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Barron, Richard (Dick) Clinton & Jeanne Bickett
evangelist(Crusade for Christ)/miraculous healing story/ musician (Barron Brothers)/buried in Riverside Crestlawn cemetary
Batchelor, Doug
pastor;evangelist; author; Director of Amazing Facts
Baylink, David
LLU Professor / established Center at LLU School of Medicine for the Study & Treatment of Osteoprosis/newsmaker
Beach, Walter Raymond & Gladys Iola Corley
General Conference Vice-President/General Conference Secretary/minister; missionary; author; Division & Conference positions
Beaven, Winton Henry &
Education Administrator; Assoc. Secretary Temperance Dept. General Conference;author; speaker
Beckner, Horace R. & Vida Tomlins
pastor;conference positions;President of Madison College
Beeler, Charles R. & La Verne Wharton
pastor;evengelist;missionary;administrative positions Latin America Division;Director of Florida Conference Public Relations Dept.
Beem, Kenneth Clare & (1st) Thelma (2nd) May Baker Slepnikoff
several conference positions; 56 years total demoninational service
Behrens, B. Lyn & Dave Basaraba
Physicians; /(Lyn) Dean School of Medicine; President of LLU &LLUMC; President of Adventist Health Sciences Center
Beltz, Oliver Seth & (1) Medora Sylvia (2) Lois Dorothy Foreman
(Dorothy)Educator;Dean of Women at Walla Walla College;Editorial Asst.;Home Study Institute Secretary;lecturer; Originator & Director of LLUMC Volunteer Services/(Seth)Professor of Church Music
Benton, Josephine
pastor;chaplain; author - see Heritage Collection -"Called By God"
Benton Sisters
(SDA musicians/cooking schools)
Bentzinger, Dan & Gloria
(Dan)pastor-evangelist; conference administrator;ministerial director/(Gloria) writer & editor
Berg, Orley M. and Olive
Managing Editor of "Ministry Magazine"/pastor-evangelist/Asst. Secretary Ministerial Association General Conference
Bergherm, William H. & Frances Ammon
General Conference Associate Secretary/Conference positions/Army Chaplain(1943-1950)/missionaries
Berglund, Ruth
"Miss Pine Springs"
Bergman, Russell Theodore & Gladys Winn
LLUSM Grad 1930 / Charter member Project Hope / President LLU SM Alumni Assoc.
Bidwell, John
(not SDA) -California Pioneer - see book- Her. F 864 B5987
Bieber, David J. & Evea La Fave
President of Loma Linda University/Vice-President for Development LLU/President Union College/Education Administrator/author
Bierman, Howard Richard
physician/ Cancer research/U.S. Public Health Services positions/Clinical Professor of Medicine - CME-Los Angeles campus 1959
Bietz, Arthur L. & Violet Klein
Bietz, Reinhold R. & (1) Martha Reiswig (2) Vivienne Craig (3) Pee Zee Abernathy
Vice-President of General Conference/President of Pacific Union Conference & other conferences/minister/member of Boards of Trustees for several institutions
Bishop, Clare Eugene & Ella G.Swanson
pastor;evangelist; Voice of Prophecy Director of Wills & Trusts
Blaine, B. Michael & Bernice Joyce Bankers
pastor / Director of Southern California Conference Near East Institute & Archeological Foundation/author
Blazen, Ivan T. & Deanna
Author, Pastor, Educator
Blomquist, Olov Albert & Willma
Faculty LLU School of Medicine 28 years/musician/Adventist World Radio Board/President of LLU Medical Alumni Association
Blomstedt, Herbert & Waltraud
SDA Musician/Conductor of symphonies world-wide; Newsmaker
Bock, Lowell L. & Merlo Cumins
General Conference Associate Secretary / pastor / conference positions / LLU Board Chair / Hospital Adminitrator / Battle Creek Connction
Boggs, Richard Pryde
Newsmaker -murder trial/CME Medical School graduate/book in Heritage Collection -HV 6534 L6 C46 1992
Bohner, Leonard Frederick, & (1) Margaret Fleming (2) Roberta Belding Lindbeck
Several General Conference positions/Manager of Pacific Press Publishing Association (1961-1973) / WWII prisoner of war
Bond, C. Lester & Christine
pastor - evangelist/ Colporteur/ Missionary Volunteer Department of General Conference - "Mr. JMV" /President of Upper Columbia Conference
Borg, Martha Elizabeth
Assistant Director at Loma Linda School of Nursing;Director of Nursing Services at White Memorial Hospital & Director of White Memorial School of Nursing
Bothwell, Roger
former SDA pastor/teacher/ Newsmaker - lawsuit against /Springs of Life Ministry
Bracebridge, Clarence Edwin ("Bud") & Arline
Director of Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries -General Conference (1987-1991) / pastor
Bradford, Charles Edward & Ethel McKenzie
President of North American Division (1979-1990)/minister/ Associate Secretary of the General Conference/author / President of Lake Region Conference (1961-1970)
Bradley, Thomas J. & Doris Olive
evangelist - pastor/ Hospital Administrator / LLU employee
Bragan, Jeris & (1)--(2)Darlene (3) Edie
SDA Author/ unjustly imprisoned for murder / newmaker
Braille, Louis
(non-SDA ) - book in Heritage collection
Braley, Bradford (Brad) Woodhouse & Olive Batson Rogers
musicians & compsers / teachers / Voice of Prophecy musicians / recording artists
Brandon, Alfred N. & Mable Louise Pomeroy
CME/LLU Library employee/Director of CME Library 1953-57
Branson, Roy
editor of Spectrum magazine 23 years / Faculty member of Andrews University - Religion Department
Brewer, Bartholomew F. & Ruth Marie Knauf
pastor / former Catholic priest
Brines, Celia Richmond & Roland J.
(Celia) Author - "Dragon Tales" / Missionaries to China / (Roland) Grad of CME
Brockett, Miller & Lauretta
pastor / youth ministry / Missionary Volunteers Secretary -Youth Director for Pacific Union & Southern California Conference
Brooks, Charles D. & Walterene
General Conference general field secretary/ Director-Speaker for Breath of Life ministry/ several conference positions / pastor-evangelist /
Brooks, Charles Lee & Gladyce
SDA Musician/Pator - GC Official / Chair of Committee that produced the 1985 SDA Hymnal /evangelist/educator/administrator
Brueske, Dewane & Emily Golterman
medical missionaires -worked at several SDA Hospitals & missions/ Graduate of CME School of Medicine/ worked at several hospitals in the U.S. and Canada
Buck, Edwin Francis & Elsie Landon
pastor/missionaries / (Elsie) author; educator
Buckwalter, Jacob Arthur & Ellen Elizabeth Mabley
educator;pastor; editor; several conference positions; Associate Secretary of Ministerial Association of General Conference
Bull, Brian S. & Maureen
(see also Dean - School of Medicine LLU)