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Lights and Shadows - numerous books with this title, see Anon., Arthur, Brownlee, Winslow, etc.
My Mother - possibly by Bushnell, but probably by Mitchell (both published in 1849)
Ben Ezra, Rabbi
see Lacunza, Manual
Rabbi Ben Ezra is a pseudonym
Heaven - a book poss. by Kimball (1857), Perkins, ed. (1884), or Moody (1887)
Pictures of Hindoo Life; or, India without the Gospel and with the Gospel - see Anon.
Clarke, Mary G., comp.
Sunshine and Shadows Along the Pathway of Life
Chicago: Clark & Co.
398 pp.
Christ and the People - see Christ and His People, by Krummacher; or Jesus Christ and the People, by Pearse
Coronations; or the Corruptible and Incorruptible Crown - see Anon.
Church Debts - book either by Ramsey (1851) or by Stall (1881)
Doctrinal Tracts - see Anon., A Collection of Interesting Tracts . . .
Steps in the Dark - see Anon.
Bengel, Johann A.
Memoir of the Life and Writings of John Albert Bengel - see Burk, J.C.F.
Daily Life - by Cumming (likely), or poss. Bowman (1860), Hildreth (1868), or by Dawson (1878)
Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi - see Dods, Marcus
Help to the Gospels, Containing Practical Lessons - see Anon,
Temperance Tracts - see Anon. Select Temperance Tracts or Anon. Temperance Tracts
Church Missionary Work
Helps to Bible Study: Containing a Series of Simple Bible Readings… - see Anon.
Council of Constance - see R. Cattermole
Temperance Volume - see Anon.
Church Missionary Work and Duties of Church Officers - see Anon.
Normand, Hugh de
see DeNormand, Hugh
Besieged City - see Anon.
Helps to Holiness - possibly by Caughey (1852) or Rose (1870), but more likely Brengle (1896)
Lanyard, Mrs. Ellen
God's Message in Low London
London: J. Nisbet & Co.
288 pp.
Counsels to Converts - see Anon. New Life, Horatius Bonar, or more likely Augustus George
Theory and Practice of Teaching - only 2 poss., Page or Thring (1883, etc.), most likely Page
The Parables of Jesus - book by Lisco (1853), or Nevin (1881), or Goebel (1883) - same title
Keepsake, The - a periodical by that name (1829-1857) - see Anon.
Moral and Religious Anecdotes - see Arvine or Macleod, the latter being a revision of Arvine
American Biographical History of Eminent and Self-Made Men. Michigan Volume - see Anon.
Handford, Thomas W., ed.
Ingersollia - see Ingersoll, Robert
Sin and Salvation - most likely the book by West (1885), less likely by Nelson (1881)
Parables of Our Lord - see Dods (in WE) or Trench (in WE), also Arnot (1865), Bourdillon (1868), or Calderwood (1881)
LSU and AU have William Arnot (1865) - perhaps EGW had that also
Blackboard in the Sunday School - possibly by Beard (1877), Clarke (1884), or Bailey (1899)?
Keepsake of Friendship: a Christmas. . .Annual - see Anon.
National Temperance Society - see Anon. Temperance Sermons
Blackley, William L.
The Critical English Testament - see Bengel, Johann.
Castellion, Sebastien
Biblia Sacra - see Chateillon, Sebastien
Edwards, Jonathan
Memoirs of Rev. David Brainerd - see Sherwood, J. M.
Bible Footlights: For the Pilgrim's Path - see Anon.
Catechism of Health - see Henry H. Porter
Lives of the Popes - see Anon.
Kind Words - see Anon. or Copley
This is most likely an annual, each year being different, so it is hard to know which year EGW had.
MacLeod, Alexander
see McLeod, Alexander
Bible Readings for the Home Circle - see Anon.
Two Covenants - J.N. Andrews (1875), G.G. Ruppert (1907), or Murray (1898), but probably Murray
Colorado - many books by that title; see Bayard Taylor, or poss. Farrell (1868), Blackmore (1869),Bowles (1869), Legard (1872)
Old Testament History, Vols. 1-4 - see Edersheim, Alfred
Story of Joseph - see White, James E.