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Anderson, Marla Osborne & Frederick Judge/Pastor's wife/mother/educator/2002 Ourstanding Achievement Award Association of Adventist Women
Anderson, Mary K. graduate of Battle Creek Nurses course / in charge of Iowa Sanitarium Treatment rooms / 1916- only nurse at First Street Dispensary - Los Angeles / head nurse at White Memorial Hospital
Anderson, Merlin Gustav, Sr. & Frances Eleanor Stafford missionaries to Ethiopia / (Merlin) graduate of CME medicine class 1937; conference positions / (Frances) graduate CME School of Nursing 1934
Anderson, Roy Allen & Myra Author, evangelist; General Conference positions
Anderson, William Harrison ( Harry)& (1) Ellen Nora Haysmer (2) Mary Elizabeth Perrin (Harry) minister; pioneer missionaries to Africa, also India & Jamaica / (Nora) pioneer missionary to Africa - died of blackwater fever (1908) / (Mary0 teacher, conference Bible Instructor; missionary to Africa; author; poet; worked with Vandeman
Andon, Merrilyn & Child Ministries Director in the Papua New Guinea Union Mission/Theology graduate from Sonoma Adventist College
Andreasen, Niels-Erik A. & Demetra President of Andrews University & Walla Walla College/ Dean School of Religion LLU
Andreason, Milian Lauritz and (1) Annie Nelson (2) Gladys Grounds minister; educator; administrator;author;conference & GC positions;respected authority on the Sanctuary Doctrine
Andress, Vern La Sierra College/University Professor of Psychology / Dean (1980-1985)
Andrews, John Nevins (1829-1883) & Angeline Spalding. Stevens (1824-1872) author, publisher, General Conference President ; 1st foreign missionary (sent overseas) for SDA Church; * for addional information see Archive Box (in Vault). Box also contain Angeline's Diary
Andrews, Kevin SDA policeman / witness / newsmaker
Andross, Elmer Ellsworth & (1) Sophie P.Miller (2) Matilda Erickson (Elmer) Minister-Evangelist;educator;Pres.Southern Calif. Conf,North England Conf.,British Union,Columbia Union,Pacific Union,Inter-American Divisin;VPof the GC(1918-1932) / (Matilda) Assist. Secretary of the Missionary Vol. Dept. GC; Mission.to Inter-Am
Anunsen, Irwin(Andy) Everett and Helen Louise Milton teachers;minister;several conference positions;developed Pacific Union Dept. of Trust Services;treasurer of the Palomar Nature Club
Apatow, Stephen SDA newsmaker;cyclist-6,000 miles across America(1990);Drug Free Lifestyle;biomechanics
Applegate Family early SDA pioneer family to the Northwest / file contains Obits, family names, general information
Arakaki, Saburo Japanese Pastor/Conversion story while a prisioner on death row
Araki, Ai & Mr. Araki Japanese SDA heroine, blind, WWII story, conversion story
Arendt, Kenneth & Gladys He taught for 32 years at Loma Linda University School of Medicine, Department of Physiology & Pharmacology
Argraves, Keith Lamur & Marie Elizabeth Gibson & Mother Elsie SDA Paratrooper WWII
Armstrong, Victor Tracy & (1) Lillie McCune (2) Edith Joyce conference positions/educator/administrator/pastor/President of Japan Union(1922-1936) & Far Eastern Division(18 years)/Field Secretary for General Conference (1954-1958)/Bio book in Heritage Collection
Arnold, David & Lucretia A. Millerite, SDA Pioneer, -see also Sabbath Conferences
Arnold, Ray Deyo &(1) Electa Harding (2) Irene Anderson installed original chimes & PA system on Loma Linda Campus/CME employee -electrician
Arnold, William Charles & Dorothy Rhea Davis teacher;education administrator;pastor
Arrabito, James & Pat photographer;artist; History of the Sabbath project for LLT Producations;laymen's Great Controversy Edition.
Arrington, Stephen Lee & author;chief expedition diver 5 1/2 years for Cousteau Society; conversion story;Project Fiji-medical mission work;dreamMachineFoundation
Arties, Walter E. III & Beverly DeShay Minister;recording artist;musician;Established Breath of Life telecast; Evangelism Director for Voice of Prophecy
Artress, F. Lynn and Barbara Joanne member of the LL Overseas Heart Team;missionary; LLU Faculty;LLU Graduate School of Medicine 1942.
Ashbaugh, Kraid & Alice Missionary; Pastor;Teacher; Quiet Hour volunteer
Ashod, Aram & Diamondola Keanides Two books about her in Heritage Collection;Missionary;"Lady who died twice"(resurrection story);evangelist;translators;(Aram)mission president;editor
Atchley, Euel H. & Esther Belle Nixon teacher;editor of "Listen" magazine; Temperance Dept. of the GC
Atiga, George & Evangelist
Atopare, Silas 7th Governor general of Papua New Guinea(1997)
Atteberry, Maxine D. Dean CME School of Nursing; President of California Board of Nursing Examiners
Aude,Diavola & Fred Active in community Services Program at Chippewa Falls,WI SDA Church
Augsburger, Daniel Andre & Josette (Joyce) Pammel (Daniel) Faculty/Teacher/Dean at Andrews University for over 60 years; voted Teacher of the Year 1970;he held 5 Higher Education degrees
Avila, Tony & Yaiselyn Rodriguez Chaplain;Pastor;Teacher; Youth Director of Texico Conference; SDA Musician
Baasch, David Henry & Iva Munson pastor/assoc. secretary General Conf/several conference & division positions/education administrator
Babcock, Fern Gibson author;director of the Teaching Materials Center at Southern University
Bacchiocchi, Samuel Biblical Perspectives (publications by author); author; educator; lecturer
Bacheller, John Warren & Arvilla Lane printer;employed from beginning of Review & Herald in Saratoga Springs,NY - RH Pub.in Battle Creek, MI (helped to found);charter member of Battle Creek SDA Church; attended Ellen White funeral in Battle Creek Tabernacle 1915
Badaut, Paul First missionary Pastor to the Mauritus (1914-1920); has a street named for him there.
Baerg, Harry J. & Ida May Artist & illustrator
Bagnall, John B. and Carlene Letham First SDA to be appointed to the Australian Judiciary (Judge) 1997
Bahr, Karl H. & Betty McEachern (Karl) Chief Accountant at CME 2 1/2 years, accountant for South American Division, GC staff position/ missionaries /(Betty) nurse, grad of LLU
Bahrell,Bonar Author -have book in Heritage Collection
Bailey, Judy Wolter & Royce (Judy) Musician -harp & RN/(Royce) physician/ both graduates of LLU
Bailey, Leonard L. & Nancy Schroeder See Also Baby Fae - infant heart transplants
Bailey, Ruth Elizabeth LLUMC emplyee;beloved respiratory therapist; Home Care Services
Bailie, Ira & (1) Clara (2)Rita Farrar Norton missionaries to South America & Nepal/physician-grad of CME/author/health lecturer on 3ABN network/La Sierra University Alumnus of the Year 2004
Baker, Alonzo L. & Eleanor A. Author;Teacher at La Sierra College;lecturer;sister was Alma McKibben; Endowment at La Sierra University