Access to this resource ending on May 31, 2024. SciVal allows you to visualize your research performance, benchmark relative to peer institutions, develop strategic partnerships, identify and analyze new, emerging research trends, and create uniquely tailored reports. On-campus account registration required.

SciVal is a set of integrated modules that enables your institution to make evidence-based strategic decisions.  SciVal consists of four modules:

  • Overview - Get an overview of the research performance of your institution and others based on output, impact, and collaborations.
  • Benchmarking – Determine your strengths and weaknesses. Compare your research institution and teams to others based on performance metrics. Model different test scenarios.
  • Collaboration – Identify and analyze existing and potential collaboration opportunities. Identify suitable collaboration partners. See who others are collaborating with.
  • Trends - Analyze Research Areas to find top performing universities, authors and Scopus sources. Spot growing and declining topics in the field.

A SciVal / Elsevier account is required to access SciVal. Loma Linda University users can register for an account with SciVal while on campus.  For more information about account registration, please see the provided guide.