Ellen G. White walking near a tent with her son William C. White and his wife, May White, in 1905. Courtesy of Jacqueline Leslie Trott-Bally via Ron Graybill
By molivarez - October 9, 2014

A candid photograph of Ellen G. White recently surface among the personal documents of Leslie Trott, a physician who died in California in 1966.  The rare photograph, shows Ellen walking near a tent with her son, William C. White and his wife, May White in 1905. Archivist, Tim Poirier from the White Estate, researched the photograph and trace the location to Washington Adventist University in Takoma Park, Maryland. Just one day after being released on the General Conference Archives Facebook page, the photograph received 280 “likes” and 255 shares! Only about 50 photos of White are known to exist and most of them were taken in a studio or other formal setting.

For more information on this story, click the link to visit Adventist Review Online: http://www.adventistreview.org/church-news/previously-unknown-photo-of-ellen-white-found