Access to over 330 psychotherapy and 40 social work training videos, provided by the School of Behavioral Health.

From, "Since 1995 we have been producing and distributing the highest quality training videos in the field of psychotherapy, and we think you will find these to be incredibly useful in learning the subtle art of doing psychotherapy. Additionally, we publish Articles, Interviews, and Cartoons (all free of charge) that will allow you to dig deep into your particular areas of interest. We strive to keep our writing fresh, and down-to-earth, honestly sharing the actual experience of what it is like to be a therapist in the trenches. You get enough dry theory and APA-style academic writing at school, so we are passionate about providing something different!"

The Social Work Collection has been curated to address the core competencies and fundamental skills of the helping professions. It covers a variety of situations and environments that offer terrific learning opportunities.