By srais - July 19, 2013

ClinicalKey logo 3What is ClinicalKey?

ClinicalKey includes the MDConsult database but with expanded content including hundreds of additional eBooks, eJournals, guidelines, videos, images, First Consult, Procedures Consult, and more into one platform with a single-search interface.

The University Libraries has purchased an LLUH enterprise-wide site license to ClinicalKey. Please begin to transition from MDConsult to ClinicalKey now (from on-site) at You will be able to find links to ClinicalKey from all of the same places you now can find MDConsult (the Library’s home page, the One Portal Clinical Desktop, etc.). For more information you need to know about ClinicalKey, such as remote access options and creating a personal account, please see the ClinicalKey tab on the Clinicians Library User Guide.

Why are we switching to ClinicalKey?

Elsevier is phasing out MDConsult and replacing it with ClinicalKey. They will cease updating the MDConsult platform December 2013 and only update content through 2014. Elsevier offered the Library several ways to migrate to ClinicalKey. The University Library chose the most cost effective option which is to migrate now, July 2013. MDConsult will continue to be available for Loma Linda University Health entities through August 9, 2013, after which it will no longer be available.