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Delker, Ardella (Del) V.
SDA Musician / Voice Of Prophecy Soloist - mother Martha
Dent, Carl Ashley & Lavetta
missionaries to Africa/Grad. CME/one the first black physicians in North America/Chief of Staff for Riverside Hospital,TN (37 years)
De Shay, Samuel Lee
medical missionary to Africa/LLU Honored Alumnus Award 1972/physician/surgeon/musician/writer & editor
Detamore, Fordyce W. & Aletha
evangelist/pastor/missionary/1st Associate Speaker for the Voice of Prophecy/author
Dick, Ernest Delbert & (1) Gertrude E. Dahl (2) Esther Yost (3) Grace Bell
Education Administrator/several conference & Division positions/Secretary of the General Conference/President of the SDA Theological Seminary 1952-1958
Dick, Everett Newton & Opal Wheeler
educator/author/researcher/founder of the SDA Medical Cadet Corps/historian
Dick, Everett Wesley & Muriel(Tula) Qualley & (2)William Richardson
Medical Missionaries to Singapore Hospital/CME Grad./(Everett) contracted polio & died, (Tula later married William Richardson)
Dickinson, Kent W. & Marjorie Wearner
Mayor of Loma Linda,CA/Councilman City of Loma Linda/Staff LLU
Dickson, Louis Klaer & Ysabel Eunice Morton
Vice-President of the General Conference /President of several conferences/pastor/evangelist/colporteur
Diehl, Hans & Lily Pan & family
Author; Health promoter; editor;
Digneo Elmer and Joyce
Educators; Musicians; (Elmer) -Mayor & Councilmember of Loma Linda
Digneo, Joseph Carlo & Hannah Matilda Johnson
Elmer's Parents / Early residents of Loma Linda
Dirksen, Daniel Edward & Hazel
President of the NV/Utah conference/Home Missionary Secretary for Pacific Union/pastor/taught lay-persons to give Bible studies
Dittberner, Jesie L. & Dorothy Jean
pastor/evangelist/President of three conferences/member of the Board of Trustees for LLU
Doggette, James R. Sr. & LaShunn Lee
3rd generation pastor/Professor of Religion & Theology at Oakwood College
Dok, James Chanla & Vandie
Cambodian pastor/bio book in Heritage Collection -"Salavation in the Killing Fields"/conversion story
Donaldson, Thomas Arthur Scott & (1)--(2)Eva Crawford
pastor/several conference positions/evangelism with H.H.S. Richards,Sr. & B.R. Spear/helped to found Monteray Bay Academy
Donesky, Conroy F.& Susan
missionary pilot/Chaplain
Dortch, Volney D. & Juanita Crystal Luther
Manager Administrator of serveral SDA Hospitals & Publishing Houses worldwide/ Exec. Vice-President LLUMC
Doss, Desmond Thomas, Sr. & (1) Dorothy Schutte (2) Frances
Non-Combatant SDA Medal of Honor Winner WWII/Bio books in Heritage Collection / see also Archives collection of his materials
Doward, Jan S. & Loneva
Author, Educator, Pastor/photographer
Dower, Norman Reginald and Catherine Carlson
pastor/educator/evangelist/ President of several conferences/General Conference Secretary of the Ministerial Association
Downing, Lawrence G. & Arleen L. House
(Larry) Pastor;professor at PUC/(Arleen) Physician;daughter of Hertha Ehlers House
Drayson, Ronald David and Grace
see also LLU Drayson Center DF#3270.10
Drusky, Roy & Bobbie
SDA Musician/ Grand Ole Opry Preformer /conversion story
Dudley, Charles Edward Sr.
author/pastor/administrator/teacher/humanitarian/historian/church organizer/researcher
Dunbar, Eldine William & Ivanette Green
General Conference worker - several positions
Dunn, Brian & Valmae
missionaries to Solomon Islands/martyred -see Heritage Collection book -"Impaled"
Dupper, Frank F. &
President of Adventist Health System-West/Controller of Glendale Adventist Medical Center
Dykes, Eva Beatrice
First Black woman in the United States to earn a Ph.D/Educator at Oakwood College/Library at Oakwood named in her honor
Eckenroth, Melvin K. & Margaret Lawry
General Conference Ministerial Association/pastor-evangelist/educator
Eckerman, Elvera
educator/missionary/Temperance "Man of the Year 1965"
Eckerman, Roy E. &
pastor/conference positions/LLU staff
Edson, Helen Elizabeth
Nurse/possible decendent of Hiram Edson -father is Walter Pardon Edson/collection of her materials in Archives
Edwards, John Ernest & Geraldine Vernon
General Conference Secretary in Home Missionary Department/conference positions/teacher/pastor
Edwards, Josephine Cunnington & Lowell A.
Author / Missionaries / parents of Robert (Bob) Edwards & Charles
Edwards, Robert (Bob) Elden & (1)Irene Angela Sansonetti (2) Sharon Bullard
SDA Author / Musician - see also VOP Musicians / King's Heralds
Ehlers, Emanuel Christian & (1) Anna Florentine Patzkowsky (2) Helen Gaede Newman -also son,Gunther Ehlers & Mary
minister;missionary to Brazil;Graduate of CME Medical School 1927; served on staff at Loma Linda Sanitarium;father of Hertha Ehlers
Ehlers, Helen Gaede Newman (1) R. R. Newman (2) Emanuel Christian Ehlers
teacher/nurse/musician/assisted first husband with conference educational work
Ehlers, Hertha & Leland R. House,Sr.
CME/LLU Faculty member/ Physician - see also husband Leland R.House,Sr. BioFile
Elliot, Henry Thomas & Louise Surface
Associate Secretary of the General Conference/conference positions/teacher/pastor
Elliott, Walter P. & Alice Garton
Chairman CME Board of Trustees/Secretary of the Publishing Department of the General Conference/Manager of Review & Herald Pub. Asoc. (10 years)/conference positions
Emmerson, Kenneth Harvey & Dorothy Carolyn Ayars
General Conference Treasurer/conference & Division positions/missionary/minister
Emmerson, Walter Leslie & Rose Padmore.
Author; pastor; Editor in Chief Stanbourough Press (1936-1966) ; educator
Emmons, Ira W. & Florence D. Richardson
converted by blind evangelist Briggs
Emori, Grace
teacher/LLUMC employee(nurse)/Adventist Epidemiologist she work for the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention(CDC)/LLU Alumna of the Year 1992
Esteb, Adlai Albert & Florence Edna Airey
SDA poet/educator
Etpison, Ngiratkel & Yuchang
President of the Republic of Palau,Micronesia(1990)-1st.& only SDA to become head of state
Eva, W. Duncan & Gloria
General Conference Vice-President /Division President/conference positions/teacher/pastor/church ambassador & mediator
Evans, Harrison Silas & Ruth Harding
(Harrison) Vice President LLU / Dean School of Medicine CME/LLU/both CME grads School of Medicine