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Hass, Joel W.
Adventist Health Systems North -Vice President/Associate Manager Review & Herald Pub. Assoc./Loma Linda Foods & Worthington Foods employee
Haugen, Anders & Mina Amundsen
Professional Ski-Jumping champion/conversion story/Healthful Living & Sabbath keeping witness
Hauser, Robert & Maxine Kennon
physicina/grad CME School of Medicine 1954/author/lecturer
Haussler, J. Cecil & Doris
Professor of Biblical Studies at La Sierra college & LLU for 35 years/education administrator/Sabbath School class La Sierra SDA Church
Havstad, Lawrence C. & (1) Lucile Bowen (2)Helen Watts
Washington State contractor who built most of the buildings on the Loma Linda Campus/ also White Memorial Hospital & other SDA hospitals & buildings
Hay, Jack Allenby & Gertrude "Trudy" Rigby
Physician & nurse /missionaries to Africa/ conversion story -See Heritage Books - Judy Steps Out & Judy Goes to Africa
Haynal, Andrew Paul & Helen (Bobby) Babienco
Dean Loma Linda University School of Health/missionary/educator/author/file includes photo/ CME grad 1948
Hegeman, John & Ruth Furman
pastor/radio speaker for the "Words of Life" program & the "Bible Auditorium of the Air".
Hegstad, Roland Rex & Stella
Associate Secretary of International Religious Liberty Association/Editor of "Liberty" magazine/minister/book editor for Southern Pub. Assoc.
Heisler, William Henry & Barbara Margaret Alderson
Professor of Restorative Dentistry -LLU School of Dentistry/Loma Linda Citizen of the Year 2000/International Dentist Program
Hendershot, Hoyt V. & Allie Hazel Lewis
pastor/teacher/file includes photo
Hendershot, Vernon Edwards
President SDA Theological Seminary (1951- )/missionary Educator Administrator/teacher
Henderson, Orville Rogers & Mary Loretta
minister/educator/nurse/ file includes photo
Henricksen, Jens David & Margaret
physician/author/ medical director several hospitals worldwide/Director of Health for Northern Europe -West Africa Division,GC (1970-1973)
Heppenstall, Edward & Margit Strom
minister;professor; endowment at
Herber, Raymond and Marilyn J. Dart
Physicians / LLU Faculty/ Both Past Presidents of the Med. Alumni Assoc.
Herin, Mazie Alice
Associate Secretary of Medical Department of General Conference/ RN/ Nursing Instructor & Director of Nurses at several hospitals & colleges
Herman, Henry Ewald & Alma F.
physician -CME class 1920/author/missionary/founded El Nido Maternity Hospital in Corona,CA - now Corona Regional Medical Center/founded Corona SDA Church
Herr Family - (George and Maggie) - children - Theodore,Lloyd,Edward, John, Ben, James, Shirley, Lenora, Darlene, Helen, Elsie, Lydia
conversion story of a family/four of the sons are ordained SDA ministers
Hersch, Lorabel & (1) Marvin (2) Louis Hersch
pastor/chaplain/teacher/librarian/seminars on sexual abuse in Adventist families/counselor
Herwick, Oscar W. & Wife
went to Alaska in 1919 to do church work/pastor/evangelist/helped to establish & build the church in Ketchikan, Alaska
Hetzell, M. Carol
Director of the General Conference Communication Department (1975-1978 (first woman to hold that position)/editor/author/Review & Herald employee -proofreader & copy editor
Heubach, Paul C. & Frances H.
pastor/teacher/author/Dean of Walla Walla College School of Theology/Professor of Applied Theology at LLU/Pastor at the LL University SDA Church
Higgins, William A. & Garnette Lucille Ridenour
Asociate Secretary Publishing Department of the General Conference/literature evangelist/conference positions/minister/Director of African Publishing Work (1947-1950)
Hilde, Reuben L. Sr. &
pastor/teacher/education administrator/author/Associate Director of Education at General Conference/Dean -School of Education -LLU/La Sierra
Hill, Wayne B. & Katherine P. Halstead
pastor/evangelist/President of West Virginia Conference; New Jersey Conf.;Illinois Conf./member of Board for Hinsdale San.
Hilliard, William Ira & Jessie Emma Allen
missionary/treasurer/nurse/assisted in establishing Shanghai Hospital/internees WWII
Hinshaw, David Burdg and
see also Dean - School of Medicine -LLU
Hirsch, Charles B. & Patricia Parsons
Secretary Department of Education General Conference/education administrator/teacher/minister
Hiscox, Elizabeth Jeanette
medical missionary to India at Nuzvid -Giffard Memorial Hospital (42 years)/1927 grad of CME
Hodgen, Maurice Denzil & Rhona
Dean LLU Graduate School/educator/author/Professor on LLU faculty
Hodgin, John Elliott & Georgia
Author/grad of LLU Medical School/Faculty LLU - Chief of Section of Medical Chest Diseases (1974+)/file includes photo
Hoehn, Gustave (Gus) H. & Olive Fisher
physician-grad CME 1945/missionary -contracted polio(story)/Medical Assistance Program(collectes & sends supplies to missions)/brother of Hulda Crooks
Hoffman, Jay Milton & Trudy
evangelist/author/ helped to purchase headquarters for Jewish work & Israelite Heritage Institute in New York City
Holbrook, Delmar William & Betty Jarnes
pastor/education administrator/missionary/President of Home Study Institute at the General Conference
Holland, Kenneth J. & Maurine Strom
publishing work/ editor of "Signs of the Times" magazine
Hon, Edward Harry Gee
scientist who developed the Hon Fetal Monitor/Obstetrician -faculty CME/grad of CME1950/LLU Alumnus of the Year 1969
Hooper, Wayne Hillard & Harriet Schwender
See VOP Musician / King's Heralds - SDA Hymn writer & Co-Editor of the Companion to the 1985 SDA Hymnal
Hopp, Joyce W.
see also Dean - School of Allied Health Professions
Horn, Siegfried H. & (1)Jeanne(2)Jeanne W. Hillegonda (3) Betty Leppers
Archaeologist/Dean SDA Seminary/Biblical Scholar/Education Administrator/founded Archaeology Museum -Andrews Univ./author/Interned WWII/minister/ books in Heritage Collection
Horsley, Margaret Youngberg & G. Ernest
physicians/grads of CME 1945 & 1950/missionaries/(Margaret) conducted pilot studies in Glaucoma detection
Horton, Walter & Leona
founding member of Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries/ Adventist Chaplain / longest serving SDA chaplain at correctional institution (Michigan State Reformatory)
Howard, Theodore Roosevelt Mason & Helen Nela Boyd
(Graduate of CME), Physician, Civil Rights activist
Howe, Walter A. & R. Earline Taylor
Associate Secretary Education Department General Conference/pastor/education administrator/singing evangelist/conference positions
Howlett, Roland H. & (1)-- (2) Doris Ann Smith (3) Soletha Miriam Smith (4) Florence Ione Nagel Winton Longway Fisher
(Roland) missionary; President of Antillian College 1967-1974; 2 daughters by 1st wife /(Doris)teacher; secretarial positions in conferences / Florence & Roland - Wenigar Award for Excellence (2001)
Hoyle, Jerry Donald & Lillian Hedberg
(see also -Wedgwood Trio)
Hudson, Otis Arthur, Sr. & (1)Celia Esther Wallack (2)Jennie Lorene Stagg
CME Treasurer & Comptroller (1934-1948)
Hulse, Leon & Gladys
Business Adminstrator for Loma Linda University SDA Church/Trust ServicesRep.(conference position)/missionaries/Hospital Administrator/pastor/(Gladys) RN
Hulse, Virgil Perry (1)Gladys Fern Ramsey (2)Belva May
evangelist/Army chaplain/missionary/1st SDA minister to serve as chaplain for the Civilian Conservation Corps (1939)/pilot
Hunt, Joseph Norman & Bonnie Grogan
Associate Director of the Publishing Department -General Conference/missionary/literature evangelist/Publishing Director for several Unions & Divisions