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Miller, Eli B. & Eva Perkins & (1) Miller (2) Ira J. Hankins
(Eli) First graduate of Battle Creek College; educator-Adminstrator; President of Union College; missionary educator to Africa/ (Eva) teacher, author, editor, missionary to Africa, Conference positions
Roberts, Elizabeth Philena Judson & (1) Willis Hardy (2) Fred Roberts
(Elizabeth) educator; author; member of pioneer Judson family who settled in the San Pasqual Valley of Southern CA -story in Life Magazine -Sept. 1944
Hughes, Ella Evans & Cassius Boone
(Ella) teacher / helped to establish schools at Keene,TX & Avondale, Australia /sister of Newton Evans/Dean of Women at WWC / (CB) educator / First principal at Keene, TX/taught at PUC & Canada /pioneered SDA education work in Jamaica
Groves, Ella Belle Sargeant & Kenneth Ellison
(Elle) Librarian at Loma Linda University Library/Heritage Room Volunteer / (Kenneth) Educator; Business Manager at Walla Walla College
Andross, Elmer Ellsworth & (1) Sophie P.Miller (2) Matilda Erickson
(Elmer) Minister-Evangelist;educator;Pres.Southern Calif. Conf,North England Conf.,British Union,Columbia Union,Pacific Union,Inter-American Divisin;VPof the GC(1918-1932) / (Matilda) Assist. Secretary of the Missionary Vol. Dept. GC; Mission.to Inter-Am
Rawson, Elsie Lewis & Archie Edwin
(Elsie) missionary to India /author/(Archie) minister
Saunders, J. Eric & (1)Florence Edith Wilson (2) Viola Olive Hartnell
(Eric)pastor;teacher;evangelist/(Florence)teacher;RN-CME class of 1920/ missionaries to India -started Ranchi Hospital in India
Lloyd, Ernest Walter & Beulah Baker
(Ernest) minister; author; editor -(Mr. "Little Friend"); co-founder of Pacific Union College; conference positions; Host at Elmshaven; (Beulah) author; Bible worker
Matthews, Esther & Norman
(Esther)Assoc. Editor of CME Medical Evangelist magazine;Director of CME Historical Records Office
Rock, Eva Gwyndolyn Bradford & George L. Rock
(Eva) Educator - administrator; author; song writer; speaker; sister of Charles Bradford; / parents of Calvin Rock / file contains some info on black SDA history & Ellen White / also contains info & history on extended Bradford family
Birkenstock, Evert Frederick & Juanita Hargreaves
(Evert)CME Medical School grad class of 1918/first CME graduate to return to Africa as missionaries/(Juanita) graduate CME School of Nursing 1918
Longway, Ezra Leon & (1) Inez Ruth Mills (2) Florence I. Nagel Winton
(Ezra) Pastor, evangelist, book translator, missionary / (Florence) see Bio File Howlett
Crawford, James A. and Flora Evelyn Covey
(father and mother of Raymond, Ivan, Erwin Crawford)
Hills, Floyd Elmer & (1)Felicia Flores Wright (2)Anabelle Mills
(Felicia) educator; missionary/(Anabelle) LLU School of Nursing instructor; RN
Frye, Charles Philander and (1)---(2) Bertha R. Webster &(1) -- Wheeler(2) Frye
(file includes Bertha's Diaries)
Howlett, Florence Ione Nagel & (1) Ervin Otis Winton (2) Ezra Leon Longway (3) Kenneth B. Fisher (4) Rolland H. Howlett
(Florence) teacher, hospital administrator; business manager; medical tech (army) / (Ervin) grad of CME; missionary. See also -Bio files for 2,3,4,
Westphal, Frank Henry (1) Mary Vesta Thurston (2) Dena Barr
(Frank) attended BC Colleg;colporteur;minister;teacher; missionary to South America (Argentina & Chile)/ (Mary) teacher & missionary
Aldridge, Frank Radford & Ruth Cedol
(Frank) bookkeeper, Book & Bible House manager, conference positions, Bermuda Mission President, pastor
Wells, Frank D. & Mabel Rose (Wells - not related)
(Frank) Literature evangelist; minister; conference positions; Conference President of Northern & Southern New England, Texas, Ark-Louis.
Moran, Frank B. and Adelaide Adams
(Frank)Chaplain CME;physician;teacher;med. Dir. St. hela San;evangelist;est health restaurants & treatment rooms/(Adelaide)nurse;dietitian;public health lecturer;conf.Bible Instructor;teacher;women's dean;/parents of Frank A.
Marsh, Frank L. & Evelyn Alice Ruth Garrett
(Frank)pioneer Creationist Educator; author; Founded the Geoscience Institute at the General Conference/ (Alice) educator; author; dietitian
Eastman, Fred R. & (1) Fannie N. Cross (2) Frances L. Steunenberg
(Fred) employed at Battle Creek San; several conference positons; father of Mabel Richards (Mrs. H.M.S,Sr..); buyer for CME / (Frances) daughter of Idaho governor murdered by Harry Orchard
Herzer, Fred Everett & (1) Lavinia Baxter (2) Winifred Sargent
(Fred) physician - graduate of first medical class of CME 1914; served the U.S. Public Health Service in the Philippines;CME Faculty / (Lavinia) physician - grad of CME class 1914; sister of Eleanor Burden;CME faculty; nursing grad of CME 1907
Rogers, Fred Reed & Minnie Groves
(Fred) State of Mississippi Superintendent of Church Schools & Mission Schools; teacher, minister, pioneered SDA work in the south with Edson White / (Minnie) teacher
DeVinney, Frederick Henry & (1) Gertrude Hardy (2) Minnie (R.?) Althouse Howard
(Frederick) colporteur, minister, missionary to Japan & China(with Minnie); President of Eastern NY Conf., Japan Union, Asiatic Division, South China Mission, Miss.-Lous. Conf. / (Minnie) Sent Ellen White the "Hug-Me-Tight" for her birthday from Japan
Shankel, George Edgar & Win Osborn
(George) Educational Administrator/ teacher/ President of Helderberg College/ missionaries to Africa & Jamaica/ (Win) Music teacher - instructor / Parents of Virginia Gene Rittenhouse
Wells, George Washington & (1) Alda Elizabeth Heichel (2) Jessie Seward & (1) Flaiz (2)Wells
(George) nurse;minister;conference positions; Conference President of Tenn, Georgia, Minnesota,California, Southern Union; Field Secretary of the General Conference; chaplain at Loma Linda Sanitarium
Harding, George Tryon, Jr (II) & Elsie Weaver & (1)Harding (2)Wilton Lockwood
(George) physician; brother of Warren G. (Pres. US); founder of Indianola Rest Home (Harding Hosp.) Worthington, OH; Superintentent of Washington San, D. C. (1907)
Wareham, Gerald & Dorothy Matar & family
(Gerald) Radiologist / Conductor of the Loma Linda Men's Chorus/ (Dorothy) Professional Pianist / Arranger-Composer / Accompanist for Loma Linda Men's Chorus/ (Jared - Son) Special Olypian - Down's Syndrome
Gibson, Robert; Gibson, Walter; Gibson, Jesse
(Gibson Brothers)
Williams, Gudrun "Goody" Dorothea Herwick & Lysle Westly, Sr.
(Goody) Librarian; worked full-time for LLU Libraries 1977-1990; part-time after retirement 1998-2004 / (Lysle) physician -grad CME
Howard, Theodore Roosevelt Mason & Helen Nela Boyd
(Graduate of CME), Physician, Civil Rights activist
Roberts, Grant Alonzo & (1) Pauline (2) Minnie Enoch Dauphinee
(Grant)Nurse / pastor/ President of Jamaica Conference: Oregon Conf.;Northern & Southern California Conf.; Inter-American Division / Medical Extension Secretary General Conference (1941-1950)/(Minnie)Dean of Women Pacific Union College; conference worker
Walton, Harold Milton & (1) Daisy Elma Coleston (2) Jessie Susan Tupper
(Harold) Physician,minister,Sect. GC Mdical Dept.;founder of CME Sch. Of Dietetics; Medica Diret. Of LL San & White Mem.; editied book that became EGW CDF/(Daisy)Dir.of Nur.at LL San & Hosp./ (Jessie) Dir..Hinsdale Sch of Nurs;co-found of LLUMC Vol. Ser.
Schnepper, Harold Ellis & Clara Louise & family
(Harold)Professor of Restorative Dentistry LLU/(Clara) Library Clerk-LLU Library
Reeves, Harriet O. Smith & Clifford A.
(Harriet)Asst.Dean LLU School of Nursing;education administrator;LLU Board of Trustees (1971-1975)/(Cliff)pastor-evangelist;teacher;chaplain
Evans, Harrison Silas & Ruth Harding
(Harrison) Vice President LLU / Dean School of Medicine CME/LLU/both CME grads School of Medicine
Anderson, William Harrison ( Harry)& (1) Ellen Nora Haysmer (2) Mary Elizabeth Perrin
(Harry) minister; pioneer missionaries to Africa, also India & Jamaica / (Nora) pioneer missionary to Africa - died of blackwater fever (1908) / (Mary0 teacher, conference Bible Instructor; missionary to Africa; author; poet; worked with Vandeman
Harrower, Henry R. & Olive May Vince
(Henry) physician - grad of AMMC 1907; nurse; instructor of endrocrinology at CME(1916-1918); started Harrower Laboratories (1918); est. 1930 Harrower Scholarship for Junior medcial students at CME
Ketring, Herman Feaster & Elva Pearl Riggs
(Herman) minister-evangelist; pioneer missionary to Chile,South America; President of Central New England Conference; editor/ (Elva) colporteur; missionary to South America
Walen, Herman Michael & Harriet Naramore Whitney
(Herman) wholesale merchant; self-supporting worker; nurse; helped establish Chestnut Hill School near Portland, TN / (Harriet) helped establish Chestnut Hill School & Sanitarium near Portland, TN; teacher
Scofield, Inez Janet Gram & Milton E.
(Inez)Nurse,musician,volunteer for ACTS in Loma Linda;(Milton)pharmcist,musician
Hankins, Ira John & (10 Clara Tracy (2) Eva Perkins & (1) Eli B. Miller
(Ira) minister; missionary to Africa; editor; chaplain; President of Indiana Conference & Cape Conference (Africa)
James, Iram & Christiana Rosina Kurtz
(Iram) farm manager for Ellen White
Allen, Irene Armitage & Birtle & (10 Grace E. (2) Irene
(Irene) Nurse-anesthetist at Loma Linda for many years/married Bertle at age 81. / both members of Palomar Nature Club/ parents were missionaries to Africa
Van Horn, Isaac Doren (1834-1910) & Adelia P. Patten (1839-1922)
(Isaac) pioneer SDA pastor-evangelist; teacher;treasurer of the General Conference; Pres.of Michigan Conf.; / (Adelia) assisted Ellen White in preparing materials for publication; editor of Youth's Instructor (1864-1867);helped husband in evangelist work
Meier, Christana Trefz & Jake (Jacob) Haydn
(Jake)minister; musician/(Christiana) teacher/ missionaries
Hindson, James & Anna L. Ingels
(James) organized with Anna a Tract Society in Western Australia; health food work / (Anna) editor;conf. Secretary; Pacific Press staff;conf. Positions;34 years editor of Australiasian Record & 18 years editor of Missionary Leader; author
Radcliffe, Jean Archange Vernier & (1) Samuel Bell (2) William Radcliffe
(Jean) physician - grad of AMMC 1900; nurse; served on staff of Battle Creek San; instructor at CME (1910-1912); on staff of Loma Linda San; donated funds for Loma linda Vernier-Radcliffe Library built in 1953 (now houses Dept. Archives & Special Coll.)
Gang, Jeffrey Allen & Gina Bietz
(Jeff)pastor of youth & family ministry(Gina)daughter of Gordon Bietz