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Campbell, Maynard Vernon & Vera L. Howard Vice-President of the General Conference/President of several conferences,unions, divisions.
Campbell, Michael W. & Heidi Olson pastor, author, EGW Estate Branch Office -Loma Linda (200- )
Campbell, Sam and Giny (Non-SDA) Naturalist/Author-Have his books in Special Collections
Canaday, Lewis Halleck & Edna Barrett author/educator/Industrial Arts Professor at Walla Walla College for 28 years/Industrial Arts building at WWC named the Canaday Technology Center in his honor.
Canfield, Martha N. physician, attended AMMC until closed, on staff at several SDA hospitals including Loma Linda
Cannarella, Sandra L. Nehlsen Professor of Medicine & Surgery at LLUMC; staff at LLUMC; see also Infant Heart Transplants
Canright, Jasper B. & Ruby C. Waggoner SDA pioneer / brother of D. M. Canright
Canson, Earl A. & Sylvia pastor/Pacific Union Regional Department Advisor LLU Board/board member Oakwood College & Pacific Union College
Capman, Elmer Howard & Vera Griswold teacher;worked at Review & Herald Publishing & Philippine Pub. House/First pastor of Damascus, MD SDA Church
Capman, Howard J. & Mabel Flora Eaton teacher; pastor; President of several conferences; son of J.H. Capman -see WDF#.
Carcich, Theodore & Louise Schneider Vice-President of the General Conference/Conference President for Washington; Illinois; & Southern New England/ minister
Carley, Edward Allen & Nancy LLU Employee & Newsmaker(Ed)/ Author(Nancy) -book in Heritage collection-BX 6143 C34 1992
Carner, Vern & Barbara Jean pastor; Bible teacher; faculty LLU
Caro, Edgar R. & physician / graduate of American Medical Missionary College / son of Margaret (dentist) /
Caro, Margaret & J. S. New Zealand dentist who pulled Ellen White's teeth / conversion to SDA / son became an SDA physician
Carson, Benjamin Solomon Author, Surgeon, (seperated Bender twins joined at head)
Carter, Ron Professor of Natural Sciences LLU Graduate School / Iguana research / Life saving story
Carver, George Washington (non SDA); black scientist; have book about him in Hertiage Collection.
Case, Charles C. & Mildred Mattison LLU Director of University Relations /missionary /conference positions/planned & developed SDA airplane program for missions
Case, Norman M. held first EARNED Doctorate of Philosophy degree awarded by SDA institution (CME) 1958 / CME faculty
Case, Steve & Deborah Pontynen (Steve) President of Piece of the Pie Ministries; youth pastor; author / (Deb)Vice-President at Maranatha Volunteers International 1993-96
Casebeer, Fern Row Author -books in Heritage Collection
Casebeer, George W. & parents & brother Minister,Educator, Evangelist -opened SDA work in Southwest United States; missionary to South America
Cason, Mabel Earp & Earnest SDA Author
Cason, Virginia Dale Elizabeth Richards (Ge-Ge) & Walt author/pilot/speaker/ daughter of HMS Richards,Sr./ La Sierra University Outstanding Woman of the Year 1998
Cave, Charles Jerome Bright & (1)Eudora Skerret (1879-1939) (2) Mabel L. Skerret (Charles)physician-black grad AMMC 1907;nurse; Barbados 1st Adventist doctor, preacher-pastor,teacher, operated Hastings Hydro San (1915-21);author/(Eudora)nurse-grad BC San;matron & manager Barbodos San until died 1921/(Mabel)nurse-grad BC San; sisters
Caviness, George Washington & Alma L. Wolcott President of Battle Creek College; misionary; educator; publisher; translator of the Bible into foreign languages
Chace, E. Stanley & Esther Margaret Smith pastor / teacher / administrator at Andrews University & Walla Walla College/ Educational Superintendent Southern California Conference
Chae, Tae Hyun Pastor and 1st SDA Martyr in Korea
Chaffee, Eugene Dale Sr. & Joyce Employee 43 years at Loma Linda Foods; Camp Ranger at Cedar Falls Campground in southern California
Chaffee, Fonda & Allen educator/dietetian/faculty at Andrews University
Chaij, Fernando & Sara R. Author / Editors - mostly Spanish language materials / Publishing work / books in Heritage Collection / both died in auto accident
Chaiji, Nicolas & Margarita Legarda Editor / Publishing Director (Spanish language materials) / Nurse/ Minister / Edited Update of the Spanish Bible - Nueva Reina Valera (1990+) / (Margarita) teacher
Chalmers, Eldon M. & Esther L. Widmer Educators;Pastor;evangelists;Family Life Seminars;Authors
Chalmers, James & (1)Jane Hercus (2) "Tamate", Missionary to New Guinea - Non SDA - Book about him in Heritage Collection
Chan, Claude & Carol Chin graduate of CME; conversion story; staff physician at Davis Hospital
Chan, Elsie & John LLU Endowment
Chan, Lawrence Lim-Shang & Dolores Accountant for the General Conference
Chapman, Edwin Arnold & longtime worker at PPPA; secretary & treasurer of Calfornia Conference; treasurer of Pacific Union
Chapman, Minerva Jane & Oscar A. Chapman sister of J. N. Loughborough; typesetter & secretary-Treasurer for Review & Herald Publishing in Battle Creek, MI for 26 years; editor of Youth's Instructor magazine
Chase, Alden B. & Dental Faculty & Chair of Department of Orthodontics School of Dentistry -LLU/member LLU Board of Trustees 1990-2000/1985 Dental Alumni Alumnus of the Year/missionary/ LLU Alumnus of the Year 2003
Chase, James E. & Violet Leila Hanson Founding Head of GC Communications Dept./Associate Secretary Radio & Television Department of the General Conference/ pastor-evangelist / conference positions
Cheatham, Augustus (Gus) & Ida Vice-president for Public Affairs/Marketing LLU
Chen, Phillip S. & Helen Feng (Phillip)educator;chemistry professor;author/ (Helen)Home Economics expert;author; MA. Mother of the Year 1964; knew Dr.Clive McKay
Cherry, Gene F. & Lillian Pastor;conference positions/file includes photo
Chilson, Adriel D. & (1)Winifred White(greatgrandaughter of EGW)(2)Hester Author,Pastor, Evangelist
Chinnock, Robert Fisher & Leota Higgins LLU Professor & Chairman of Pediatrics for 23 years -School of Medicine / recipient of the Shirley N. Pettis Award 2003
Christensen, Bjarne(BJ) & Judi Administrative Assistant to President of North American Division (1997-2000) /Pastor/ Conference positions/ Present of Illinois & Southern California Conferences
Christensen, Viktor & Vera Educator;Faculty & Staff member La Sierra College; University Associate Dean; Alumnus of the Year 2000 La Sierra University
Christian, Hervey Ward & Gretchan Rueff ABC store manager /missionaries to China / pastor / worked at Glendale and Loma Linda Sanitariums