Celebrating the significance of Ellen G. White 100 years after her death
By molivarez - July 16, 2015

Ellen G. White [1827 – 1915] wore many hats during her lifetime. She was a mother, wife, church founder and prolific author (and for those who didn’t know, Robert F.  Harmon [1786-1866], Ellen White’s father, was a hat maker. :-) ).  During her life, she wrote more than 5,000 articles and penned 40 books. Today, June 16, 2015, on the centennial of her death, her writings are still being circulated and translated worldwide.  With that being said, the White Estate is proud to announce 50,000 unpublished pages of Ellen White’s writing which are now available online. Head on over to http://egwwritings.org and click on the link in the left-hand column that reads “Letters and Manuscripts”, researcher will find family letters, letters addressed to individuals and institutions, diary materials, and manuscripts written for publication in books and periodicals. See what you can discover today!