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Before using the Thieme Teaching Assistant please see the More Info link for important license usage terms.

The Thieme Teaching Assistant: Anatomy is a presentation tool featuring 2000+ full-color illustrations and clinical images from Gilroy et al.'s Atlas of Anatomy and additional images from Baker et al.'s Head and Neck Anatomy in one cutting-edge platform.

Loma Linda University has institutional access to Thieme Teaching Assistant Anatomy, so faculty, students, residents, researchers and staff are licensed to use the resource for classroom presentations. The Authorized Users must display the following credit line each time an image, table or other content appears in a presentation:

TTA Anatomy: "Gilroy et al., Atlas of Anatomy. All rights reserved. © Thieme 2023,

To view images on Thieme Teaching Assistant (TTA) you do not need to create a personal account. However, if you intend to save images in your personal folders, you can create your own personal account by clicking on the link to "Register" and "Create a new account".   

Here are some important usage terms from the license:

This right of usage for the content from the Licensed Work is limited to:

  1. displaying images as part of a classroom presentation with software such as MS PowerPoint.
  2. printing handouts to supplement a presentation, test or other teaching materials, provided that the number of handouts does not exceed 200 copies per presentation.
  3. posting a presentation and its accompanying materials onto a password-protected Intranet.

The usage of the material from the Licensed Work is subject to the following limitations:

  1. The Authorized Users may not post any of the images onto a public website without the expressed, written permission of the Publisher.
  2. Authorized Users are not permitted to sell or otherwise commercially use the content of the Licensed Works, whether these be the images collectively or individually, nor shall they be permitted to sell or commercially use a document or presentation which contains the images without express written permission of the Publisher.
  3. The Authorized Users will not change, adapt, transform, dismantle, or translate the contents on the website or create derived works on the basis of the provided contents.
  4. The Authorized Users may not include the images, individually or as a part of a presentation or document, on a CD/DVD or any other electronic media including but not limited to diskette, FTP, or email. The images shall not be sublicensed or made available for use or distribution as prints, negatives, positives, mats, engravings, animations, art for reproduction, any form of stock design, etc,. No rights to the images will be granted, other than the right to use the images as stated explicitly herein.
  5. The Authorized Users may not enlarge the images for poster or trial exhibits without the expressed, written permission of the Publisher.
  6. The Authorized Users will not translate, disassemble, or otherwise reduce the program code of the Licensed Work into any other perceptible form. The Authorized Users will not modify, rent, lease, loan, distribute, or create derivative works based upon the website in whole or in part. The Authorized Users shall take all necessary precautions to prevent any unauthorized use or dissemination of the website content. Rights assigned to the Authorized Users in this agreement are not transferable. The Authorized Users may not use the website in whole or in part for any commercial applications.
  7. Images used in an electronic form, including multimedia applications and intranet sites, are for viewing purposes only. These must be prepared as embedded or inline graphics and cannot be downloadable or hosted for access via FTP or other online protocols.
  8. The Authorized Users may not include any images or tables in any publication, such as a book, journal article, website, or any other commercial or non-commercial application not expressly granted herein without the expressed, written consent of the Publisher.