By libnews - August 24, 2012

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience as we refine access to library services.  Below are the current changes.

  • When logging into any library web services there is now a button which specifies affiliation.  Login with the email username and password which matches the affiliation you clicked.

  • If you are logging into the computers at the library, there is no affiliation button.  LLU users will continue to login with their email username and password.  If you are a Medical Center user, add @mc to the end of your username when you login.
  • There is also no affiliation button when logging into LLU wireless.  If you are a Medical Center user logging into LLU wireless, add mc\ in front of your email username.

If you experience any issues with logging in to library services, please call the Circulation Desk (909) 558-4550.