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Besieged City - see Anon.
Felice, G. de
see DeFelice, G.
The Wicket Gate: Short Narratives of the Turning of Sinners to God - see Anon.
Blackboard in the Sunday School - possibly by Beard (1877), Clarke (1884), or Bailey (1899)?
Old Testament History, Vols. 1-4 - see Edersheim, Alfred
Story of Joseph - see White, James E.
American Biographical History of Eminent and Self-Made Men. Michigan Volume - see Anon.
Vetement (Le) - see Blanc, Charles
Blackley, William L.
The Critical English Testament - see Bengel, Johann.
Kind Words - see Anon. or Copley
This is most likely an annual, each year being different, so it is hard to know which year EGW had.
Lives of the Popes - see Anon.
Scripture History - most likely the book by Joseph Hall, cf. Riddle (1857; 1871) or Richards (1880)
Castellion, Sebastien
Biblia Sacra - see Chateillon, Sebastien
Rules of Faith - most likely book by Peck (1844), but possibly Goode (1853) or Hughey (1870)
Eagle Hill - see Anon.
Bible Footlights: For the Pilgrim's Path - see Anon.
Catechism of Health - see Henry H. Porter
Young Ladies Book - see Anon. or Young Lady's Book by Wm. Hosmer (1851)
MacLeod, Alexander
see McLeod, Alexander
Willard Prime - see Anon.
Historic Illustrations of the Bible, Principally after the Old Masters - see Anon.
Wadhams, Edgar P.
See under: Walworth, Clarence A.
Hurlbut, Jesse L.
see Simons, Michael L.
Lectures and Sermons - poss. by Black, Davidson, Park, or Punshon, but probably Punshon
Bible Readings for the Home Circle - see Anon.
History of the Protestant Church in Hungary - see Craig, J.
New Life - see Anon., or possibly authored by Andrew Murray
Hamilton, Gail
see Dodge, Mary A.
The Second Coming, the Judgment, the Kingdom of Christ - see Twelve Clergymen
Blakeney, R.P. (transl.)
Saint Alphonsus Liguori - see Liguori, Alfonso
Hoare, H.W.
see Hamilton-Hoare, H. W.
One Thousand Gems - see Beecher or Talmage
Order of Administration of the Sacraments and Other Services for the ... Methodists - see Anon.
see McAllister, Mrs.
Authors and Publishers - see Putnam, George
G.H.P. and J.B.P.
Moss Rose - see Anon. or P.B. Power or Chas. Everest
Like Kind Words, this is sometimes an annual, but we don't know which year EGW may have had.
Clarke, Mary G., comp.
Sunshine and Shadows Along the Pathway of Life
Chicago: Clark & Co.
398 pp.
Mirror of the Soul; or, Spiritual Things Discerned - see Anon.
Temperance Tracts - see Anon. Select Temperance Tracts or Anon. Temperance Tracts
Heaven - a book poss. by Kimball (1857), Perkins, ed. (1884), or Moody (1887)
Speakers' Commentary - see Cook, Frederic C. Holy Bible
Coronations; or the Corruptible and Incorruptible Crown - see Anon.
Perfect Love; or, The speeches of Rev. E.L. Janes, et al. - see Anon.
Temperance Volume - see Anon.
Doctrinal Tracts - see Anon., A Collection of Interesting Tracts . . .
Smith, Uriah
Man's Nature and Destiny [pamphlet]
Also, 5th ed., 1893, (B), WE
Levensbulden voor Jong en Oud - see Anon.
Seven Kings of Rome - see Anon.
Theory and Practice of Teaching - only 2 poss., Page or Thring (1883, etc.), most likely Page
Daily Life - by Cumming (likely), or poss. Bowman (1860), Hildreth (1868), or by Dawson (1878)