Available Printers

LLU affiliated users may print to the two copiers in the Del E. Webb Memorial Library's Business Center and the copier in the atrium between the amphitheaters at the Centennial building. These printers only take the university’s Standard print fund. Students with free printing funds offered by their school cannot use the free print funds in the library. The school free print funds can only be used at the student's respective school labs. The computers on the third floor are connected to the library's Business Center copiers/printers for print but LLU affiliated users are welcome to install the Pharos print drivers for their Windows and Macintosh laptops.

Download Pharos Printer Drivers

Standard Print Funds

LLU affiliated users may add money to their university Standard fund by visiting the library's circulation desk and depositing cash. Students may transfer student account funds except during the weeks before the quarter's close. Individuals can also add money online to their LLU Standard print find using the Add Funds link on the LLU Print Center website. PayPal accounts and major credit cards are accepted. A PayPal account is not necessary to add funds.

Add Printing Money Online

Printing from a Mobile

Printing from mobile devices is now available. For more information on mobile printing, visit our Library Guide.

Mobile Print