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Shavlik, Jerry and Lovina Bickendahl
(Jerry)educator/(Lovina)nurse/health educators -missionaries to Ethiopia
Nix, James (Jim) R. & (1)--(2) Mindi Jolene Skeels
(Jim) Director of Ellen G. White Estate (1993- ); Director EGW Branch Office Loma Linda (1985-1993); minister, librarian, Adventist historian, Co-founder & former President of Adventist Heritage Ministries, author, editor, / (Mindi) teacher
Wagner, John & Lilya
(John) Education Administrator;President of Southern College(Lilya)Teacher;professor;author(books in Heritage col.);Assoc. Director of Public Relations Adventist Health Systems Sunbelt(1983)
Pinkerton, John & Sharon
(John) teacher;newsmaker (tire house);Senate candidate/(Sharon)LLUMC employee
Sutherland, Joseph & Mary Rankin
(Joseph) Business manager Union College /(Mary) active in Gospel work & raised up churches; helped establish Union College / Children - E.A. Sutherland, Walter Sutherland; Mrs. George A. Droll & Mrs. R.W. Yeoman
Rousseau, L. Joseph & Emma Louise Eshelman & (1)Nelson John Saxon (2) Rousseau
(Joseph) pastor; educator; helped start work in Australia/(Emma)colporteur;helped est. Avondale co.;matron of New England San;active missionary work in Wash.DC area; have her Bible & letter from EGW in Vault
Bailey, Judy Wolter & Royce
(Judy) Musician -harp & RN/(Royce) physician/ both graduates of LLU
Ketring, Juliet Feaster & Jacob T.
(Juliet) sister of Herman / missionaires to South America / file contains some personal & family items
Bahr, Karl H. & Betty McEachern
(Karl) Chief Accountant at CME 2 1/2 years, accountant for South American Division, GC staff position/ missionaries /(Betty) nurse, grad of LLU
Lee, Kenneth L. & Rosalie H. Haffner
(Ken)pastor/(Rosalie) Bible Instructor;teacher;author
Fisher, Kenneth B. & (1) Dorothy M. Akins (2)Florence Ione Nagel Winton Longway (see Howlett)
(Kenneth) physician-grad of CME; helped to pioneer Montemorelos Adventist Hospital in Mexico; missionary to Bella Vista Hospital in Puerto Rico
Smith, Kenneth W. & Florence
(Kenneth)literature evangelist;Faculty-staff School of Public Health LLU/(Florence)poet
Downing, Lawrence G. & Arleen L. House
(Larry) Pastor;professor at PUC/(Arleen) Physician;daughter of Hertha Ehlers House
Sutton, Lavaun Ward & Arthur E.
(Lavaun)member of LLU Internation Heart Team/Faculty LLU School of Nursing/teacher-Nurse educator/Co-founder of Loma Linda Mended Hearts
Tomasi, Lawrence & (1) (2)Nuria Pages
(Lawrence)Pediatric Neurologist LLUMC -both killed in auto accident/newsmaker
Nelson, Leonard Lockney & Martha Wimmer
(Leonard) Author/ missionry/ educator & administrator / (Martha) teacher
Smith, Leonard J. & Millicent Appleton Wheeler
(Leonard) served in publishing work of the church 42 years - RH(1896-1902); South Lancaster Printing Co;Southern Pub.;& others/ worked at Porter Hosp./ (Millicent) teacher, grad AUC, had private Bible Study ministry (file contains samples)
Froom, LeRoy Edwin & Esther E. Fenton
(LeRoy) writer, author, speaker, teacher, counselor, pastor, SDA historian; editor & founder of Ministry Magazine (1928-1950); Associate Secretary of the General Conference Ministerial Association (1926-1950)
Hardinge, Leslie & Molly Ellen Miriam Petavel
Lonergan, Lester H. & Elsa
(Lester) physician; LLU faculty; missionary to Africa/ (Elsa) health educator;missionary to Africa & the Philippines; Honored Alumna 1998
Walton, Lewis R. & Jo Ellen Barnard
(Lewis) Author; Speaker;lawyer;/(JoEllen)physician;Adventist Historic Ministries Board member
Holm, Lewis Nathan & Linea Bunch & (1)Taylor G. Bunch(died 1969)(2)L.N. Holm
(Lewis)Educator;administrato;author;President of Kingsway College,Atlantic Union College/Bio book in Heritage Collection/(Linea)Registered Nurse/ assisted husband Taylor Bunch with evangelist work
Scott, Lida Funk & Robert Scott
(Lida) director of mission extension work at Madison College;gave major portion of fortune to Madison,Loma Linda &self-supporting work in the South(Laymen's Foundation) see Madison connection & books regarding /(Robert) editor; publisher -not sure was SDA
Stuttle, Charles N. & Lillian D. Avery
(Lillian) author & poet;
Nixon, Llewellyn & Vivian Carman / Sidney D. (son)
(Llewellyn) -baker, started Loma Linda Bakery (Vivian) teacher, artist (Sidney) Physician (grad of LLU), medical evangelist
Crippen, Asa & (1)Sarah (2) Minnie (Marinda) Day Jackson & (1) Logan P. Sype (2) Ben Atteberry (3)Asa Crippen
(Logan & Minnie) pioneer work (evangelism) in Oklahoma Terr. & Iowa- Logan was the singing Evangelist and Minnie did the preaching; colporteurs/(Minnie)teacher;pastor-evangelist;conf. Positions;worked for Southern Pub.;Missionary to the Bahamas;author
Blake, Lottie Cornelia Isabell & David E.
(Lottie) grad of AMMC 1902, 1st Black woman physician, medical missionary, teacher, nurse, organized Nurses Training Program at Oakwood College / (David) medical missionary to Central America & Carribean, minister,
Warren, Luther & Jessie Belle Proctor
(Luther) pastor-evangelist; "father" of organized SDA Youth work (MV's); faculty member of CME; boxed collection in Archives / (Belle) Bible Worker; worked at RH Pub.; pianist for evangelistic meetings / they are buried at Montecito Cementery, Loma Linda
Miller, Mabel Robinson & Dwight H.
(Mabel) teacher, author, missionary, great-granddaughter of Ellen White/ (Dwight) school treasurer, business teacher
McFarland, Tillman A. & Mabel May Newton
(Mabel)Teacher & Bible Instructor;(Tillman)headed Madison College Health Food Company; parents of J. Wayne McFarland
Bree, Howard G. & Maggie Hare
(Maggie) daughter of William J. Hare (1st son of Joseph & Maggie Hare); Secretary for Ellen White in Australia & US
Baldwin, Marjorie & Bernell
(Marjorie)graduate CME 1952; teacher-instructor School of Public Health LLU / educator at Wildwood Lifestyle Center (1977+)/Associate Editor of Life & Health Magazine also Journal of Health & Healing/Bernell has Ph.D in physiology
Foy, Mary Staines & John Quincy
(Mary) Dean & Director of Nurses at Battle Creek Sanitarium / (John) Supervisor of greeenhouses at Battle Creek Sanitarium
Wittenberg, Mary Joanna Neufeld & Warren N.
(Mary)nurse -Dietetican-Medical Secretary -graduate of CME/(Warren) pastor -conference positions
Boyd, Maud Sisley & Charles L. boyd & (1)-- (2) Maud
(Maud) pioneer Bible Instructor; worked at RH pub.; Colporteur; 1st woman missionary to Europe/ both were missionaries to Africa (1887-1891)
Smith, Mellie K. and Charles T.,Sr.
(Mellie) past President of the Community Service Federation of SDA Church
Wood, Kenneth H. & Miriam Brown
(Miriam)Author(many articles & books)/ (Kenneth) Author; Editor of Review & Herald; White Estate Board Chair-see WDF#1935
Montgomery, Frank "Monty" and Georgia
(Monty) graduate LL School of Nursing at age 46/farm worker at CME/worked in hydrotherapy dept/practical nurse/Bible study worker
Weismeyer, Norman & Nedra Aileen
(Nedra) early San Bernardino pioneer family (see DF# SB Oral History Project) -worked at LLU Library Serials Dept./ parents of Dick (Director of University Relations Dept.)
Harding, Warren Gemaiel & Florence Mabel King
(non SDA) - 29th President of the United States; son of George T. Harding I & Phoebe (Physicians); brother of George T. Harding II (SDA Physician); teacher;lawyer;politician; newspaper publisher
Colwell, Nathan P.
(non SDA) - helped CME get "B" rating/ First secretary of the Council on Medical Education & Hospitals of the Amereican Medical Association
Herndon, Booton
(non SDA) -author -writes about SDA's-takes a good look at them- several books by him in Heritage collection.
Schubel, George & G(Zeth) Brooks
(non SDA) Author /publisher/radio executive -gave collection of Medical books to CME Library/ (Zeth)author
Carver, George Washington
(non SDA); black scientist; have book about him in Hertiage Collection.
Keller, Helen Adams
(Non SDA- Blind/Deaf Author-Speaker)
Braille, Louis
(non-SDA ) - book in Heritage collection
Morris, Wright
(non-SDA author)his books in LLU Library collection-SDA family connection/ Adventists in literature
Merchant, Jane
(non-SDA poet -see also Osteogensis Imperfecta DF# 3658.02
Starr, Calvin & (1)Sophia j. McPherson (2)Julia Candee &(1)H. Scudder (2)Calvin Starr
(non-SDA's) -(Calvin) physician - graduate of Cleveland Homeopathic College / (Sophia) mother of George B. Starr / (Julia) physician
Nichols, Mary Sargeant Neal & (1) Hiram Gove (2) Thomas Low Nichols
(non-SDA) (Mary) author, editor, health reformer, water-cure physician / (Thomas) pioneer dietician, author, editor, hydrotherapist / founded water-cure institutions / water-cure giants