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Herin, Mazie Alice
Associate Secretary of Medical Department of General Conference/ RN/ Nursing Instructor & Director of Nurses at several hospitals & colleges
Smith, Clark & Frances Klooster
Associate Secretary of MV Department of General Conference/Director of National Service Organization of General Conference/minister/educator/conference positions
Scully, James Vern & Mildred I. McCulloch
Associate Secretary of Temperance Department General Conference/pastor/conference positions
Millard, Francis Rhodes & Fern H. Wyant
Associate Secretary of the General Conference/ Educator-Administrator/President of the Japan Union Mission/minister
Tarr, Albert Floyd & Edna May
Associate Secretary of the General Conference/conference & Division positions/minister/missionaries to Africa/file includes Tarr family information
Elliot, Henry Thomas & Louise Surface
Associate Secretary of the General Conference/conference positions/teacher/pastor
Woodfork, Robert L. & Norma Jean Bedney
Associate Secretary of the General Conference/General Field Secretary of the GC/President of the South Atlantic Conference/educator/pastor
Harris, William J. & Amelia Eitel
Associate Secretary of the Sabbath School Department of the General Conference/missionaries/author/editor/lecturer/conference positions
Wagner, Berle Edward & Jessie Snider
Associate Secretary Publishing Department General Conference/minister/conference positions/author/file includes picture
McAdams, Daniel A. & Ruth Marie
Associate Secretary-Director of Publishing Department of General Conference/minister/conference positions
Olsen, David Livingston & Marguerite
Associate speaker & announcer for Voice of Prophecy/pastor-evangelist/conference positions
Walde, Elmer Raymond & Esther Klasen
Associate Speaker Voice of Prophecy-also music Director/ President of North Pacific Union Conference & Central California Conference/ Secretary of Radio-TV Department of the General Conference/pastor/soloist for the Quiet Hour in Oregon.
Wessels, Johannus Jocobus (John James) & Ruby Electra Anthony
Associated with beginnings of SDA church in South Africa; est. first sanitarium, college & orphanage (8yrs); helped est. first San in Australia (2yrs);manager of Paradise Valley San, Glendale San, & St. Helena San at various times (1902+)
Haas, Harry & Lois Cummings
Asst. Book & Bible House Manager (Kansas City, MO.) / Conference Treasurer for Central Union (Mid-America Conf.)1976-1981/ WWII Vet (medic) -received the Purple Heart / graduate of Union College 1948
Kasischke, Fred and Diane Rayspes
Asst. Dean-School of Denistry 1998+
Litten, Lowell & Dixie
Asst. Director of Youth Department of the General Conference 1961+/MV Department/teacher/ writer & editor/file includes photo
Saxby, Gayle
Asst. Professor of Religion,LLU Faculty of Religion;English teacher Loma Linda Academy(1988-1990);member of Southeastern California Conference Gender Inclusiveness Commission
Jacobson, John & Judy
Asst. Professor Surgery & Pediatrics LLU/worked with LL International Heart Team/file includes photos
Moore, Charles
Asst. Publishing Secretary Lake Region Conference
Curtis, Gaylord Herman & (1)Rosa Blanch Sutton (2)Nettie B. & (1)_Milburn (2) G. Curtis
Atten. BC College;emplyed at BC San & SPA;Bus. Man. Kansa San, White Memorial, LL San & Hosp.; Asst. Comptroller CME (1931-51)/file contains info regarding LL San scrapbook he created (in Vault) & photo of Ellen White
Wright, Sherman E. & Clara Hayes
attend BC College;colporteur;inventor;tent builder;Conference Admin:1st Pres. MI conf;Pres. Of Southern Union, Central Union, & Indiana Conf.;helped est. Southern Missionary College(SAU)
Evans, Newton Gurdon & Cora M. Deming
attended AMMC - Faculty AMMC; President of CME -12 years- 1914-1927; physician & surgeon; educator; Faculty CME
Bralliar, Floyd Burton & Mertie Winifred Boynton
attended Battle Creek College/educator administrator /author/biologist/agriculturalist/on staff at Madison College from 1912-1951
Moore, Isiah Eldora &
attended Battle Creek College; nurse; early medical missionaries to Cuba (self-supporting) 1904 -
Yale, William (Will) Warner & Teressa Carpenter
attended BC College;businessman;worked for a Safe & Lock company
Plata, Ernest J. & Cecilia Kinder
attended Madison College,TN/faculty member of Chemistry Dept. Andrews University 1958+/researcher/author/educator/owns company for Biotechnology consulting firm/speaker for 2004 Graduate School commencement LLU
Howe, Muriel
attended Nursing School in Shanghai, China / missionary nurse in China & Africa / worked at hospital in Taiwan / President of Nurses Association of Loma Linda Univ.
Reinach, Allen J.
attorney/conversion story/Director of Public Affairs & Religious Liberty for Pacific Union Conference/speaker
Theron, Rassie and Melanie Huebsch
attorney/pilot/conversion story/overcoming handicaps
Mitchell, Graham &
Australian Accountant/1st SDA to win Gold metal at the Third International Bible Contest in Jerusalem -1964/"Bible Olympiad"/ newsmaker / file includes photos
Dymock, Stanley Menzies & Audrey
Australian layperson/literature evangelist/florist/ Bio book in Heritage Collection
Knight,Oliver W. & Blanche Strange
Australian pastor -evangelist/started several churches/RN/ twin
Knight, Myrtle Olive & Arthur
Australian SDA Author of Children's stories & articles
Hackwell, John
Australian SDA Author;Illustrator - includes his book about experiences in Antartica
Perry, Carrol Ernest & (1) Millicent Porter (2) Louise Daily
Wilcox, Grover & Charby
author (book in Her. Coll.); newsmaker; see also DF# 3650.22 - Wegner's Granulomatosis / child abuse victim
Nieman, David C.
author -books in Heritage Col./ LLU School of Health -religion & health -Adventist Healthstyle
Casebeer, Fern Row
Author -books in Heritage Collection
Author -have book in Heritage Collection
Chaij, Fernando & Sara R.
Author / Editors - mostly Spanish language materials / Publishing work / books in Heritage Collection / both died in auto accident
Dillon, Sally
Author / Educator
Westphal, Leonard & (1) Marice (2) Rita
Author / Minister / Translator/ VOP Trust Services Dept. / 3ABN Trust Services & Stewardship Dept. / Bio Book "You Will Not Kill My Son"
Edwards, Josephine Cunnington & Lowell A.
Author / Missionaries / parents of Robert (Bob) Edwards & Charles
Dysinger, P. William & Yvonne
Author / Physician / Assoc. Dean - LLU School of Public Health / Professor of Preventive Medicine for LLU School of Medicine / Host of Health TV Program (2006)
Younker, Randall W. & April
Author / Teacher / Director of the Institute of Archaeology at Andrews University / Director of the Madaba Plains Project (see SDA DF & Cataloged materials regarding in Heritage collection)
Northey, Neil Wayne & Helen R.
Author / wrote Old Homestead Series (nature stories) - have in Heritage collection / file includes parents / owned home in Loma Linda 1930's
Zytkoskee, Gordon & Evelyn
author /missionaries
Norwood, William Frederick & Ruth Olive Irvine & son-Thomas F.
Author /See DF # - Norwood lectures series: CME/LLU Faculty - Administrative Dean / Vice President
Vernon, Louise A.
Author collected by Heritage Room
Kloss, Jethro & (1)Carrie Stilson(2)Amy Ponwith
author of "Back to Eden" -book in Heritage collection/Public lecturer/Scientific Food & Benevolent Assoc./file includes correspondance/minister