A list of unpublished letters written to Ellen White held by the White Estate Branch Office. Some are hand written and others are original typed letters.

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Behrens, J.H. Basney, H.C. Unknown 13/12/14 1913
McEnterfer, Sara Bassett, C.S. Sanitarium, Ca. 03/07/28 1903 21A:244
McEnterfer, S. Bassett, Mrs. J.B. Elmshaven, Ca. 02/11/11 1902 15A:340
Olsen, M.E. Bates, J.R. Takoma Park, Md. 14/04/13 1914 In J.R. Bates 1914-15 file.
White, W.C. Bates, Jennie R. St. Helena, Ca. 14/02/18 1914
McEnterfer, Sara Bates, Leslie W. St. Helena, Ca. 06/11/28 1906 21b:231
McEnterfer, Sara Bates, Mrs. W.L. Sanitarium, Ca. 04/01/21 1904 21A:408
McEnterfer, Sara Batsford, Mrs. St. Helena, Ca. 06/02/09 1906 21b:114
McEnterfer, Sara Batson, Mrs. J.E. St. Helena, Ca. 09/10/10 1909 21c:244
Bell, G.H. Battle Creek College Board Unknown 82/01/19 1882
McLearn, A. Battle Creek College Board 82/01/19 1882 in Bell, G.H.
McEnterfer, Sara Battle Creek Food.. Sanitarium, Ca. 05/02/13 1905 21A:604
Accountant Battle Creek San. Co. Sanitarium, Ca. 04/06/13 1904 16a:298
Accountant Battle Creek San. Co. Sanitarium, Ca. 04/08/08 1904 16a:303
Taylor, C.L. Battle Creek Sanit. Management Battle Creek, Mi. 06/06/02 1906 T.Msc.06-07
Kuus, Henry L. Battle Creek Sanitarium Ingomar, Ca. 01/10/21 1901 K.Msc.00-01
Taylor, C.L. Battle Creek Schools Mgt. Battle Creek, Mi. 05/12/20 1905
McEnterfer, S. Bauer, Henrietta C. Elmshaven, Ca. 02/11/11 1902 15A:335
Crisler, C.C. Bayley, A.L. Sanitarium, Ca. 09/01/07 1909 39:143
Palmer, E.R. Bayley, A.L. Mountain View, Ca. 05/10/29 1905
White, W.C. Beach, J.W. St. Helena, Ca. 11/09/21 1911
White, W.C. Beach, J.W. Unknown 11/11/03 1911
McEnterfer, Sara Beach, Leo A. St. Helena, Ca. 09/01/31 1909 21c:115
White, W.C. Beaman, C.K. St. Helena, Ca. 12/06/14 1912 B.Msc.12-13
McEnterfer, S. Beaman, Mrs. C.K. Elmshaven, Ca. 01/10/20 1901 15A:237
McEnterfer, Sara Beard, J.O. Sanitarium, Ca. 05/03/12 1905 21A:635
White, Ellen Beardesley, M.M. Sanitarium, Ca. 03/05/26 1903 21A:131
McEnterfer, Sara Beardsley, Mrs. L.W. St. Helena, Ca. 08/01/02 1908 21b:383
White, W.C. Beatty, W.R. St. Helena, Ca. 12/10/11 1912
White, W.C. Beatty, W.R. St. Helena, Ca. 12/10/24 1912
McEnterfer, Sara Beck, Mrs. Mary St. Helena, Ca. 08/10/12 1908 21c:63
Hemphill, G.B. Becker, A. Los Angeles, Ca. 03/07/07 1903 H.Msc.1903
Parlin, E.E. Becker, A. San Francisco, Ca. 02/09/15 1902
Burden, J.A. Becker, Brother Sydney, Australia 02/03/09 1902
Hughes, C.B. Beckner, J.B. Riversdale, Cape Colony 07/10/10 1907 H.Msc.06-07
White, W.C. Beddoe, B.E. St. Helena, Ca. 14/07/17 1914
White, W.C. Beddoe, B.E. St. Helena, Ca. 15/07/09 1915
McEnterfer, Sara Bedford, Earle St. Helena, Ca. 09/01/31 1909 21c:117
McEnterfer, S. Bee, F.C. Elmshaven, Ca. 01/02/13 1901 15A:66
White, W.C. Bee, F.C. St. Helena, Ca. 12/09/30 1912
White, W.C. Bee, F.C. St. Helena, Ca. 13/04/11 1913
Bourdeau, A.J. Beeker, A. Oakland, Ca. 03/06/29 1903
McEnterfer, Sara Beerman, G.H.A. Sanitarium, Ca. 04/01/21 1904 21A:410
McEnterfer, Sara Beermann, G.H.A. Sanitarium, Ca. 05/03/12 1905 21A:634
McEnterfer, S. Beers, A.S. Elmshaven, Ca. 01/02/26 1901 15A:108
McEnterfer, Sara Beesley, Anna Sanitarium, Ca. 03/07/16 1903 21A:212
McEnterfer, Sara Beggs, Mrs. L. St. Helena, Ca. 07/01/29 1907 21b:255
White, W.C. Behrens, J.H. Unknown 11/06/07 1911
White, W.C. Behrens, J.H. Unknown 11/06/15 1911
White, W.C. Behrens, J.H. St. Helena, Ca. 11/09/05 1911