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Hadley, Gilbert Gordon & (Alphie) Alice Ruth Wagner
[see also Dean School of Medicine -LLU]/ Afghanistan - Kabul Medical School association & assistance / GC Health department position
Finch, Delwin & Doreen Rosemarie Dalley
Youth pastor; Author
Hall, Stephen Anthony
Youth pastor/teacher/file includes photo
Skinner, Lawrence Arthur & Nola Wallack
Youth Ministry- Missionary Volunteers Department - GC & conference postions /Pathfinders Pioneer/author/ Heritage Room Volunteer (Church History Project)
MacGuire, Meade & Minnie Evans
youth leader, worked at RH Pub.;Conference positions; helped establish General Conference Youth Department -1907;GC Field Secretary for Missionary Department; General Conference Ministerial Association position/ (Minnie) sister of I. H. Evans
Stevens, Daniel N. & Mary Lou Allen
youngest Judge of State of California Superior Court (1950)/SDA newsmaker
Ho, Stanley E. & Ruth Kwai
x-ray technician / RN / photographer - White Memorial Hospital
Emori, Susumu and Sumi Aso (children - Helen, Grace, Walter, David)
WWII SDA Interned Japanese-American family/Emori Endowment Fund-LLU-School of Nursing/(Helen)Dean School of Nursing LLU
Howard, Frank, IV
writer;physician;teacher;LLU faculty
Whitman, Sanford T. & Bernice
writer/SDA layperson/local church offices
Waller, John & Elaine
writer/faculty Andrews University/ General Conference Committee member for Education Department
Warren, Michael
Writer, photographer
Block, Harlon H.
World War II SDA soldier(not medic) who helped to raise 2nd flag on Iwo Jima-(statue in Washington D.C.)- have book - Flags of Our Fathers - that mentions him and the others in Heritage collection (D 767.99 I9 B73 2000)
Thompson, G. Ralph
World Secretary of the SDA General Conference (2nd Highest position)
Lockwood, Wilton Asa (1878-1955) & (1) Emma Nelson (d.1903) (2) Pearl Platt (d. 1947) (3) Elsie Harding (m. 1951)
worked in SDA publishing houses -RH & PPPA/ lighographer/ union gangsters shot him in Oakland, he survived & went back to work / helped to print first edition of Desire of Ages
Davis, Nathaniel (Nattie) A. &
worked for the Bible Echo Pub. Co in Australia; revealed as a spiritualistic medium to EGW in vision; correspondance with EGW; had an exorcism experience with A. G. Daniells & became a changed man; colporteur
Swan, Lucian & Maybelle Elliott
worked for Review & Herald Pub.in Battle Creek until fire; est. the Luddington, Mi Church; reported to have built the Organ on display in Reading Room from the Montery, MI Church /file includes Swan family Tree charts & other info.
Simshauser, Harry G. & Lucille Gladys
worked for PPPA 1915-1966 inmany positions including Superintendent of the Press; see also WDF for parents
Lockwood, Herbert Clinton (1870-1939) & Jessie Kencig
worked at the Review & Herald Pub. Assoc. in Battle Creek & Takoma Park, MD / graduated from Battle Creek College / died suddenly in the basement of the Takoma Park church
Barr, Clarence Hannah & Sarah Ella Stowell
worked at Pacific Press; farmer; hotel manager / (Sarah) school teacher
Frisbie, William E. & Francis
worked as a printer for Review & Herald Pub. & Pacific Press Pub. Asssoc. / local church elder in Oakland, CA / son of J. B. Frisbie
Vreeland, Mabel Alice
Woman minister (SDA) & Conference Bible worker 1924-1960
Farnswoth, William & (1) Sarah (Sally) Mead (2) Cynthia Jane Stowell
William is regarded as First Seventh-day Adventist; member of Washington, NH church; father of 22 children (each wife had 11)
Herwick, Oscar W. & Wife
went to Alaska in 1919 to do church work/pastor/evangelist/helped to establish & build the church in Ketchikan, Alaska
Havstad, Lawrence C. & (1) Lucile Bowen (2)Helen Watts
Washington State contractor who built most of the buildings on the Loma Linda Campus/ also White Memorial Hospital & other SDA hospitals & buildings
Sorensen, Clifford &
Walla Walla College: graduate,Alumni of the year 1998,teacher & President. NAD Board of Higher Eduation Secretary;1997 given Medallion of Distinction by SDA Church(highest award for SDA eduators);President- Atlantic Union College & Columbia Union College
Pullen, Edwin L. & Donna
VOP recording engineer;for 30 years was primary contact by radio in the US for the island of Pitcairn;Director of Audio Services for Adventist Media Center
Richards, Harold Marshall Sylvester Jr. and Mary
Voice of Prophecy Speaker/ Director/author/son of HMS Richards,SR.
Kositsin, Boris & Helen
Voice of Prophecy Speaker for Russian broadcast/pastor for Glendale,CA Russian SDA Church
Richards, Harold Marshall Sylvester Sr. & Mabel Eastman
Voice of Prophecy Founder / Speaker - SDA Author / Evangelist / (Mabel) see separate folder for additional information, teacher
Giem, Nathan and Sister Elizabeth
Tuttle, Grant and Eva
Violin Maker
Shull, John C. & Elsie
Vice-President,Treasurer, & Business Manager of Loma Linda Corporation/Administrator/missionary to China
Wilson, Nathaniel C. & Hannah
Vice-President of the General Conference/President of several Divisions,Unions, & Conferences/pastor/father of Neal C.
Campbell, Maynard Vernon & Vera L. Howard
Vice-President of the General Conference/President of several conferences,unions, divisions.
Carcich, Theodore & Louise Schneider
Vice-President of the General Conference/Conference President for Washington; Illinois; & Southern New England/ minister
Dickson, Louis Klaer & Ysabel Eunice Morton
Vice-President of the General Conference /President of several conferences/pastor/evangelist/colporteur
Ochs, William Benjamin & Ethel Rogers
Vice-president of the General Conference & NAD/pastor-evangelist/conference positions/educator-administrator/author
Bietz, Reinhold R. & (1) Martha Reiswig (2) Vivienne Craig (3) Pee Zee Abernathy
Vice-President of General Conference/President of Pacific Union Conference & other conferences/minister/member of Boards of Trustees for several institutions
Blix, Glen G. & Arlene
Vice-President LLU/Dean School of Public Health -LLU/Vice President Loma Linda Foods Company/Nutrition specialist/Alumnus of the Year School of Public Health 2002/President of School of Public Health Alumni Association 1990/91
Teele, Tracy Ralph & Marilyn C. Manuel
Vice-President for Student Affairs(1970)LLU- La Sierra campus; Dean of Students/(Marilyn)teacher English Department
Wines, Edward Clifton & Moneta Mary Caviness
Vice-President for Public Relations & Development LLU/conference positions/educator-administrator/missionaries
Cheatham, Augustus (Gus) & Ida
Vice-president for Public Affairs/Marketing LLU
Radcliffe, Robert John & Gladys McKendry
Vice-President for Foundation Affairs LLU/General Conference Auditor 1965-1969/Conference positions/minister/educator
Pollard, Leslie N. & Prudence La Beach
Vice-President for Diversity - Office for Diversity LLU/Special Assistant to the President of LLU /author / 2011+ President of Oakwood University
Martell, J. Lynn & Karen Weber
Vice-President for Advancement LLU; LLUMC; LLUAHSC (1999+)/President Hawaii Conference(1993-99)/pastor/teacher/evangelist/ministerial & administrative postions at conference level/Church Ministries Director -North American Division
Thompson, Helen Louise Ward Evans
Vice-president for Academic Administration LLU/educator-taught at La Sierra College/Dean Southwestern University/Director of Alumni Affairs at Walla Walla College/author
Cleveland, Robert Eugene & Shirley Mae Massee
Vice President of Loma Linda University / Cleveland Reading Room in Library named in his honor
Powers, Clarence L. & Sylvia
Vice President of General Conference / President of Inter-American Division / minister
Prior, Donald G.
Vice President for Advancement - LLU