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Kellogg, Frank Jonas & (1) Martha Kennie (2) Minnie Hebb (3) Vivian Oliver (4) Violetta
(non-SDA) (Frank) resident of Battle Creek at times; newsmaker; "Professor" Anti-Fat King; salesman; food manufacturer; buried in Oak Hill Cemetery - Battle Creek, MI / (Martha) "Madam" Kellogg's French Taylor System (cataloged in SPC)
Haenszel, Arda
(non-SDA) -founding member San Bernardino County Museum Association/local historian/author/teacher
Osler, William, Sir
(non-SDA) -History of Medicine material -called "the most influential physician in history" -books in History of Medicine collection in our department
Holand, Hjalmar Rued &
(non-SDA) account of experiences as non-SDA in Battle Creek; historian; archaeologist; author; attended Battle Creek College
Parkman, Francis & Catherine Scollay Bigelow
(non-SDA) American Historian; author; horticulturist; wrote about Millerites - see "Journals of Francis Parkman"
Hastings, Horace Lorenzo
(non-SDA) author, books in Special Collections, book with similar title to EGW's Great Controversy (not same exact topic - different concept)
Bloese, August F. &
(non-SDA) author, editor of Good Health magazine (Battle Creek, MI), inventor, Iris grower, J. H. Kellogg's secretary, President of the Battle Creek Food Company
D'Aubigne, Jean Henri Merle
(non-SDA) author; noted historian of the Protestant Reformation; preacher; EGW quoted him in Great Controversy
Pratt, Robert Henry & Louisa Merrill
(non-SDA) built Elmshaven (CA State Historic Landmark - Ellen White's home), worked with railroad companies to bring them to west, brother William became SDA -gave land for St Helena San
Shaw, Sir Run Run & (1)Lily (2) Mona
(non-SDA) businessman - see also SDA DF# Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital -China -founded by him and managed by LLUMC
Webb, Del E. &
(non-SDA) businesswoman philanthropist / Sun City complexes/ Del E. Webb LLU Library (1980)/ book in Heritage collection
Pearson, John, Jr. &
(non-SDA) editor of "Hope of Israel" (1844-45) -not Sabbatarian journal / member of Advent Herald Party / file contains information on prophecy chart he designed
Washington, Booker Taliaferro & (1)Fannie 9d. 1884) (20Olivia A. Davidson(d. 1889) (3)Margaret James Murray (m. 1893)
(non-SDA) ex-slave; author; educator; abolitionist; founder of Tuskegee Institute; American Civil Rights Leader
Williams, Roger
(non-SDA) founder of Rhode Island; religious liberty promoter; believed in separation of church & state; books regarding in Special Collections
Graham, Sylvester
(non-SDA) health reformer; author; books in Special Collections
Kean, Charles James & Susan
(non-SDA) LLUMC Director of Animal Care Facility (1985-2004)
Bliss, Sylvester &
(non-SDA) Millerite Adventist, author, editor, wrote William Miller Biography
Hale, Apollos
(non-SDA) Millerite Preacher, writer, editor, co-organizer of "1843 Prophectic Chart"
Grant, Miles
(non-SDA) Millerite who later opposed J. V. Himes; editor of World Crisis (Advent Christian publication)
Whitman, Marcus & Narcissa Prentiss
(non-SDA) missionaries & pioneers to Northwest United States / killed by Indians / had Millerite relatives / books regarding in Special Collections
Fowler Brothers: Orson Squire & Lorenzo Nile
(non-SDA) phrenologists; authors; publishers; did lectures on health, education, & social reforms / books in Special Collections
Lamson, Phebe
(non-SDA) physician who worked at Battle Creek Health Reform Institute
Geisel, Carolyn E.
(non-SDA) physician, worked at Battle Creek Sanitarium with J. H. Kellogg; noted speaker; did slum & rescue work - established first rescue homes for girls
Keith, Alexander, the Elder, (1791-1880) &
(non-SDA) Presbyterian minister of the Free Church in Scotland / author - subject of Prophecy / his books are in Special Collections
Finney, Charles Grandison & (1)--(2)--(3)--
(non-SDA) Revivalist Preacher; reformer -anti slavery; author; educator - President of Oberlin College (1851-1866)
Newton, Isaac
(non-SDA) scientist, religious scholar of prophecy, author; have books in Special Collections
King, Martin Luther,Jr.(1929-1968)
(non-SDA)- relation to SDA principles;American Civil Rights leader
Quisenberry, Walter B.
(non-SDA)-Faculty of LLU School of Health over 25 years;Alumnus of the Year LLU School of Medicine 1974;one of the world's most noted authorities on cancer control
Woolley, Nora Machlan (1) Otho Buckman & (2) Andrew (Andy) Prince II
(Nora) Dean of Girls / GC & RH Secretary / Missionary to China / Dean of Women CME/ Author/ (Otho) minister / Misionary to China / Dean of Boys / (Andy) Physician (grad of CME 1951)
Bidwell, John
(not SDA) -California Pioneer - see book- Her. F 864 B5987
Smith, Olive Emily Santee & Frank L.
(Olive) CME grad 1915/ First CME medical missionary to India/ First married medical student at CME/First CME graduate to teach at Vellore Christian Medical College in India/daughter of Clarence Santee /(Frank) nurse
Staines, Ora Robert & (1) Alice Atteberry (2)Nellie May (Maisie) Woodcock (3) Georgia Sanders & (1) Walter Pardon Edson(2) O. R. Staines
(Ora) nurse; business manager; teacher; conference positions; editor of Loma Linda Medical Evangelist magazine; assistant pastor of LL College Church
Stowell, Lewis Oswald & Mary Melissa Bostwick
(Oswald) was pressman for early SDA publishing work; farmer; healed by prayers of James & Ellen White
Parrett, Owen Samuel & Cora Elizabeth Marshall
(Owen) physician - grad of CME first Medical class 1914; author / (Cora) grad CME Nursing School , Nurse at several SDA medical institutions
McCary, Irene
(past owner of resterant in Needles, CA) - SDA layworker
Sisco, Patience S. Bourdeau & Harry N.
(Patience)physician;on staff of several SDA hosp.;as young girl served as interp.(French) for EGW in Europe;officer of WCTU in MD for about 50 yrs./(Harry) educator-admin;physician;Med. Dir.Washington San;gov. positions
Pettis, Patrice(Patti) Cotton & (1)William Frei (2) Peter Pettis
(Patti)Musician; LLU Children's Hospital Foundation Executive Director; public relations dept./(Peter) LLU Staff member; son of Jerry & Shirley Pettis/file includes - Will Frei (Patti's son) & others
Roth, Paul & Linda Gage
(Paul)(non-SDA) nurse,physician( grad AMMC) worked at Battle Creek San, inventor or the oxygen tent, born in Tremelan, Switzerland (member of Roth family) /(Linda) teacher, grad AMMC, nurse-doctor,daughter of William Gage / were not SDA's at time of death
Eldridge, Paul H. & Retha H.
(Paul)President of Far Eastern Division; missionaries to Japan;Speaker for Japanese VOP broadcast. /interned in the Philippines during WWII. (Retha) Author of "Bombs & Blessings" & "From the Rising of the Sun"/ also VOP Bible School Director in Japan.
Magan, Percy Tilson & (1) Ida May Bauer (2) Lillian Eshleman
(Percy) physician; President of CME; educator; co-founder of Madison College & Sanitarium, TN; helped move Battle Creek College location to Berrien Springs (EMC) / (Lillian) physician
Osborne, Peter B. & Adelaide Manson
(Peter) veteran of the Civil War / Elder- promoted SDA message by traveling to visit isolated believers / children & grandchildren had positions in the church work
Keller, Peter Martin & Florence Armstrong
(Peter)physician -grad AMMC; medical Super. Glendale San;Med. Missionary to Australia & New Zeal.;faculty CME; shot to death/(Florence)nurse;physician-grad AMMC;1st woman Dr. overseas Miss.;faculty CME;raised funds for White Mem.; retired 1967;
Wessels, Petrus (Pieter, Peter) Johannes Daniel & Maria Elizabeth Van Zyl
(Petrus) First person in South Africa to observe 7th day Sabbath;sent money to America to send ministers;self-supporting minister;helped to secure land in Rhodesia for Solusi Mission (1893)
Chen, Phillip S. & Helen Feng
(Phillip)educator;chemistry professor;author/ (Helen)Home Economics expert;author; MA. Mother of the Year 1964; knew Dr.Clive McKay
Kellogg, Preston Stanley & Florence A. Nye
(Preston) brother of JH &WK;physician;printer;Battle Creek City Alderman;est. San in Honolulu;on staff at several SDA hospitals;Major in US Armed Forces as Dr.;(Florence)gave Bible readings & did missionary work with patients/file has info about daughter
Stadin, E. Ragnar & Elfrida Johanson
(Ragnar)physician -grad CME 1934,worked at Battle Creek San 1925/missionaries to Ethiopia - Elfrida killed by stray bullet at the mission during wartime
Dederen, Louise Marie Fyon & Raoul F.
(Raoul)professor of Theology at Andrews University;teacher;author/(Louise)Heritage Room Curator at Andrews University
Hare, Robert and Henrietta Johnson
(Robert) 7th son of Joseph & Maggie Hare; minister -evangelist;1st ordained SDA minister in Australasian Div.; see book Irish Boy & God; one the first SDA's in New Zealand; poet;editor;teacher;author / (Henrietta)teacher; helped with evangelistic meetings
Schaefer, Robert Anthony & (1) Dorothy Jean Hall (2) Florence Fisher
(Robert) Construction contractor- built Loma Linda Church & tower on Dental School / Robert & Dorothy Parents of Richard(Dick) & Robert(Bob)
Woods, Robert Franklin & Cora Evelyn Wells
(Robert)Manager Southern Publishing Association(Cora)44 Years+ General Conference Seretarial Service