School of Pharmacy students and faculty only Full text access to Drug Facts and Comparisons, Drug Interaction Facts, and Review of Natural Products


  • Access to a complete library of drug information references:
    • Drug Facts and Comparisons
    • Drug Interaction Facts
    • Drug Interaction Facts: Herbal Supplements and Food
    • MedFacts patient information in English and Spanish
    • The Review of Natural Products
    • A to Z Drug Facts
    • Nonprescription Drug Therapy
    • Off-Label Drug Facts
    • Drug Identifier
    • Clinical Calculators
    • Black Box Warnings
    • Pregnancy and Lactation Warnings
    • Bioequivalency Codes
    • Investigational Drugs
    • Manufacturer Index
    • Orphan Drugs
    • Medication Guides
    • FDA Medwatch Links
    • Patient Assistance Programs
    • Cancer Chemotherapy Manual
    • 5-Minute Clinical ConsultTrissel's IV-Chek
    • ToxFacts Toxicology Treatment Guidelines
    • Healthwise Patient Instructions
    • The Formulary Monograph Service


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