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Robinson, William Webster (1864-1917) & (1) Heiga Steen (2) Inez Weed
artist; employed at Review & Herald Pub., Battle Creek; made sketch of RH fire Dec. 30, 1902 which was used in several publications; file contains information about other family members, including son Karl.
Thomas, Charles Samuel & Virginia Mae
Asistant Professor of Public Health LLU/Physical Therapy Instructor/Administrator of Desert Springs Therapy Center
Taylor, George Mosser & (1)Esther Lois Brown (2) Bernice B. Dixon
Asociate Dean CME(LA -White campus)/physician-grad CME 1924/Professor of Orthopedic Surgery CME/author/instituted contest to design CME School Seal
Neufeld, Alonzo J.
Asociate Professor of Orthopedics CME School of Medicine
Nelson, Else Louise
Asociate Secretary Department of Education for Pacific Union Conference/teacher/file includes photo
Johnson, Duane S. & Shirley Canin
Asociate Secretary General Conference/missionaries/teacher/education administrator/conference positions
Frame, Robert R. & Peggie Jean Watson
Asociate Secretary General Conference/several conference & Division positions/missionary
Guenther, Carl E. & Marion J. Wildberg
Asociate Secretary Home Missionary Department of the General Conference/pastor/conference positions
Nelson, Joseph Richmond & Ruth Kipp
Asociate Secretary MV Department General Conference/minister/evangelist/teacher/Director of War Service Commission
Nelson, Lawrence Martin Jr. & Geraldine
Asociate Secretary MV Department of General Conference/pastor-evangelist/conference positions
Hunter, Donald W. & Mary Katherine Neaeus
Asociate Secretary of the General Conference/President of several Unions & conferences/pastor/chaplain/missionary/singing evangelist
Higgins, William A. & Garnette Lucille Ridenour
Asociate Secretary Publishing Department of the General Conference/literature evangelist/conference positions/minister/Director of African Publishing Work (1947-1950)
Johnson, Roy W.
Assistant Clinical Professor of Radiology at Loma Linda University
Woodin, John & Beulah Krivoshein
Assistant Controller for Southern California Conference/several conference positions/missionary
Peterson, John Eric, Sr. (Jack) & Lodene C. Pruett
Assistant Dean LLU School of Medicine /Loma Linda Universtiy Alumnus of the year-1997
Pride, L. Frances
Assistant Dean LLU School of Nursing/Director -Graduate Division Program on Nursing/Professor at LLU/author
Walden, Richard Trussell & Toini A.
Assistant Dean School of Public Health/Professor & Co-Chair Department of Preventive Medicine & Public Health/physician-grad CME1952/veterinarian/author
Borg, Martha Elizabeth
Assistant Director at Loma Linda School of Nursing;Director of Nursing Services at White Memorial Hospital & Director of White Memorial School of Nursing
Johnson, Mildred
Assistant Director of Youth Activities Department of General Conference/Leadercraft Training Course
Sanderson, Arthur E. & Gertrude Lincoln
Assistant Home Missionary Secretary of General Conference /conference positions
Brailsford, Joseph Douglas & Margaret Mary John (Rita)
Assistant Professor Medical Tech. LLU School of Allied Health Professions;educator; inventor;missionary
Stevens, Harold Glenn & Jocelyn( Echo) Cossentine
Assistant Professor of Medicine at LLU/physician-grad CME1945
Middleton, Jeanne
Assistant Professor of Physicial Therapy & Instructor of Anatomy at LLU over 25 years/Nurse
Vandermark, Maybelle Elizabeth
Assistant Secretary of Home Missionary Department & Associate Director of Health & Welfare Services -General Conference/educator/conference positions
Meyer, Kathleen Louise
Assistant Secretary of Sabbath School Department of General Conference/file includes picture
Wickman, Paul and Evelyn
Assistant Secretary Religious Liberty Association General Conference/ Department Secretary for Radio Department -General Conference/educator/evangelist/missionary/businessman/endowment at La Sierra University
Stannard, Lester C. & Barbara Doris Lynes
Assistant to Administrator LLU/educator administrator/conference positions/minister
Johnston, George E. &
Assistant Vice-President LLUAHSC (2003+)/Executive Director of Administration of LLUMC 1990-2003/Professor; Adminstrative & Academic positions-Sch.of Public Health/community fire fighter 22 years/Sch.of Pub. Health Award for Distinguished Service 2003
Reeves, John M. & Heather Jean Sprengal
Assistant Vice-president LLUMC/Dean of Students LLU/pastor/teacher/author
Berk, Lee S.
Associate Director for Neuroimmunology at Loma Linda University/Researcher in Laughter influence on disease / illness
Reisig, Alex J.
Associate Director of Development LLU/conference positions/minister
Ferreira, Teofila V. &
Associate Director of EGW Estate, Silver Springs, MD; author / father was former Catholic Priest (conversion story)
Tutsch, Cidy Grams &
Associate Director of Ellen G. White Estate; pastor; teacher; author; conference positions / (husband) teacher
Hunt, Joseph Norman & Bonnie Grogan
Associate Director of the Publishing Department -General Conference/missionary/literature evangelist/Publishing Director for several Unions & Divisions
Widmer, Myron K. & Karen Sincavage
Associate Editor of "Review & Herald"/author & editor/educator/minister
Griffiths, Victor S. & Barbara
Associate Education Director - GC;minister;educator; Faculty LLU;Dean LLU Graduate School;Editor of the Journal of Adventist Education.
Whitsett, Robert M.
Associate Ministerial Secretary General Conference/conference positions/teacher/pastor-evangelist
Hempe, Margaret(Peg) & Carl
Associate pastor at Loma Linda University Church;works with Seniors organizations;see also Women's ordination DF
Smith, Scott & Andrea Bassham
Associate Pastor for Youth & Junior High at Loma Linda University SDA Church
Thomsen, Calvin &
Associate Pastor of Loma Linda University SDA Church;teacher
Brunie, Leonard John and (1) Yolanda Southerland (2) Lillian Knorr Marsh
Associate Professor of Medicine CME / Graduate CME School of Medicine 1927
Lee, Robert Lavern & Arlene
Associate Professor of Restorative Dentistry LLU;Charter member of Azure Hills SDA Church;founder of Panadent Manufacturing Company;School of Dentistry Robert L. Lee Memorial Scholarship
Fandrich, Bryan L.
Associate Professor of Surgery at Loma Linda University Medical Center
Reeder, Marvin Howard & Daphene Swarts
Associate Secretary Bureau of Public Relations -GC/conference positions/mission service
Smith, Paul G. & Jeanne
Associate Secretary Department of Church Ministries General Conference/pastor-evangelist/conference positions/author
Smith, Walter Irvine & Mary Livingston
Associate Secretary Department of Education-General Conferece/Academic Dean at Emmanuel Missionary College/President of Pacific Union College & Newbold College/ President & Faculty member at Walla Walla College
Howe, Walter A. & R. Earline Taylor
Associate Secretary Education Department General Conference/pastor/education administrator/singing evangelist/conference positions
Minchin, Edwin Lennard & Ruth Elsie May Pocock
Associate Secretary for Missionary Volunteer Department General Conference/minister/conference positions/Organized Youth Congresses & Crusades
Roth, Don A. & Doris
Associate Secretary of General Conference 1975-1990/conference & Division positions/editor/missionaries/author/General Conferece Representative for LLU/(Doris)teacher & secretary
Hegstad, Roland Rex & Stella
Associate Secretary of International Religious Liberty Association/Editor of "Liberty" magazine/minister/book editor for Southern Pub. Assoc.