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Westphal, Frank Henry (1) Mary Vesta Thurston (2) Dena Barr
(Frank) attended BC Colleg;colporteur;minister;teacher; missionary to South America (Argentina & Chile)/ (Mary) teacher & missionary
Westphal, Edward A. & (1)Madelene (2)Nita
physician grad CME class 1938/supervised & staffed 12 hospitals in Peru/builder;world traveler;photographer;archeologist/on staff at Glendale Adventist Hospital
Westphal, Charles Edgar and Amalia Schimpf
physician-missionary in South America/teacher/Director of Hospitals
Westphal, Arthur L. and Marie Lust
pastor-evangelist/missionaires to South America/Brazil Conference President for 21 years/other conference positions in South America
Westermeyer, Carroll Leonard and Eileen
LLU Library Employee;musician;ham radio operators/club members
Westerhout, William A. & Helen Pelmulder
pastor/originator of the $.05-a-lunch (later penny a plate) plan during the Depression
Westbeau, Georges H. and Margaret
SDA Author of "Little Tyke" /newsmakers
West, Raymond O. &
physician/medical director/editor/author/teacher/honored Alumni of the year 2002/developed & Patented medical devices
West, Merlin K. &
noted Adventist Organist/professor & teacher of music/ composer/ co-editor of 1985 SDA Hymnal / Fine Arts Center at Walla Walla College named in his honor 1996
Wessels, Petrus (Pieter, Peter) Johannes Daniel & Maria Elizabeth Van Zyl
(Petrus) First person in South Africa to observe 7th day Sabbath;sent money to America to send ministers;self-supporting minister;helped to secure land in Rhodesia for Solusi Mission (1893)
Wessels, Johannus Jocobus (John James) & Ruby Electra Anthony
Associated with beginnings of SDA church in South Africa; est. first sanitarium, college & orphanage (8yrs); helped est. first San in Australia (2yrs);manager of Paradise Valley San, Glendale San, & St. Helena San at various times (1902+)
Wessels, Henry & Johanna Sophia Van Jaarsveld
file contains info regarding story of EGW & jewels turning to ashes
Wessels Family
general information regarding - see also WDF#
Wernick, Francis W. & Mary Sue Huffhines
Former Vice-President of the General Conference / SDA Author
Werner, D. G.
newsmaker-German SDA pastor connected with the Hauptman-Lindberg kidnapping case
Wergeland, Floyd L. and Josephine Newton
CME Graduate; Brigadier General
Were, Louis F. & (1)Jessie Blanche Henderson (2) Alma Belle Preuss
minister/ gospel preacher -evangelist/ author - books in Heritage Collection/file includes paper by Milton R. Hook on Were (his theology & history)
Wentland, Rankin Henry & Clara Kruegar
pastor-wvangelist/missionaries/conference positions & overseas Union positions
Weniger, Charles Elliott & Eunice Clark
Dean SDA Theological Seminary(1947+)/Head of English Department at Pacific Union College & Walla Walla College/educator-administrator/preacher/writer/Weniger Award given in his honor
Wendell (Wendall), Jonas
Advent Christian minister;author; influenced Charles T. Russell who later founded the Jeh. Witnesses
Wells, George Washington & (1) Alda Elizabeth Heichel (2) Jessie Seward & (1) Flaiz (2)Wells
(George) nurse;minister;conference positions; Conference President of Tenn, Georgia, Minnesota,California, Southern Union; Field Secretary of the General Conference; chaplain at Loma Linda Sanitarium
Wells, Frank d. & Mabel Wells
President for 4 conferences/pastor/ other conference positions.
Wells, Frank D. & Mabel Rose (Wells - not related)
(Frank) Literature evangelist; minister; conference positions; Conference President of Northern & Southern New England, Texas, Ark-Louis.
Welch, Lowell & Viola
Welch, Carlyle & Lora
Missionaires; physician & nurse; Grads of CME 1965; worked at Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital & other hospitals
Welborn, Wayne W. & Hazel
publishing work/pastor/ ABC manager
Weiss, Samuel & Raquel
President of Peru, Puerto Rico, & Pacific Union Conferences/pastor-evangelist/conference positions
Weismeyer, Norman & Nedra Aileen
(Nedra) early San Bernardino pioneer family (see DF# SB Oral History Project) -worked at LLU Library Serials Dept./ parents of Dick (Director of University Relations Dept.)
Weis, Theofield G. & Janet Louise Hess
Librarian at Columbia Union College (1931-1971) / College named library in his honor / editor-author / teacher
Weidner, John Henry & Naomi
See Heritage Book "Flee the Captor"/WWII helped Jews escape-"Righteous Gentile"
Weeks, Howard Benjamin & Dorothy Mae White
Director Public Relations Department GC/Vice-president for Development & Public Relations LLU/minister/author/conference positions
Webster, O. Lamar & Grace Neal
physician -CME class of 1928/newsmaker -killed by an insane assassin at El Centro SDA Church (1937)
Webster, Frederick C. "Ted" & Martie
missionary to South America/President of Middle East Division/G.C. Administrative Assistant to President & Personnel Director (1970+)
Webster, Cleora E. Hall & (1)Joseph C. Green (2)Edwin Wells Webster & (1)Lucy A. Hale (2)Rachel Emaline Hobbs & (1)Andrew E. Flowers (2)E.W. Webster (3)Cleora E. Hall Green
(Cleora)daughter of Lucinda Hall;1896 Missionary to Tahiti;Sab Sch. Sect. Ill & So CA Conf.;Bible Instructor/(Joseph)teacher, Missionary to Tahiti;worked at RH pub/(E.W.)colporteur;evangelist;chaplain;Pres.AZ conf;missionary/(Rachel & Andrew)colporteurs;
Weber, Martin
General Conference Ministerial Association/author/"Ministry" magazine Assistant Editor/pastor/Director of Prayer Ministries for It Is Written
Weber, Harry Jackson & Velda Jenecke
physicians -grads CME 1940,1941/missionaries to Africa, Arabia, & Puerto Rico
Webber, Josiah & Elizabeth A.
one of the earliest Seventh-day Adventist pioneers in New Hampshire; their house was close to Leonard Hastings "potato patch"
Webb, Leonard F. & Esther
minister - evangelist/conference positions
Webb, Jere & ___Walter
Webb, Earl Simeon & Valah Dillen
LLU "Distinguished Humanitarian Award"
Webb, Del E. &
(non-SDA) businesswoman philanthropist / Sun City complexes/ Del E. Webb LLU Library (1980)/ book in Heritage collection
Webb, AlanT.
newsmaker-wheelchair doctor injured in forest fire accident/physician - grad CME 1956
Weatherall, Don & Ardyth
Educator; Asst. Director Southern Union
Wayne, Jasper & (1) Emma Horsefall (2) Eva Moynihan (3) Ida Root
businessman (Tree nursery); became SDA in 1890;came up with the plan for "Harvest Ingathering" -money for missions -also called the "Thnaksgiving Plan"; est. Better Living Centers (san-hosp.) that lasted until 1930's depression
Watts, Ron & Dorothy
Missionaries / (Ron)several GC positions/ (Dorothy) Author, Missionary
Watts, Ralph Shore Sr. & Mildred Hoopes
pastor/missionaries/helped to establish Seoul San & Hospital,Korea -(Mildred) Director of Nursing at hospital
Watts, Ralph Shore Jr. & Patricia Ortner
ADRA President (1985-2002) / GC Secretary / President of Conferences / Southern California Conference President (1981-1985)
Watts, Neil & Joy
President of Western Pacific Union Mission; survival story
Watts, Kit
Director of the Women's Resouce Center -La Sierra University/Assistant Editor Review & Herald/author-journalist/conference positions/pastor/librarian/teacher/communications
Watson, Mary L. Clough & (1) John Wanless (Wamless or Wolless?) & (2) Watson
Ellen White's neice; her literary assistant for short time; reporter for papers on SDA camp meetings & 1876 Centennial Expo in Philadelphia, PN; poet