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Voorheis, Arl Vandevere & (1) Ruth Myers (2) Alice Robertson
(Arl) pastor; teacher; Conference posotions / (Alice) Conference positions; President of Adventist Heritage Ministries (AHM)
Donaldson, Arthur Norton,Sr. & Orpha Lorena Santee
(Arthur)Director of Loma Linda Sanitarium & Hospital /Graduates of CME 1915
Robinson, Asa T. & Loretta Viola Farnsworth
(Asa) minister; administrator; printer; missionary to Africa & Australia; chaplain; Conference President / (Loretta) #12 of the 22 children of William Farnsworth; Bible Instructor; missionary
Bourdeau, Augustin John Saxby & Alice Anna Maynard
(Augustin) Son of D. T. Bourdeau, business manager for RH pub., editor, Conference positions, GC positions, killed by lightning in Takoma Park, MD/(Alice) education administrator, Dean of Nurses -Melrose Sanitarium
Nelson, Axel C. & (1) Rachael(Rachel) Hope Hall (2)Madge Haines &(1)Morrill(2)Nelson
(Axel)educator/administrator/Director of Department of Education-Northern California conference & Pacific Union/General Conference Department of Education/(Racheal)teacher/(Madge)teacher/author/see Wings of Health Club DF#/books in Her.Col.under Haines.
Reed, Monica & Stanton
(BALL)Black Alumni of the Year 1997;lecturer;author;LLU School of Medicine graduate
Martin, Barclay & Kay
(Barclay) 33 years manager of Trust Department for Southeastern California Conference/(Kay) RN-Retirement Center manager
Seton, Bernard E. & Marjorie Lillie Keough
(Bernard)General Conference Secretary/President British Union/conference positions/missionaries/(Marjorie)Bible Instructor at Helderberg College
Gilbert, Beth Bentzinger & Adam T. Gilbert
(Beth) chaplain at LLUMC & other hospitals; ordination service at LL Univ. Church
Fagal, William (Bill) A., JR. & Sylvia
(Bill) pastor, educator, Director of EGW Branch Office at Andrews University; Associate Director EGW Estate, Silver Springs, MD / (Sylvia) teacher
Olson, Robert (Bob) W. & (1) Rowena Elizabeth Macaulay (2) Rose Valentine Scofield & (1) Hayward Shafer (2) Robert Olson
(Bob) Director of Ellen G. White Estate (19--1990); minister; author; educator-teacher; / (Rowena) worked for General Conference Secretariat / (Rose) musician, organized choirs, minister's wife / (Hayword) minister, musician - singer
Barr, David Cecil & Marjorie Betzer
(Cecil)teacher;guidence counselor/(Marjorie)Educational Office worker
Brines, Celia Richmond & Roland J.
(Celia) Author - "Dragon Tales" / Missionaries to China / (Roland) Grad of CME
Winter, Charles Ernest & Betty Louise Schaefer
(Charles) educator; missionary to China (Hong Kong); prisoner of war (WWII); Faculty of CME -Chair Dept. of Microbiology 30+ years / (Betty) missionary to China / volunteer at LLUMC
Sanders, (Saunders), Ella King & Charles N.
(Charles) minister; (Ella) educator;on the faculty of Battle Creek College; she saw Ellen White healed by an angel
Kellogg, Charles L. & Emma Kellogg
(Charles) pastor; conference worker; brother of Moses E. Kellogg / (Emma) sister of J. H. Kellogg
Stewart, Charles E. & Elizabeth Reith
(Charles) physician, nurse,managing Director of Battle Creek San until sold in 1941; editor; helped in rebuilding San in 1903 as assistant to J.H. Kellogg; see WDF#213 relating to"Blue Book" / (Elizabeth) nurse; Battle Creek school trustee;
Cave, Charles Jerome Bright & (1)Eudora Skerret (1879-1939) (2) Mabel L. Skerret
(Charles)physician-black grad AMMC 1907;nurse; Barbados 1st Adventist doctor, preacher-pastor,teacher, operated Hastings Hydro San (1915-21);author/(Eudora)nurse-grad BC San;matron & manager Barbodos San until died 1921/(Mabel)nurse-grad BC San; sisters
McReynolds, Chester C. & (1) Mary Adams (2) Mary Cornell Cook
(Chester) pastor / (Mary Cook) physician - grad of CME; educator, author
Sorenson, Christian Martin & Hattie White
(Christian) minister-evangelist /educator at Southwestern, WMC, EMC, La Sierra college/ (Hattie) minister's wife, teacher, Dean of Women, director of Food Services at four SDA Colleges
Edwardson, Christian & (1)Dora Elmira Rasmussen (2)Anna Paulson
(Christian)attended BC College,EMC,Union College; colporteur;evangelist-minister; author / (Dora)helped with evangelism work and started churches /(Anna) 1922 Grad of CME School of Nursing
Rose, Clara Jane Pratt & (1) Henry A. Parrott (1866-1913) (2) Rollin Rose & (1)Cora A. Miller (1858-1913) (2) Clara
(Clara)foster parent to about 30 children;close neighbor to EGW;daughter of William & Mary Pratt;assisted 1st.husband in ministry in Texas/(Henry)nurse;lay minister in Texas/(Rollin)manufacturer of health foods; manager of St. Helena San food factory
Jesse, Claran H. and Marjorie Andersen
(Claran)started Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at LLU School of Medicine in 1954/both grads of CME (Claran-Medical 1944)(Marjorie -Nursing 1941)/major donors to LLU
Webster, Cleora E. Hall & (1)Joseph C. Green (2)Edwin Wells Webster & (1)Lucy A. Hale (2)Rachel Emaline Hobbs & (1)Andrew E. Flowers (2)E.W. Webster (3)Cleora E. Hall Green
(Cleora)daughter of Lucinda Hall;1896 Missionary to Tahiti;Sab Sch. Sect. Ill & So CA Conf.;Bible Instructor/(Joseph)teacher, Missionary to Tahiti;worked at RH pub/(E.W.)colporteur;evangelist;chaplain;Pres.AZ conf;missionary/(Rachel & Andrew)colporteurs;
Cramp, Arthur L. & Jean
(CME graduate - Not SDA )
Mitchell, Colin & Clemency
(Colin)Scientist;author;educator;Creationist/(Clemency) physician
Johnson, Howard and Nellie
(Conversion story in Loma Linda)
Sargent, Daniel William & Fanny White
(Dan) former sea captain, worker for Battle Creek Food Company / (Fanny)one of first converts to SDA in England
Bentzinger, Dan & Gloria
(Dan)pastor-evangelist; conference administrator;ministerial director/(Gloria) writer & editor
Augsburger, Daniel Andre & Josette (Joyce) Pammel
(Daniel) Faculty/Teacher/Dean at Andrews University for over 60 years; voted Teacher of the Year 1970;he held 5 Higher Education degrees
Tan, Daniel & Maggie Low
(Daniel) pastor;educator; President of Southeast Asia College; conference positions;LLU Library Employee-21 years/(Maggie)Director of Admissions & Records LLU School of Allied Health Professions;educator
Smith, Darwood Kenneth "Waldo Kaye" & Jean Venden
(Darwood) former "Little Rascal"/"Our Gang" movie actor; pastor; missionary
Jarnes, Jeanne Beck & Dave
(Dave) pastor;(Jeanne) author;cooking classes; purchasing director PPPA;musician
Harder, David Peter & Salimna
(David) teacher, minister, Youth & Education Director in Africa
Hilts, David Glenn & Margarete Louise Ambs
(David)Teacher at Union College;Librarian at Union College,Atlantic Union College,La Sierra College;Known as the Dean of SDA College Librarians./(Margarete) Faculty La Sierra University over 50 years
Fortin, Denis & Kristine Knutson
(Denis) Dean of SDA Theology Seminary - Andrews University (2006+); minister, author; editor
Banks, Robert Richard "Dick" & E. Ruth Hobden
(Dick) Education Administrator, head of Science departments, psychology Professor at Loma Linda Univ., / missionaries to India / (Ruth) secretary at Andrews Univ., Administrative Assistant at Loma Linda University Medical Center
Gibbs, Donald R. and Sally Crawford
(Don)physician/(Sally)philanthropist & Mother of the Year 1959-Cortland, New York
Klein, Dona & Gordon Gene
(Dona) Musician & recording artist/(Gordon)evangelist
Krause, Donauvin & Renate
(Donauvin) Educator-Teacher / Administrator/ Accountant/ LLU University Church Business Administrator (Renate) Director of Development for LLU School of Allied Health Professions
Robinson, Dores Alonzo (1848-1899) & Edna Dewey
(Dores) minister; missionaries to South Africa & India (he died & is buried there); helped to found South Lancaster Academy / (Edna) teacher, missionary, is buried by her parents at Montpelier, VT; / they adopted two girls
Comm, Dorothy (Dot) Minchin & Walter
(Dorothy) -English Professor at La Sierra University/Author /Editor / (Walter) teacher
Ackerman, Dorothy Virginia Evans & James M.
(Dorothy) music teacher at several schools / faculty member - Department of Music at Southern University, has building named in her honor.(James) pastor, youth director, teacher, education administrator, conf. positions, 1st.city manager of Collegedale,TN
Beltz, Oliver Seth & (1) Medora Sylvia (2) Lois Dorothy Foreman
(Dorothy)Educator;Dean of Women at Walla Walla College;Editorial Asst.;Home Study Institute Secretary;lecturer; Originator & Director of LLUMC Volunteer Services/(Seth)Professor of Church Music
Peterson, Douglas and Donna
(Douglas)physician LLU Grad 1970 -killed in plane crash/(Donna)School of Nursing grad 1967- staff LLUMC
Sutherland, Edward Alexander (1865-1955) & (1)Sally Viola Brailliar (2)M. Bessie DeGraw
(E.A.)physician;educator;founder of Madison College & San /(Bessie) teacher;editor;conf.positions;earned PhD at age 61
Beck, Ed & Jacquelyn Faucher
(Ed)evangelist;church administrator.(Jackie)teacher;author;musician;Nutrition School instructor.;missionaries;ministerial team in pastoring
Reekie, John S. & Edith Henrietta Hare
(Edith) daughter of Edward & Elizabeth Hare; nurse; worked at San's in Australia, New Zealand, & CME / (John)physician - died in Redlands 1924/ children are grads of CME as physicians & nurses
Powelson, Edwin(Erwin) Eugene & Lillie Ellamond Caldwell
(Edwin) attended Battle Creek College; worked at PPPA, RH; sent to Basil, Switzerland & Christiana, Norway to work in printing houses training workers
Wilbur(Wilber), Edwin Himes & Susan Haskell (Haskel)
(Edwin)minister; died in China 1914 / First SDA medical missionaries to mainland China;established Canton Mission Headquarters in 1902 / (Susan) colporteur;nurse;matron of Iowa San; worked for Chinese people in Portland, Or & San Francisco,CA for 15 years