Select the LLU Library's full text journals & books available from OVID as well as journal abstracts and Tables of Content from the entire OVID database.


Guide to the Databases Available:

LLU Library's Full Text Journals@OVID

A subset of the larger Journals@OVID database that is limited to only the journals to which LLU subscribes, for when a user wants to see only the citations to which they have access. It provides all of the basic functionality of Journals@OVID, including 100% searchability, seamless integration with databases, and the ability to browse by journal and by subject.

LLU Library's Books@OVID

Complete full text of over 100 books purchased by the LLU Library. Includes full text, references, updates, and graphics from some of the most respected sources in medicine, nursing, and pharmacology. A searcher can choose to run a search in one text, selected texts, or all texts. Color diagrams, charts, and other textbook illustrations are available as thumbnails or full-sized graphics. Within an individual book's interface, single-frame or multiple-frame environments contain the retrieved text. Buttons bars on the top and side of the screen facilitate navigation and provide links to the search page and Help. Search screens provide links to Home, Logoff, Help, and the main OVID database screen. If the user is accessing a specific textbook, links are available to the text's table of contents and to the Search and Results screens, making it easier for searchers to jump from one book section to another.

Search Journal Abstracts & Tables of Contents

This database is an aggregate of hundreds of scientific, technical, and medical journals from over 50 publishers and societies available on the OVID platform. Linking is available to the Library's full text resources when available. This is a broader database then the LLU Library's Full Text Journals@OVID, which is a subset of journals to which the Library subscribes.