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Baker, Delbert W. & Susan Lee
editor; author;Director of the Office of Diversity at LLU; Special Assistant to the President at LLU; President of Oakwood College; Professor; teacher
Baker, Isaac & (1)Myrtle Hickman(2)Ruby James (3)Edyth McCullock
minister for 71 years/first graduate of Keene Industrial Acad.(Southwestern Univ.)/donated land for Ozark Academy
Baker, Leroy Bernard & Peggy Wheeler
pastor;evangelist;lit.evangelist;member of Voice of Prophecy Board
Baker, Norman W. & Dixie M.
Pastor / Teacher
Baker, Roy C. & Alta
pastor/conference positions/President of Central & Southeastern California Conferences
Baker, Rufus & Roxanna C.; Baker, Irving Elsworth & Edna Moore; Baker, Judson Albert & Helen Upton
(Rufus) First Local Elder ordained in Wis. /(Irving) attended Battle Creek College, worked in Engraving Dept. of RH, worked at Battle Creek San,Colporteur / (Judson) attended Battle Creek College & Battle Creek San; Teacher;literature evangelist
Baldwin, Dalton & Barbara
Professor- Faculty of Religion LLU; author / Dalton died Mar. 21, 2011
Baldwin, Marjorie & Bernell
(Marjorie)graduate CME 1952; teacher-instructor School of Public Health LLU / educator at Wildwood Lifestyle Center (1977+)/Associate Editor of Life & Health Magazine also Journal of Health & Healing/Bernell has Ph.D in physiology
Baldwin, Wilton Oakes & Ruth
teacher;adminstrator; Education Superintendent for several conferences
Balharrie, Gordon & Anna
pastor;education work world-wide;lecturer; conducted seminars/Dean Walla Walla School of Theology (1961-1977)
Ball, Dexter A. & Martha Clark
Ball, Worcester H.
blacksmith; member of the Washington, NH church; up & down experience & finally left SDA Church
Banfield, Michael St. Clair & Edna
pastor; treasurer of Allegheny conference;volunteer chaplain at White Memorial Hospital; father of Warren Banfield
Banfield, Warren St. Claire
Minister;administrator;Human Relations
Banks, Edward C. & Letah
pastor/educator at Southern Missionary College & Professor of Evangelism at Andrews University for 28 years/co-founder with Letah of Adventist Enrichment Retreat Program(seminars)/pioneer in Field Schools of Evangelism
Banks, Robert Richard "Dick" & E. Ruth Hobden
(Dick) Education Administrator, head of Science departments, psychology Professor at Loma Linda Univ., / missionaries to India / (Ruth) secretary at Andrews Univ., Administrative Assistant at Loma Linda University Medical Center
Banks, Robert Richard (Dick) & Ruth
Educator / Head of Sciences Departments at Oshawa Missionary College, Spicer College, & Andrews University Prep School / Professor of Psychology at LLU / Missionaries to India
Banta, Aaron & Sabrina Haddad also daughter Gabriella Grace Haddad
see also Infant Heart Transplants at LLUMC
Banta, Jeralyn & David
LLA Elementary School Teacher
Barber, Ora M.
nurse;physician;on-staff faculty Loma Linda (CME) & White Memorial Hospital
Barclay, William Lindsay & Nora
pastor;author;poet;teacher;colporteur;member of 1st class NEWSTART at Weimar College
Barger, R. Curtis & Mary
minister; General Conference Sabbath School Department Assoc. Secretary;conference positions
Barnard, James F. & (1)Nevam Strong -died 1970 (2)Frances L. Brown
CME Medical School Grad. / see also Barnard Endowment LLU Library Heritage Room/(Frances)Music teacher;missionary to Africa
Barnard, Leonard (Len) H. & Mavis
pastor; author; pilot; missionary to New Guinea
Barnard, Marion C. & Cleo
(See also LLU Library Missions Endowment Fund)
Barnard, Stuart S. &
bookkeeper-Accountant, colporteur, manager of International Health Food Association
Barnes, Roger William & Oca Davis
Executive,Author,Scientist,Surgeon,teacher, CME/LLU Faculty,Department Head
Barnett, Doyle & Paulene
missionaries to China & Far East; Conference & Division positions;(paulene) "Mrs. Lambshelter"(coordinator for building of Sabbath School "shelters" for children to have meetings in)
Baron, Will
Author/former New Age Priest/ Book in Heritage collection-"Deceived by the New Age"
Barr, Clarence Hannah & Sarah Ella Stowell
worked at Pacific Press; farmer; hotel manager / (Sarah) school teacher
Barr, David Cecil & Marjorie Betzer
(Cecil)teacher;guidence counselor/(Marjorie)Educational Office worker
Barron, Henry A. & Pansy Strickland
evangelist; musician(Barron Brothers); author; editor; youth ministries
Barron, Richard (Dick) Clinton & Jeanne Bickett
evangelist(Crusade for Christ)/miraculous healing story/ musician (Barron Brothers)/buried in Riverside Crestlawn cemetary
Bartlett, William Thomas &
Business manager/ editor/ pioneer missionary / Conference President / teacher / field secretary for division
Bascom, Raymond Eugene &
teacher;conference positions; Bascom Cabinet Works or Bascom Church Furniture Factory(ASI)
Bassham, Nancy &
Author;Women's Ministries Director Far Eastern Division
Batchelor, Doug
pastor;evangelist; author; Director of Amazing Facts
Bates, Floyd & Lavana B.
medical missionaries to China & Guyana's Davis Hospital
Faculty LLU School of Dentistry 40+ years; inventor; author; founder of Dental School at Montemorelos, Mexico; See Also International Dental Program - LLU School of Dentistry
Bauman, Herman & Janice
minister; teacher; missionaries;President of Arizona & Montana Conferences
Bautista, Eliseo M. & Esther
member of Pacific Union Conference Executive Committee; staff member(MD) at White Memorial Medical Center;organized Brown Brothers USA musical group
Baybrook, Garwood and Eleanor
See also Leaves of Autumn Books,Inc. DF # 4150.24
Baylink, David
LLU Professor / established Center at LLU School of Medicine for the Study & Treatment of Osteoprosis/newsmaker
Bazliel, Yvonne Stockhausen & Gulraiz
medical missionary to Burma, Pakistan,& India; editor; author
Beach, Bert B. & Eliana Palange
Adventist Statesman;Director of the General Confernce Department of Public Affairs & Religious Liberty (PARL);fluency in five languages;Author;special observer for SDA Church at World Council of Churches
Beach, Perry W. & Marilyn
Professor of Music at La Sierra College(University)
Beach, Walter Raymond & Gladys Iola Corley
General Conference Vice-President/General Conference Secretary/minister; missionary; author; Division & Conference positions
Beachy, John & (Irene) Renee & family
former Mennonites, newsmakers, example of simple lifestyle & homeschooling
Beakley, Blanche Noble (1) Ben Nicola (2) Lee R. Beakley
physician; teacher at Madison College for 12 years; CME School of Medicine Grad. 1924
Beardsley, Lisa M. Sand &
Executive Vice-President of LLU(2000+)/Vice-President for Academic Affairs