Item ID Sort descending Title Notes In Folder?
1 Book reference and inventory sheet 2 pages Yes
10 Paradise Valley Sanitarium Manuscript, 12 pages, Extracts from the William Clarence White Letter Books W.C.W. Book 26 pages 506-510, 1904-1905; pages 628-632, 1904-1905; pages 808-810, 1904-1905; pages 828-831, 1904-1905; pages 863, 1904-1905 Yes
11 History of the Paradise Valley Sanitarium and Hospital by Clarence C. Crisler, William C. White and Mc Kee Prepared by Christian Robson 7 pages Yes
12 A Brief history of Paradise Valley Hospital unidentified source Yes
13 Brief History of Paradise Valley Sanitarium by Elder John Allen Burden 16 pages Yes
14 List of Statements Made by Ellen G. White concerning the Paradise Valley Sanitarium 1 page Yes
15 E.S. Ballenger Letter to W. C. White January 3, 1909 4 pages Yes
16 E.P. Letter to John A. Burden 1 paragraph Yes
17 Dramatization for 50th Anniversary Celebration, Paradise Valley Sanitarium 8 pages. 5 Acts including Dr. Whitlock, Sister White, Elder Healey, Sister Gotzian, E. S. Ballenger, E. R. Palmer, J. A. Burden, Helen Rice, Moncrieff, and others. Yes
18 Paradise Valley Sanitarium 2 pages on back of Paradise Valley Sanitarium and Hospital Stationery Yes
2 Journal reference sheets 2 pages Yes
3 History and Development of the Paradise Valley Sanitarium and Hospital 1 page Yes
4 Water for the Elephant fuels start of PV Hospital in 1906 / Newspaper clipping Chula Vista, CA., San Diego Co. Star News June 28, 1987 Yes
5 Paradise Valley: a Vision Come True / Newspaper Clipping The Star-News, Thursday, May 3, 1979 Yes
6 E.S. Ballenger's Letter to the Committee appointed by Southern California Conference to negotiate purchase of Paradise Valley Sanitarium including a copy of the Committee's Proposal to Messrs. White and Ballenger Los Angeles, California, September 3, 1907 5 pages, page 1 missing Yes
7 John Allen Burden Manuscript regarding Potts Sanitarium sale and water supply (untitled) 7 pages Yes
8 A Brief History of the Paradise Valley Sanitarium and Hospital by Elder John Allen Burden 12 pages with Burden interlinear notes Yes
9 History of the Paradise Valley Sanitarium and Hospital by Frank E. Rice 4 pages Yes