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Bigger, Sharon Marie
Daughter of Donald Bigger - Faculty member at Walla Walla College
Biloff, Ivalyn Letha Law & Reuben
musician, teacher, music director
Binkley, Philip R. &
music educator Loma Linda Academy & La Sierra University
Birkenstock, Evert Frederick & Juanita Hargreaves
(Evert)CME Medical School grad class of 1918/first CME graduate to return to Africa as missionaries/(Juanita) graduate CME School of Nursing 1918
Bishop, Clare Eugene & Ella G.Swanson
pastor;evangelist; Voice of Prophecy Director of Wills & Trusts
Bishop, Frederick William & Petronila Neumann
pioneer colporteur to Chile, South America
Black, Barry C.
United States Senate Chaplain /Chief of the Navy's Chaplain Corps(2000+)
Blaich, Roland
Professor at Walla Walla College; Author
Blaine, B. Michael & Bernice Joyce Bankers
pastor / Director of Southern California Conference Near East Institute & Archeological Foundation/author
Blaine, Mariel Jean Darnell & Cyril de la Bere
Medical missionaries to Malamulo Mission,Africa /RN & Medical transcriber for Glendale Adventist Hospital
Blair, Mardian & Joan Peters
President/CEO of Adventist Health Systems; Healthcare Administrator
Blake, Lottie Cornelia Isabell & David E.
(Lottie) grad of AMMC 1902, 1st Black woman physician, medical missionary, teacher, nurse, organized Nurses Training Program at Oakwood College / (David) medical missionary to Central America & Carribean, minister,
Blake,Chris & Yolands
SDA Author,Editor, Educator
Blanco,Jack John and Marion Blasias
SDA Author and Professor
Blazen, Ivan T. & Deanna
Author, Pastor, Educator
Blehm, Walter D. & Shirley
Pacific Union Conference President;Adventist Health Systems -retirement projects
Blincoe, Thomas Harrison & Helen
minister;educator;missionary; Dean of SDA Seminary Andrews Universary (1976-81); author
Bliss, Sylvester &
(non-SDA) Millerite Adventist, author, editor, wrote William Miller Biography
Blix, Glen G. & Arlene
Vice-President LLU/Dean School of Public Health -LLU/Vice President Loma Linda Foods Company/Nutrition specialist/Alumnus of the Year School of Public Health 2002/President of School of Public Health Alumni Association 1990/91
Block, Harlon H.
World War II SDA soldier(not medic) who helped to raise 2nd flag on Iwo Jima-(statue in Washington D.C.)- have book - Flags of Our Fathers - that mentions him and the others in Heritage collection (D 767.99 I9 B73 2000)
Bloese, August F. &
(non-SDA) author, editor of Good Health magazine (Battle Creek, MI), inventor, Iris grower, J. H. Kellogg's secretary, President of the Battle Creek Food Company
Blome, Maxine
Director of Adventist Health's Parish Nurse program;RN;Director of Nursing;AAW Woman of the Year for Community Life-1998
Blomquist, Olov Albert & Willma
Faculty LLU School of Medicine 28 years/musician/Adventist World Radio Board/President of LLU Medical Alumni Association
Blomstedt, Herbert & Waltraud
SDA Musician/Conductor of symphonies world-wide; Newsmaker
Bock, Lowell L. & Merlo Cumins
General Conference Associate Secretary / pastor / conference positions / LLU Board Chair / Hospital Adminitrator / Battle Creek Connction
Boehm, Harley A. and Howandine
Educator, Pastor, . . . ( has worked at Loma Linda Academy for over 36 years)
Boger, Walter and Ruth Myriam
Education work/President of Brazil College/pastor/member of Brazil Voice of Prophecy King's Heralds/President of Panama Conference
Boggs, Richard Pryde
Newsmaker -murder trial/CME Medical School graduate/book in Heritage Collection -HV 6534 L6 C46 1992
Bohner, Leonard Frederick, & (1) Margaret Fleming (2) Roberta Belding Lindbeck
Several General Conference positions/Manager of Pacific Press Publishing Association (1961-1973) / WWII prisoner of war
Bokovoy, Alex P. & Sandi
(Alex) grad of CME Medicine 1946, other hospital positions in US & foreign countries / missionaries to Ethiopia 1956-1974 / (Sandi) child evangelism work in Ethiopia, author, periodical articles
Bollman, Calvin P. &
poet, author, worked for SDA publishing houses
Bond, C. Lester & Christine
pastor - evangelist/ Colporteur/ Missionary Volunteer Department of General Conference - "Mr. JMV" /President of Upper Columbia Conference
Bond, Frank Starr (1876-1924) & Martha & (1)_Farnsworth (2) Bond
minister-evangelist; grad.Healdsberg College; preached in Arizona among the Spanish speaking settlers; pioneered SDA work in Spain with brother Walter
Bond, Walter Guy (1879-1914) & Leola Gerow
minister; attended Healdsberg College; pioneered SDA work in Spain with brother Frank, opened Boys School & established churches
Bonilla, Arlene
SDA Bilingual musician who has MS disease
Bontemps, Arna
Black (SDA?) poet
Boonstra, Shawn Jean
Pastor / Third Speaker-Director for It Is Written telecast / (Jean) Author / reseach assistant & children's minstry coordinator for IIW
Borg, Martha Elizabeth
Assistant Director at Loma Linda School of Nursing;Director of Nursing Services at White Memorial Hospital & Director of White Memorial School of Nursing
Bork, Paul Franz(Frank) & Norma Koester
Educator,Archeologist,Linguist, Volunteer Loma Linda Heritage Room(2000+)/file includes samples of articles written
Bostian, Donald F.
ordained pastor 1961
Bothe, John William (J. W. or Bill) & (1) Anita Moyst (2) Genevieve & (1) Alger Johns - see Bio (2) John Bothe
pastor, conference positions, Secretary of North America Division, General Conference Representative on Loma Linda Campus (5yrs), student recruiter / missionaries; (Genevieve) Exec. Asst. BRI -GC
Bothwell, Roger
former SDA pastor/teacher/ Newsmaker - lawsuit against /Springs of Life Ministry
Bourdeau, Augustin Cornelius & (1) Charlotte (Saxby?) (2) Martha A. Butler Andrews & (1)William P. Andrews (2) Augustin Bourdeau & (3) Katherine Fraser (Kate Fitzgerald)
Pioneer preacher, author, Conference positions, Conference President of Vermont & Quebec, built churches, missionary to Europe; photos in Archives
Bourdeau, Augustin John Saxby & Alice Anna Maynard
(Augustin) Son of D. T. Bourdeau, business manager for RH pub., editor, Conference positions, GC positions, killed by lightning in Takoma Park, MD/(Alice) education administrator, Dean of Nurses -Melrose Sanitarium
Bourdeau, Daniel T. & Marion Elizabeth Saxby
Bowen, Lucius M. & (1)Grace Darling (2)Leila Taylor
Business manager/manager at St. Helena San,Takoma Park San,Loma Linda San(1915-1922),Hinsdale San.
Boyd, Harold Bruhalts & Jean Stewart
CME Medical Graduate; Surgeon; Professor
Boyd, Maud Sisley & Charles L. boyd & (1)-- (2) Maud
(Maud) pioneer Bible Instructor; worked at RH pub.; Colporteur; 1st woman missionary to Europe/ both were missionaries to Africa (1887-1891)
Boyne, Philip J. & Candy
Professor of Oral Surgery at Loma Linda School of Dentistry ; marathon runner
Bracebridge, Clarence Edwin ("Bud") & Arline
Director of Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries -General Conference (1987-1991) / pastor