Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts 

A collection of published and unpublished letters and manuscripts of Mrs. White resides in the Branch Office. It consists of over 60,000 typewritten pages which are photocopies of the originals on file in the Silver Spring office. The Branch Office has a few handwritten Ellen White letters, also a small collection of original typed letters which have Ellen White's signature or interlineations in her handwriting showing her editorial work on them. A card index, organized by subject, directs the researcher to pertinent material.

Ellen G. White's Published Works 

A complete set of Ellen G. White's published work is also available. The collection includes copies from the first edition through subsequent later editions, reprints and revisions. The collection also includes available works by Ellen G. White in Spanish. The above described published works, and works about Ellen G. White and her ministry can be found via the Library’s catalog.

White Document Files 

This is an extensive and valuable collection of assorted information—articles, clippings, quotations, letters, term papers, etc.--on people, places and topics of Adventist historical interest. The White Document File represents one of the richest sources for the study of Ellen White and denominational history that is available. Begun by Ellen White's secretaries around the turn of the century, it contains information on a wide range of topics. Over the years, the file at the Loma Linda White Estate Branch Office has expanded to include many unique and significant items.

Special Correspondence

The Ellen G. White Estate Branch Office has photocopies of the correspondence files from various individuals including James White (September 1845-July 1881), Joseph Bates (December 1842-July 1868), Stephen N. Haskell (January 1892-December 1911), and Ole A. Olsen (January 1892-December 1897). The collection includes many letters to Ellen White.

Question and Answer File

The answers to many questions asked of employees of the Ellen G. White Estate through the years are contained in this file. With over 700 subject files present, a card and electronic index directs the researcher to the proper file.

Ellen G. White and Family Photographs 

The Ellen G. White Estate owns more than 1200 photographic images in their archive. In addition to their vast archive, Loma Linda University owns many photographs of Mrs. White and family members.