Mattison
LLU Director of University Relations /missionary /conference positions/planned & developed SDA airplane program for missions
Case, Norman M.
held first EARNED Doctorate of Philosophy degree awarded by SDA institution (CME) 1958 / CME faculty
Cason, Virginia Dale Elizabeth Richards (Ge-Ge) & Walt
author/pilot/speaker/ daughter of HMS Richards,Sr./ La Sierra University Outstanding Woman of the Year 1998
Chace, E. Stanley & Esther Margaret Smith
pastor / teacher / administrator at Andrews University & Walla Walla College/ Educational Superintendent Southern California Conference
Chan, Elsie & John
LLU Endowment
Chase, James E. & Violet Leila Hanson
Founding Head of GC Communications Dept./Associate Secretary Radio & Television Department of the General Conference/ pastor-evangelist / conference positions
Cheatham, Augustus (Gus) & Ida
Vice-president for Public Affairs/Marketing LLU
Chen, Phillip S. & Helen Feng
(Phillip)educator;chemistry professor;author/ (Helen)Home Economics expert;author; MA. Mother of the Year 1964; knew Dr.Clive McKay
Cherry, Gene F. & Lillian
Pastor;conference positions/file includes photo
Chinnock, Robert Fisher & Leota Higgins
LLU Professor & Chairman of Pediatrics for 23 years -School of Medicine / recipient of the Shirley N. Pettis Award 2003
Christian, Rolland J. & Marion Darrell
RN / medical missionary/conference positions/RH & Southern Pub. Circulation manager
Christman, Donald Robert (Don) & Dorothy Louise Daniel
see also DF# 3541.37 -Penfigo Hosp. -"Savage Fire"
Christman, Harry Krum & Ruth
General Conference & Conference Home Missionary Secretary/Conference Publishing Director /Circulation manager for Southern Publishing & PPPA
Cimpoeru, Petre & Lydia
Educator/ author-editor/LLU Reference librarian /Asst. Archivist Department of Archives & Special Collections LLU library
Clark, Clair Burton & Erma Emiline Wallace
(see also C. B. Clark Collection DF # 3449.2A)
Clark, Harold W. & Edith
SDA Author & Teacher
Clark, Walter B. & (1) Lucile Cherrie White (2) Helen Jefferson
Dean of students Loma Linda Univ./ Dean & Business manager at Pacific Union College & Southern College/Asst. Manager at St. Helena Sanitarium
Clement, Lora E.
Editor of the "Youth's Instructor" (1922-1952)/Review & Herald Editorial Librarian (1952-1958)
Cleveland, Edward Earl & Celia M. Abney
Director General Conference Ministerial Association/evangelist/ author/teacher/founder of Academy of Adventist Ministers
Cleveland, Robert Eugene & Shirley Mae Massee
Vice President of Loma Linda University / Cleveland Reading Room in Library named in his honor
Coffin, Frank A. & Eva Neild
author/ editor/manager at ABC's/conference positions/worked at Review & Herald & Southern Pub. Assoc.
Coggin, Charlotte Joan (JoAnn)
cco-founder of the Overseas Heart Surgery Team/Heart Surgeon/LLU Vice-President for Global Outreach/special assistant to LLU President for International Affairs/Grad CME class 1953-A
Coggin, Charles Benjamin & Nanette McDonald
CME faculty -Department of Internal Medicine / parents of Joan Coggin
Collier, Gordon W.
author of Closing Events Studies/pastor/Closing Events Research Foundation
Collins, Alan
Artist(Sculptor)/ Good Samaritan Statue at LLU
Colwell, Nathan P.
(non SDA) - helped CME get "B" rating/ First secretary of the Council on Medical Education & Hospitals of the Amereican Medical Association
Commin, William Bazett & Mollie Tarr
business manager of Helderberg College & Sentinel Publishing Company/Sabbath School Secretary of Southern Africa Division