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By molivarez - December 9, 2013

On Monday, December 2, 2013, the White Estate Branch Office, the Heritage Research Center, and the School of Religion of Loma Linda University, sponsored a conference for pastors in the Southern and Southeastern California conferences entitled, Trinity Doctrine Pastoral Conference.   The presenters were John W. Reeve, Jon Paulien, Gilbert Valentine and Richard Rice who addressed the question of the Trinity from Biblical, historical and denominational perspectives.  Because the issue of the Trinity is a hot topic in our Seventh-day Adventist churches today, this conference was very appropriate.  The large turnout and positive feedback from the pastors highlighted that very point.  For those who missed the conference, below are links to the conference program and topic presentation from each speaker.

Trinity Conference Program

How the Early Church Let Scripture Guide them to the Trinity - By John W. Reeve

Jesus and the God of Judaism - By Jon Paulien

Clearer Views of Jesus - By Gilbert Valentine

What the Doctrine of the Trinity Does (and Doesn’t) Say about God - By Richard Rice