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The Heritage Research Center is located within the Vernier Radcliffe wing of the Del E. Webb Memorial Library.

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Over the years, staff of the Department of Archives and Special Collections have conducted numerous interviews with individuals important to the history of Loma Linda – the city, the University, the Medical Center – and broader Seventh-day Adventist history. These interviews were recorded on reel-to-reel tapes, cassette tapes and later digital recordings. Archivists refer to these recorded interviews as Oral Histories. A listing of these interviews can be found below.

A few of the interviews cannot be made public at this time, but the majority of them can be listened to within the Department and/or the transcripts read.

Barnes, Edith M. Baylink, David Behrens, B. Lyn
Beltz, Richard re Dr Mortensen Berry, Lois E. Bieber, David J.
Bock, Lowell L. Boyd, Harold B. Bradford-Rock, Eva
Brandstater, Murray E. Brown, Richard Bull, Brian
Camp Cedar Falls Cao, Jeffrey Chonkich, George D.
Clark, C. Burton Coggin, C. Joan Crooks, Hulda
Currow, Arthur Currow, Ethel Dayes, Lloyd
Devnich, Grace Digneo, Elmer E.G. White’s grandchildren and friends
Elder, Harvey Engen, Oscar C. Fagal, Virginia
Fike, Ruthita Gardner, Vincent E. Gray, Thela
Hadley, G. Gordon Hadley, H. Roger Harding III, George Tryon
Harding IV, George T. Hardy, Margaret Harlow, Clarence
Harrison, Charles W. Hart, Richard Havstad, Larry C.
Heitschmidt, Bud Heitschmidt, Earl Herber, Marilyn
Herber, Raymond Hersey, Ron Hinshaw, David
Hooper, Wayne Hopp, Joyce Howard, Grace Harlow
Hua, Hsu Hunt-George, Lyra Ernestine Jacques, Grace White
Jacques, Oliver L. James, Elder James, Richard A.
Jetton, Marge Johns Jr., Varner Joseph, Lillian
Jutzy, Roy Koobs, Dick Krick, Edwin H.
Larson, David Lee, James Lloyd, Ernest
Lonergan, Lester re John Burden Mace, John Weldon MacPherson, Walter E.
Martell, J. Lynn, Martin, Mylas McFarland, J. Wayne
McKibbin, Alma McMillan, Bessie Menkel, Helen Spicer
Mercill, Earl C. Miller, Harry W. Mitchell, Robert D.
Moran, Frank A. Murdoch, J. Lamont Murray, Milton
Nelson, James Nelson, Jerald C. Neufield, Elizabeth
Nicola, Caroline Norwood, William Frederick Olson, Robert
Olson, Robert W. Owen, Allie R. Pathfinders
Peck, Sarah Petti, George H. Pettis, Shirley
Prior, Don G. Reeves, Clifton Remboldt, Dupper and Ammon
Reynolds, Keld J. Richards, H. M. S. Robinson, Ella M.
Robinson, Murray Rouse, Cherie Ryckman, Raymond
Sage, Nancy Sauder, Mel Sheldon, Irene
Shryock, Ed Shryock, Harold Skinner, Laurence A.
Slater, James M. Small, Carol Small, Mary
Smith, Chauncey L. Smith, Dunbar Smith, Louis L.
Stromberg-Vining, Katherine Thompson, Gordon Thompson Jr., Ralph
Truman, Archibald W. Unger, Van Vollmer, Henry W.
Wallace, Patricia Shryock Walton, Harold M. Wareham, Ellsworth
Washburn, Emma B. Wat, Bo Ying Whitelock, Mrs. T. S.
Wilcox, Bruch Willard, Rodney Wilson, Neal C.
Wirth, William George Witzel, Everet Wood Jr., Kenneth H.
Wood, Kenneth Wood, Virchel E. Workman, Mabel
Wright, Stephen Arthur Zimmerman, Roland Ziprick, Lottie
Zirkle, Thomas