The commemorative plates, latest acquisition to the department of Archives and Special Collections
By molivarez - August 13, 2014

When staff arrived at work Monday morning, they found four beautiful porcelain commemorative plates waiting for them. A single piece of paper containing the name and address of who we believe to be the donors of the plates – George and Jeanne Wiesseman.

Possible donors, George and Jeanne Wiesseman Possible doners of commemorative plates, George and Jeanne Wiesseman

George graduated from the College of Medical Evangelists School of Medicine with an M.D. in 1947, and returned to get an M.M.S. in General Surgery in 1956. Jeanne earned not one, but five CME/LLU degrees over the years: one Bachelor of Science, three masters’ degrees, and one doctorate. Both George and Jeanne credit their Loma Linda University education as the foundation for their success. The couple, married for 70 years, have served God and humanity – George as an orthopedic surgeon, Jeanne as a medical technologist – in California, Georgia, Texas, Thailand and Vietnam, where they were at the time of the fall of Saigon.

The four plates: The College of Medical Evangelists, formerly Loma Linda Hospital, now Nichol Hall; College of Medical Evangelists, Los Angeles; Loma Linda University Medical Center; and Battle Creek Sanitarium, Battle Creek, Mich., are beautiful porcelain plates commemorating Seventh-day Adventist medical education, and we are thrilled to be able to add them to our historic artifacts collection in the University Archives. We are pleased that the Wiesseman’s have shared these mementos with the University family and community.

Lori N. Curtis

Chair, Department of Archives and Special Collections

Heritage Research Center