The Department of Archives and Special Collections houses thousands of periodicals – in paper and electronic formats - primarily related to the rise and progress of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Adventist periodicals are one of the richest sources for the study of denominational history. One can find early Millerite publications such as The Midnight Cry, Signs of the Times; early Adventist titles such as the Signs of the Times, Sabbath Review and Advent Herald, and much more. One of the strengths of the collection is the wide range of union and division papers. An extensive collection of Advent Christian materials are also available.

Also included in the collection are titles related to the history of the health sciences. And of course, copies of all Loma Linda University newsletters, journals and other periodical publications are present as well.

Sadly, not all of the titles have been cataloged into the Library’s online catalog system, but approximately 1100 of them have!

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The General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Office of Archives, Statistics and Research has digitized many Adventist periodicals.

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