The Department of Archives and Special Collections houses the personal papers of many individuals and institutions important in the study of Adventist history. Highlights include the Congressional papers of Jerry L. Pettis and Shirley N. Pettis; Medal of Honor recipient Desmond Doss; Paradise Valley Hospital and Sanitarium; Hulda Crooks; E. A. Sutherland; Battle Creek Sanitarium; J. Wayne McFarland; Seventh-day Adventist Evangelistic efforts; John Harvey Kellogg and William Miller.

In addition to collection consisting of one box to several hundred boxes, the Department houses individual manuscript items of particular interest such as the diary of Angeline Andrews for the years 1859 to 1865; the account book of Paulinus Millard which includes William Miller's accounts; record of the SDA Young People's Society of Missionary Volunteers of the Seattle Central SDA Church from 1915-1918; the journal of the Vigilant Missionary Society, South Lancaster, Massachusetts, 1869-1889 and so much more.  The majority of the archival collections have yet to be entered into the online catalog. Do not hesitate to enlist the help of the staff to locate materials of interest.

A complete listing of all archival collections is available here: Archival Collections. Many of the collections have been only partially processed, and such is indicated. However, all collections are still open for public research.

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