Comprehensive coverage of human rights covering topics such as right to health and health care, and including in depth analysis of major figures, events, organization, and institutions involved with human rights.


  • 5th edition
  • The five-volume Encyclopedia of Human Rights, edited by David Forsythe, offers comprehensive coverage of all aspects of human rights theory, practice, law, and history in over 300 entries signed by leading scholars and human rights experts. The coverage includes major figures, organizations and institutions, human rights events and crises, and human rights norms.

    In addition to providing original analytical articles on standard subjects such as the right to health and health care, Amnesty International, and the Balkan wars, the encyclopedia offers innovative coverage of such subjects as the Internet, intellectual property rights, the American Civil Rights Movement, globalization, and Brazil in historical context. Focusing primarily on developments since 1945, it offers an unrivaled reference for students and researchers seeking in-depth analysis of this globally important topic.


Oxford University Press