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Harrison, T. Milford & Cheryl
3 term councilman for city of Loma Linda / Mayor of Loma Linda 1990-1992 / chair of Lona Linda redevelopment agency 1980's / economic development director for Loma Linda 1990's / Executive Director of San Bernardino International Airport 2000+
Jenks, Harold Adamson and Jean
37 years teacher & principal at elementary & secondary levels/Voice of Prophecy supervisor of Reader's Service Department for 7 years
Doggette, James R. Sr. & LaShunn Lee
3rd generation pastor/Professor of Religion & Theology at Oakwood College
Anderson, John P. & (1) Ethel (2)--(3)Rachel
50 years mission service to China; WWII internee of the Japanese
Hare, Metcalfe & Maria Dixon
6th son of Joseph & Maggie Hare; helped to establish Avondale College, helped manufacture Health Foods; worked at the Tennessee San, Washington DC San, Loma Linda San.
Atopare, Silas
7th Governor general of Papua New Guinea(1997)
Wadsworth, Leon & Amanda Berglund
90+ years SDA Church member;literature evangelist;teacher;worked at Walla Walla Hospital
Petersen, Walter Andrew & Ruth Diener
ABC Manager over 41 years; file includes parents Elder & Mrs. Fred F. Petersen
Moon, E. Allan & Bettina Bland
ABC manager;missionaries & conference positions in the Philippines(Bettina 1st head nurse at Manila San.);teachers;both worked for Southern Pub. Assoc.;missionaries to Africa-VOP &Conference positions.
Coon, Glenn Adelbert, Sr. & Ethel Numbers
ABC Prayer Crusades
Christian, Hervey Ward & Gretchan Rueff
ABC store manager /missionaries to China / pastor / worked at Glendale and Loma Linda Sanitariums
Knittel, Frank Alvin & Helen Dean
Academic Dean at Southern Missionary College (now University)/Vice-President at Andrews University/teacher /pastor
Jensen, Russel and Marjorie
Academy Business Manager for 41 years/conference treasurer/Union under-Treasuer
Chan, Lawrence Lim-Shang & Dolores
Accountant for the General Conference
Aude,Diavola & Fred
Active in community Services Program at Chippewa Falls,WI SDA Church
Christensen, Bjarne(BJ) & Judi
Administrative Assistant to President of North American Division (1997-2000) /Pastor/ Conference positions/ Present of Illinois & Southern California Conferences
Compton, Arlene Nelson Roland & (1)Philip Roland (2)Robert Compton
Administrative Nursing Positions; Mid America Coordinator for Association of SDA Nurses (ASDAN)
Olson, Joaline &
administrator at St.Helena Hospital/co-founder of Napa Valley AIDS Project/2002 Association of Adventist Women Community Life Award
Pelton, Raymond L. & Virginia Carter
Administrator White Memorial Hospital 1960-1962/other hospital administration positions
Evans, irwin Henry & (1) Emma Ferry (2) Adelaide Bee Cooper
Administrator, General Conference Vice President, author, teacher, President of Far Eastern Division (1920's); Conference positions; / Boxed collection in Special Collection Archives / daughter Jessie donated his grandfather clock in Reading Room
Schneider, Wilbert Marion & Ardith Maxine Chase
administrator-educator/conference positions/missionaries/file includes photo
Shuler, John Lewis & Bernice R. Chaney
Administrator/author/President of several Conferences/evangelist/Professor at SDA Theological Seminary/books in Heritage Collection
Willey, Thomas O. & Mary M.
Knox, Walter Tingley & Barbara Bell Childs
administrator; General Conference Treasurer; President of several conferences; Chair of Board of Trustees for CME; member of PPPA Board of Directors
Ochs, Peter & Melrose Sauer
Adminstrator of Walla Walla San & Hospital for 16 years/conference positions
Nielsen, Bent Moeller
ADRA Director killed in service
Watts, Ralph Shore Jr. & Patricia Ortner
ADRA President (1985-2002) / GC Secretary / President of Conferences / Southern California Conference President (1981-1985)
Wendell (Wendall), Jonas
Advent Christian minister;author; influenced Charles T. Russell who later founded the Jeh. Witnesses
Butler, William (Bill) Albert,Jr. & Barbara Jane
Adventist Book Center manager (Bill) / Nurse (Barbara)
McDow, Arthur P. & Eldena
Adventist Book Center manager/conference positions/file includes pictures
Paddock, Charles Leonard,Sr. & Martha Summers
Adventist Book Center manager/general manager-editor of Canadian Watchman Press/book department manager for Southern Publishing Association & PPPA/author/ Dr. David Paulson's secretary (early life-youth)
Lewis, Charles Clarke & (1) Elizabeth Ann Wiley (2) Myrta Kellogg
Adventist educator; President of several colleges; organized Fireside Correspondence School (Home Study Insitute - Griggs University)
Benedict, Terry L.
Adventist filmmaker , writer, producer, director / made the documentary of Desmond T. Doss
Hass, Joel W.
Adventist Health Systems North -Vice President/Associate Manager Review & Herald Pub. Assoc./Loma Linda Foods & Worthington Foods employee
Paddock, Charles Leonard, Jr. & Ilene
Adventist publishing work/ General Manager of Southern Publishing Association
Beach, Bert B. & Eliana Palange
Adventist Statesman;Director of the General Confernce Department of Public Affairs & Religious Liberty (PARL);fluency in five languages;Author;special observer for SDA Church at World Council of Churches
Sundin, Laura Carlson
Adventist Woman of the Year for Community Service 1997/"Mother for Vietnamese Adventists"(refugees)
McDowell, Alvin Lee & Julia Ethel Bryan
Adventist World Radio field representative (volunteer); electronic engineer (NASA); in Navy at Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941 / conversion story
Edwards, W. Don & Judith Brennen
African American Coordinator for Arizona Conference;pastor; Education Administrator;teacher
Muderspach, Frithjof and wife
African Missionaries
Daugherty, Frank Johnson & Ila
Alaska Mission Pioneers/Holbrook Indian School
Dagoberg, Albin Walter & Rilla Mae Hamlin
Albin - CME Alumni -1932, local church elder / Rilla - RN, graduated from White Memorial Hospital(CME) / file includes artifacts
Allen, Derek A.
Allen Stethoscope Inventor / LLU Student
Wolfkill, Guy Fontelle & Lydia Kime
Andrews University President (EMC) 1925-1930 /educator/administrator/tax assessor
Nicola, Quint & Norene
Appointed Associate Director of Health Ministries Department of the General Conference(2002)/missionary Dentist to Pakistan & Monument Valley
Horn, Siegfried H. & (1)Jeanne(2)Jeanne W. Hillegonda (3) Betty Leppers
Archaeologist/Dean SDA Seminary/Biblical Scholar/Education Administrator/founded Archaeology Museum -Andrews Univ./author/Interned WWII/minister/ books in Heritage Collection
Baerg, Harry J. & Ida May
Artist & illustrator
Collins, Alan
Artist(Sculptor)/ Good Samaritan Statue at LLU
Qualley, Arlys Walter (1) Elden Walter (2) Quentin Qualley
artist/author/Director of Bible Correspondence School at Voice of Prophecy
Mossberger, Joseph Isaiah & Ruth
artist/physician-grad CME 1939/illustrator/musician -composed School of Medicine Song -"Alma Mater"