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Howlett, Roland H. & (1)-- (2) Doris Ann Smith (3) Soletha Miriam Smith (4) Florence Ione Nagel Winton Longway Fisher
(Roland) missionary; President of Antillian College 1967-1974; 2 daughters by 1st wife /(Doris)teacher; secretarial positions in conferences / Florence & Roland - Wenigar Award for Excellence (2001)
Grant, Ronald and Mary Constance Worsley
(Ron)physician/missionaries to Africa/(Mary)RN/helped with cookbook-"Apple A Day"/President LLU Woman's Auxillary
Hirschmann, Rudolf Fritz & (1) Maria Anne Appelt (Hansi) (2) Barbara Jean (1)Munson
(Rudolf) Publishing Director at PPPA; Professor at La Sierra College (Maria) Author (Bio books in Heritage collection); teacher; Lecturer
Baker, Rufus & Roxanna C.; Baker, Irving Elsworth & Edna Moore; Baker, Judson Albert & Helen Upton
(Rufus) First Local Elder ordained in Wis. /(Irving) attended Battle Creek College, worked in Engraving Dept. of RH, worked at Battle Creek San,Colporteur / (Judson) attended Battle Creek College & Battle Creek San; Teacher;literature evangelist
Walton, Ruth Gordon & (1) James J. Short (2) Xenophon Pendleton (Jeff) Walton & (1)Alice Palmer
(Ruth) author -books in Special Collections / (james) physician; Director of Internal Medicine LLU;Medical Secretary Central California Conference /(X.P.) physician
Coulston, Ruth Darlington Cozens & Thomas Coulston
(Ruth) pioneer SDA schoolteacher in Australia; called by Ellen G. White to come to Avondale College ( EGW saw her in a vision) ; ardent church worker
Ford, Herbert Paul & Anita Alice Cavagnaro
(SDA Author)
Garber, Nellia Burman & Robert
(SDA Author)
Johnsen, Carsten
(SDA Author, teacher.)
Benton Sisters
(SDA musicians/cooking schools)
Hansen, Calvin
(SDA Runner-High Altitude Foot Racer)
Glanzer, Ben Theo
(SDA Singer, writer, see also Kings Herald's - VOP)
De Fluiter, Henry
(SDA Songwriter)
Conklin, Hugh W.
(SDA?- connected with Battle Creek Sanitarium in the 1920's)
Gentry, Bob & Pat
(see also -Creation's Tiny Mystery )
Hoyle, Jerry Donald & Lillian Hedberg
(see also -Wedgwood Trio)
Clark, Clair Burton & Erma Emiline Wallace
(see also C. B. Clark Collection DF # 3449.2A)
Bull, Brian S. & Maureen
(see also Dean - School of Medicine LLU)
Geraty, Lawrence Thomas
(see also La Sierra University - Presidents)
Barnard, Marion C. & Cleo
(See also LLU Library Missions Endowment Fund)
Brownsberger, Sidney (1845-1930) & Edith Donaldson
(Sidney) educator-administrator; First Principal of Battle Creek College & Healdsberg College; Secretary of the GC; minister; worked with self-dupporting schools in the Southern US / (Edith) had experience with Ellen White & Angels as a young person
Scott, Sidney & Fannie (Fanny) Hodnett
(Sidney) one of the first graduates of Oakwood College; minister; pastor of the San Bernardino SDA church; field evangelist for Southern & Southwestern Unions
Ritchey, Karen and Landon
(Song ministry for those who are grieving)-British Colombia Canada
Case, Steve & Deborah Pontynen
(Steve) President of Piece of the Pie Ministries; youth pastor; author / (Deb)Vice-President at Maranatha Volunteers International 1993-96
Merrill, Steven Smith & Flora Barker
(Steven) Secretary-Treasurer of CME 23 years / (Flora) member of second nurses graduating class CME
Jemison, Thomas Housel & Hedwig (Hedy) Nagele
(T. Housel) minister; Assistant to HMS Richards, SR.; author;educator;Asst. Dir. EGW Estate (1953);faculty Andrews Univ. 1960-62 / (Hedy)secretary; editor; White Estate employee & asst. to Arthur White; Asst. Dir Andrews Branch Office & Research center;
Martin, Terence K. & Bertha Jane Dower
(Terence) Pioneered religious art in the SDA Church / Art Director for Review and Herald Publishing for 48 years / Official General Conference photographer for 25 years/(Bertha) Past Dir. Prince Georges Clinic;staff Washington Miss. College(CUC)
Little, Thomas Alexander and Helen Foreman
(Thomas) LLU Graduate School Dean/ (Helen) Professor of English at La Sierra College
Reynolds, Thomas Gordon and Cordelia Margaret Price
(Thomas)physician-grad CME;helped to found LIGA/missionaries/ (Cordelia)nurse;LLU Board of Trustees member;Alumna of Year 1971
Poirier, Timothy L. & Merle
(Tim) /Vice-Director Ellen G. White Estate General Conference Office; author; editor; / (Merle) author; works at the General Conference
Pampaian (Pampayan), Vahan & Hasmig
(Vahan) physician-grad AMMC; volunteer at Voice of Prophecy after retirement / (Hasmig) practical nurse at Glendale Adventist Hosp./both medical missionaries to Russia & Turkey
Unger, Vando Elystine & (1) Agnes Howard (2) Verna Lucille Robson &(1)Harold Towsley
(Vando)Loma Linda Court Judge/(Verna)physician;missionary
Berzinski, Vivian Hobbs & Greg
(Vivian) SDA Lawyer, newsmaker, quadriplegic
Foreman, Walter Cyril, Sr. & Helen Harwood Rothwell
(Walter) conf. Positions; business manager Tri City San, IL & Iowa San, Nevada, Iowa; editor;singer; choir director; Atten. BC College / (Helen) conference office worker; Bible worker; colporteur; evangelistic assistant
Stilson, Walter Leslie & (1)Grace Beall Bramble (2)Lula Ann Camp & (1)Pulliam(2)Arthur Birchell (3)Stilson
(Walter)CME/LLU Faculty-Chair Department of Radiology LLU School of Medicine/see Stilson Radiology Library LLUMC/(Lula)educator & director of several bell choirs /file includes;Beman W.-genea. list/copy of journal/Carl B.& Elizabeth Zager & others
Johns, Warren H. & Loretta Beth King
(Warren) Pastor, Educator, Editor;Seminary Librarian at Andrews University; Library Employee at LLU; distance runner / (Loretta) Administrator positions
Kellogg, Will Keith & (1) Ella "Puss" Osborne Davis (2) Carrie Staines
(Will) broom salesman; brother of JH;business manager & bookkeeper for Battle Creek San; Founded Kellogg Food Company; philanthropist -Kellogg Foundation;"seventh son"of a "seventh son"/(Ella)mother of 5 children /(Carrie)physician -grad AMMC;staff BC San
Williams, Will Herbert & (1)Anna Keesling (2) Arabella James &(1)Ennis Valentine Moore (2)Will Herbert
(Will)Treasurer-business manager Oakwood college;conf. positions; GC Under-Treasurer-see DF#3900.17-story about "Day Banks Closed"/(Arabella)educator;missionary;GC position;newsmaker(waterskiing senior)/(Ennis)minister-evangelist;conf.positions/missionary
Schornstein, Willa Sandmeyer & Randy
(Willa) TV reporter in Los Angeles area/(Randy)Associate producer for It Is Written/Sabbath-keepers witnesses for SDA church
Morse, William Merry & Cora Ferris
(William) drowns in lake as young adult / (Cora) takes Nurse's Course at Battle Creek San; teacher
Grainger, William Calhourn & Elizabeth Jane Work & (1)Grainger (2) George Ide Butler
(William) educator. First Missionary to Japan (died & is buried there), President of Healdsburg College (later PUC)
Green, William Hawkins & Jessie Catherine Dorsey
(William) lawyer; pastor;1st Secretary of the GC North American Negro Dept. (1918-1928) / (Jessie) teacher; cofounder of Voorhees Industrial School, Denmark,SC -see DF#4531
Kennedy, Warren Walter & Wilma Ruth Robinson
(Wilma) nurse; CME class 1930; missionary/ (Walter)educator;printing work
Graf, Otto julius (1879-1950) & (1)Roberta Andrews (2) Catherine Nichel
)Otto)teacher; conf.positions;President of.EMC (1908-1917)/(Roberta)teacher at Union College;faculty member EMC;Principal at Loma Linda Academy (1922-26);Assoc. Preceptress Nurses (Womens)Dorm CME (1931-38); buried in Redlands Hillside Cemetery
Stahl, Ferdinand (Fernando) Anthony & Anna Christina Carlson
1909 Pioneer Missionaries to Bolivia, Peru, Equador, & Amazon region of South America / operated a small clinic in Cleveland, Ohio in 1892
Seaman, Fred & Iris
1928 Olympic Team Gold Metalist -Member of India Hockey Team; member of Sligo SDA Church
Collins, Norma J.
1st female to be Ellen G. White Estate Vice-Director / author / editor
Temple, Ruth Janetta & Otis Banks
1st. Black woman doctor(SDA) in Los Angeles/grad
McClure, Alfred Clinton, Sr. & Mary Frances Taylor
2nd North American Division President (1990-2000)/conference positions/file includes photos
Hare, Edward & Elizabeth (Lizzie)
2nd son of Joseph & Maggie Hare; herbalist; phrenologist; massuer; first SDA convert in New Zealand; SDA colporteur; temperance worker