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History of the Protestant Church in Hungary - see Craig, J.
New Life - see Anon., or possibly authored by Andrew Murray
Hurlbut, Jesse L.
see Simons, Michael L.
Lectures and Sermons - poss. by Black, Davidson, Park, or Punshon, but probably Punshon
Ben Ezra, Rabbi
see Lacunza, Manual
Rabbi Ben Ezra is a pseudonym
Edwards, Jonathan
Memoirs of Rev. David Brainerd - see Sherwood, J. M.
The Second Coming, the Judgment, the Kingdom of Christ - see Twelve Clergymen
Hoare, H.W.
see Hamilton-Hoare, H. W.
One Thousand Gems - see Beecher or Talmage
Christ and the People - see Christ and His People, by Krummacher; or Jesus Christ and the People, by Pearse
Order of Administration of the Sacraments and Other Services for the ... Methodists - see Anon.
Church Debts - book either by Ramsey (1851) or by Stall (1881)
see McAllister, Mrs.
Church Missionary Work
Speakers' Commentary - see Cook, Frederic C. Holy Bible
Bengel, Johann A.
Memoir of the Life and Writings of John Albert Bengel - see Burk, J.C.F.
Colorado - many books by that title; see Bayard Taylor, or poss. Farrell (1868), Blackmore (1869),Bowles (1869), Legard (1872)
Moss Rose - see Anon. or P.B. Power or Chas. Everest
Like Kind Words, this is sometimes an annual, but we don't know which year EGW may have had.
Mirror of the Soul; or, Spiritual Things Discerned - see Anon.
Temperance Tracts - see Anon. Select Temperance Tracts or Anon. Temperance Tracts
Church Missionary Work and Duties of Church Officers - see Anon.
Perfect Love; or, The speeches of Rev. E.L. Janes, et al. - see Anon.
Temperance Volume - see Anon.
Springtime (annual) - see Anon. Springtime
Besieged City - see Anon.
Elijah - many books by that title, see Howat, Krummacher, Meyer, and Pearse
2 copies
Smith, Uriah
Man's Nature and Destiny [pamphlet]
Also, 5th ed., 1893, (B), WE
Levensbulden voor Jong en Oud - see Anon.
Seven Kings of Rome - see Anon.
Theory and Practice of Teaching - only 2 poss., Page or Thring (1883, etc.), most likely Page
Blackboard in the Sunday School - possibly by Beard (1877), Clarke (1884), or Bailey (1899)?
Commentary Wholly Biblical, with Tables, Indexes, etc., The - see Anon.
Elisha - many books by that title, see Blunt, Edersheim, Howat, and Krummacher
2 copies
Jezreel, James J.
Pseudonym - see White, James
American Biographical History of Eminent and Self-Made Men. Michigan Volume - see Anon.
Le Vetement - see Blanc, Charles
The Person of Christ - see Schaff (1865), or Pope (1875)
Outline of Mission Fields Entered by Seventh-day Adventists - see Anon.
The Student's Scripture History, - See Smith, William. O.T. History
Blackley, William L.
The Critical English Testament - see Bengel, Johann.
Elizabeth, Charlotte
see Tonna, Charlotte Elizabeth
Stuttle, Mann, and Robinson
See Avery-Stuttle
March, Daniel
Our Father's House, or, The Unwritten Word
Phila.: Ziegler and McCurdy
560 pp.
Goo, Arch
Castellion, Sebastien
Biblia Sacra - see Chateillon, Sebastien
In the World, but Not of the World - see Anon.
Bible Footlights: For the Pilgrim's Path - see Anon.
Catechism of Health - see Henry H. Porter
Principles of the Jesuits Developed in a Collection of Extracts from their own Authors - see Anon.
Gleanings for the Young - see Anon.
Sunday Readings; or, the Child's Sabbath Pleasantly and Profitably Employed - see Anon.