By libnews - June 23, 2010

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The 9/11 Encyclopedia

"...details every event leading up to 9/11...a decade prior to the attacks...Also covered are events since the attack that have influenced our understanding of the ordeal."

Basic and Clinical Pharmacology

key features: *300+ illustrations *chapter opening case studies *drug summary tables *lists of commercial preparations *new online learning center

Dictionary of Microbiology and Molecular Biology

"...a unique, encyclopaedic reference work covers the whole field of pure and applied microbiology and microbial molecular biology, from A to Zythia."

A Dictionary of Travel and Tourism Terminology

"Covers all aspects of the tourism industry, including hospitality, transport (road, rail, air and sea), and ancillary services such as car rental, insurance, passport and visa services, and foreign currency. Provides approximately 7,000 definitions, covers the operating language of the industry, and includes acronyms of organizations, trade bodies and airlines, IT terms and brand names."

Encyclopedia of Energy

"Draws together all aspects of energy, covering a wealth of areas throughout the natural, social and engineering sciences, providing easily accessible information about all aspects of energy, written by leading international authorities."

Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War: A Political, Social, and Military History

"...a scholarly assessment of broad-ranging research on the Vietnam War over the last seventeen years by the editor of the prize-winning Dictionary of the Vietnam War. James Olson and his contributors offer fascinating insights as they evaluate the significant literature, films, and TV programs, offering different perspectives on the historical background; strategy and conduct of the war; the perspectives of Americans, the Indochinese, women, minorities, and veterans; the impact of the war on the homefront; and major problems and issues in the aftermath of the war."

Key Concepts in Critical Social Theory

"Provides brief accounts of the central ideas behind the key concepts of critical social theory from Alienation to the Unconscious."

Race, Ethnicity, and Language Data

"...identifies current models for collecting and coding race, ethnicity, and language data; reviews challenges involved in obtaining these data, and makes recommendations for a nationally standardized approach for use in health care quality improvement."