By libsys - January 23, 2013

How do you best learn? With more and more advanced, interactive multi-media content buzzing around these days, licensing partners are finding that students learn best though audio pronunciations, videos and other multi-dimensional outlets and forums. How is this changing the face of our electronic resources?

drugguidefornursesDavis's Drug Guide for Nurses, one of STAT!Ref's most popular resources for nursing, now contains a component that makes it easier for students and practicing nurses to learn about important drug information. STAT!Ref is pleased to announce that audio pronunciations have been added to the monographs in this very important resource!

13th Ed. 2013, ©F.A. Davis Company, April Hazard Vallerand PhD, RN, FAAN & Cynthia A. Sanoski BS, PharmD, FCCP, BCPS Life-saving Guidance at a Glance

  • New audio pronunciations in all monographs
  • Medication pictures in some monographs
  • Red tab for high alert medications, plus in-depth high alert and patient safety coverage
  • Red, capitalized letters for life-threatening side effects
  • Drug-drug, drug-food, drug-natural product interactions
  • Pedi, Geri, OB, and Lactation cautions
  • IV Administration subheads
  • REMS (Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies) icon
  • Pharmacogenomic content
  • Canadian-specific
  • Updates quarterly!

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