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Besieged City - see Anon.
Speakers' Commentary - see Cook, Frederic C. Holy Bible
Women of Worth: a Book for Girls - see Anon.
Clarke, Mary G., comp.
Sunshine and Shadows Along the Pathway of Life
Chicago: Clark & Co.
398 pp.
see McEwan, Thomas
Moss Rose - see Anon. or P.B. Power or Chas. Everest
Like Kind Words, this is sometimes an annual, but we don't know which year EGW may have had.
Martin, John
see Westall and Martin
Heaven - a book poss. by Kimball (1857), Perkins, ed. (1884), or Moody (1887)
Which, the Right or the Left - see Anon.
The Life and Times of John Wycliffe, the Morning Star of the Reformation - see Anon.
Coronations; or the Corruptible and Incorruptible Crown - see Anon.
Life of Christ - see Farrar, Fleetwood, Geikie, or Hanna
American Biographical History of Eminent and Self-Made Men. Michigan Volume - see Anon.
Doctrinal Tracts - see Anon., A Collection of Interesting Tracts . . .
Perfect Love; or, The speeches of Rev. E.L. Janes, et al. - see Anon.
Blackboard in the Sunday School - possibly by Beard (1877), Clarke (1884), or Bailey (1899)?
Talks on Temperance - a book by Farrar or Moody (1877), but most likely Moody (1877)
Life of Wesley - see Watson or Whitehead
Springtime (annual) - see Anon. Springtime
Smith, Uriah
Man's Nature and Destiny [pamphlet]
Also, 5th ed., 1893, (B), WE
Seven Kings of Rome - see Anon.
Daily Life - by Cumming (likely), or poss. Bowman (1860), Hildreth (1868), or by Dawson (1878)
Help to the Gospels, Containing Practical Lessons - see Anon,
Blackley, William L.
The Critical English Testament - see Bengel, Johann.
Introduction to the Study of the Scriptures - see Goulburn (1857), Nichols (1860), or Harman (1878)
Council of Constance - see R. Cattermole
Castellion, Sebastien
Biblia Sacra - see Chateillon, Sebastien
Land of the Sky - see Anon.
Western N. Carolina
Helps to Bible Study: Containing a Series of Simple Bible Readings… - see Anon.
Counsels to Converts - see Anon. New Life, Horatius Bonar, or more likely Augustus George
Bible Footlights: For the Pilgrim's Path - see Anon.
Catechism of Health - see Henry H. Porter
The Person of Christ - see Schaff (1865), or Pope (1875)
Helps to Holiness - possibly by Caughey (1852) or Rose (1870), but more likely Brengle (1896)
Outline of Mission Fields Entered by Seventh-day Adventists - see Anon.
The Student's Scripture History, - See Smith, William. O.T. History
Lights and Shadows - numerous books with this title, see Anon., Arthur, Brownlee, Winslow, etc.
Handford, Thomas W., ed.
Ingersollia - see Ingersoll, Robert
Titcomb, Timothy (pseud.)
see Holland, Josiah G.
Stuttle, Mann, and Robinson
See Avery-Stuttle
Bible Readings for the Home Circle - see Anon.
Principles of the Jesuits Developed in a Collection of Extracts from their own Authors - see Anon.
Sunday Readings; or, the Child's Sabbath Pleasantly and Profitably Employed - see Anon.
Edwards, Jonathan
Memoirs of Rev. David Brainerd - see Sherwood, J. M.
Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi - see Dods, Marcus
The Wicket Gate: Short Narratives of the Turning of Sinners to God - see Anon.
Blakeney, R.P. (transl.)
Saint Alphonsus Liguori - see Liguori, Alfonso
Revons, E.C.
Sayings of Sages - see Converse, Charles C.
E.C. Revons is a pseudonym
Vetement (Le) - see Blanc, Charles
Short Talks - see Pearse (1889), Howerton (1892), or Moody (1900), most likely Moody