The book, Counsels on Diet and Foods, published in 1938 after White’s death, compiles passages from her writings and teachings about food, and addresses her ideas on why people should eat less meat, or none at all
By molivarez - May 26, 2015

The Portland Press Herald has published a profile on the lasting contributions of Maine native Ellen G. White to religion and health. The article is by freelance food writer Avery Yale Kamila, and it credits Mrs. White with being an influential early American advocate of vegetarianism. The article also cites Dr. Theodore Levterov, the Branch Office Director, who notes that “It is impossible to talk about vegetarianism in the 21st century without mentioning Seventh-day Adventists and Ellen G. White.” While the article is written primarily for a local audience in Maine, it is nevertheless a shining example of the wider cultural recognition of Ellen White’s continuing impact on contemporary life.

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