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Keepsake, The - a periodical by that name (1829-1857) - see Anon.
Two Covenants - J.N. Andrews (1875), G.G. Ruppert (1907), or Murray (1898), but probably Murray
Daily Life - by Cumming (likely), or poss. Bowman (1860), Hildreth (1868), or by Dawson (1878)
Help to the Gospels, Containing Practical Lessons - see Anon,
Lanyard, Mrs. Ellen
God's Message in Low London
London: J. Nisbet & Co.
288 pp.
Short Talks - see Pearse (1889), Howerton (1892), or Moody (1900), most likely Moody
Keepsake of Friendship: a Christmas. . .Annual - see Anon.
Revons, E.C.
Sayings of Sages - see Converse, Charles C.
E.C. Revons is a pseudonym
Moral and Religious Anecdotes - see Arvine or Macleod, the latter being a revision of Arvine
Helps to Bible Study: Containing a Series of Simple Bible Readings… - see Anon.
Council of Constance - see R. Cattermole
Helps to Holiness - possibly by Caughey (1852) or Rose (1870), but more likely Brengle (1896)
Counsels to Converts - see Anon. New Life, Horatius Bonar, or more likely Augustus George
Ben Ezra, Rabbi
see Lacunza, Manual
Rabbi Ben Ezra is a pseudonym
My Mother - possibly by Bushnell, but probably by Mitchell (both published in 1849)
Handford, Thomas W., ed.
Ingersollia - see Ingersoll, Robert
Pictures of Hindoo Life; or, India without the Gospel and with the Gospel - see Anon.
Kind Words - see Anon. or Copley
This is most likely an annual, each year being different, so it is hard to know which year EGW had.
Lives of the Popes - see Anon.
Christ and the People - see Christ and His People, by Krummacher; or Jesus Christ and the People, by Pearse
Church Debts - book either by Ramsey (1851) or by Stall (1881)
Edwards, Jonathan
Memoirs of Rev. David Brainerd - see Sherwood, J. M.
Which, the Right or the Left - see Anon.
Church Missionary Work
Bengel, Johann A.
Memoir of the Life and Writings of John Albert Bengel - see Burk, J.C.F.
Women of Worth: a Book for Girls - see Anon.
MacLeod, Alexander
see McLeod, Alexander
Steps in the Dark - see Anon.
Talks on Temperance - a book by Farrar or Moody (1877), but most likely Moody (1877)
Church Missionary Work and Duties of Church Officers - see Anon.
Historic Illustrations of the Bible, Principally after the Old Masters - see Anon.
History of the Protestant Church in Hungary - see Craig, J.
Colorado - many books by that title; see Bayard Taylor, or poss. Farrell (1868), Blackmore (1869),Bowles (1869), Legard (1872)
Besieged City - see Anon.
The Parables of Jesus - book by Lisco (1853), or Nevin (1881), or Goebel (1883) - same title
Normand, Hugh de
see DeNormand, Hugh
Hurlbut, Jesse L.
see Simons, Michael L.
Lectures and Sermons - poss. by Black, Davidson, Park, or Punshon, but probably Punshon
Blackboard in the Sunday School - possibly by Beard (1877), Clarke (1884), or Bailey (1899)?
Sin and Salvation - most likely the book by West (1885), less likely by Nelson (1881)
Parables of Our Lord - see Dods (in WE) or Trench (in WE), also Arnot (1865), Bourdillon (1868), or Calderwood (1881)
LSU and AU have William Arnot (1865) - perhaps EGW had that also
American Biographical History of Eminent and Self-Made Men. Michigan Volume - see Anon.
National Temperance Society - see Anon. Temperance Sermons
Blackley, William L.
The Critical English Testament - see Bengel, Johann.
Hoare, H.W.
see Hamilton-Hoare, H. W.
Elijah - many books by that title, see Howat, Krummacher, Meyer, and Pearse
2 copies
Commentary Wholly Biblical, with Tables, Indexes, etc., The - see Anon.
Elisha - many books by that title, see Blunt, Edersheim, Howat, and Krummacher
2 copies
Castellion, Sebastien
Biblia Sacra - see Chateillon, Sebastien
see McAllister, Mrs.