By libnews - March 15, 2010

The academic library has traditionally been thought of as the "heart of the university," a quote attributed to Charles William Eliot, president of Harvard University from 1869 to 1909.  Public libraries are commonly thought of as the lifeblood of their community.  These metaphors take on a multi-contextual meaning within a health sciences institution.  Libraries commonly use the term "circulate" in reference to physical material that may be checked out of the library--thus the name, "Circulation," for the desk you check out items from.  This material circulates through the university body. The lifeblood of the campus--students, faculty, staff--courses through the library. Inevitably, the library is in the position to take the pulse of the university with every person we come in contact with, every person we help, and every time we open our doors--virtual or otherwise.