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Abbey, Ira & Rhoda B. (Buckley?)
Bourdeau, Daniel T. & Marion Elizabeth Saxby
Ball, Dexter A. & Martha Clark
Bryant, Franklin Henry
Burman, Charles Augustus & Leona
Brandstater, Charles Albert & margaret M. Kessler
Crawford, Marian (Marion) Concordia Stowell & (1) Delos Truesdail (2) Franklin Crawford
Eastman, Martha Sisley & (1) Asa Lockwood (2) Joseph Eastman & (1) Nettie Hill (2) Martha Lockwood
Haffner, Gottfried Fredrick & Catherine Elizabeth Ehrlich
Hall, James Madison Monroe & Abigail
Ingraham, William S.
Ings, William & Jennie L.
Kern, Milton Early & Florence Pierce
Mason, Alfred Holding & Inez Mary Phillips
White, William Byington & Nettie Grant
Steel, John W. & Carole
(non-SDA) artist, illustrator ( did many of the paintings for SDA books printed at PPPA, 1960-1970)
McKee, Ellsworth and Sharon
(Parents of Little Debbie) Loma Linda University Distinguished service Award 1999/Chair of Mckee Foods Corp.
Garrett, Jeanie
Attended Battle Creek College / Manager of Battle Creek Sanitarium Employment Office & Housekeeping Department; also worked with the San Welfare Department
Farnsworth, Orvil Orlando & Carrie Mace
he was # 13 of the 22 children of William; minister-evangelist; went to England; conference President
Amelio, Gilbert
"Face of Christ"
Kinman, Duane
"Foxhole Surgeon"
Gray, Don & Marjorie
"Genesis Speaks" Seminar;evangelism & team ministry
Crooks, Hulda Hoehn
"Grandma Whitney" - 23 climbs; author;see collection in Archives; climbed Mt. Fuji at 91
Moore, Raymond and Dorothy
"Home Schooling" materials / books
De Leo, Charles
"Keeper of the Flame" - Lady Liberty - Statue of Liberty / See also archives Doss Collection box # for letters, articles, pictures,other information.
Crawford, Merritt R. & Doris J. Levis
"Miracle Builder for God" worldwide(churches,schools,hospitals)
Berglund, Ruth
"Miss Pine Springs"
Hewitt, David & Olive
"most honest man in town" / Battle Creek's first SDA believer, converted by Joseph Bates
Hastings, Leonard & (1) Elvira (2) Lucinda Coldburn
"potato patch" Millerite farmer; among first 50 to join the Sabbath-keeping Adventists membership/ (Elvira) close friend of EGW; healed by special prayer
Van Dyke, Mary
"Rebuilt by the Lord & LLUMC"
Ismond, Wolfe
"Shanghai Wolfe" - book in Heritage Collection/Missionary
Chalmers, James & (1)Jane Hercus (2)
"Tamate", Missionary to New Guinea - Non SDA - Book about him in Heritage Collection
Maxwell, Arthur Stanley & Rachel
"Uncle Arthur";author;Editor of Signs of the Times
Anderson, Clifford R.
"Your Radio Doctor"
Flaiz, Theodore Richard
( See also Flaiz Memorial Higher Secondary School of SDA's - DF# 3534.33)
Jasperson, Florence Fellemende & Arthur A. Jasperson
((Arthur) President of Madison College /(Florence) elected to Who's Who in America; Layman Foundation Secretary-Treasurer
Gay, James and Margaret
(12 children changed name to Gray-All workers in SDA Church fields)
Kellogg, Wilfred Custer & Anna Bell Kellogg
(?non SDA)Battle Creek businessman; worked for JH 7 WK in managerial positions;connected with Urantia Foundation -see DF#3770.01 & Wm Sadler -see WDF#247/ (Anna) grandaughter of JP & Mary Ann/ couple were half first cousins
Truman, Archibald William (1884-1977) & Daisy Ethel Nary (18886-1975)
(A.W.)physician-grad of Univ. of CO 1908;attend Battle Creek Col; witnessed fires 1902-03;on orig faculty CME;Medical Dir.of Loma Linda, St. Helena,Glendale, Washington DC, & Ardmore,OK Sans.;editor Life & Health;Med. Miss. To China/(Daisy)nurse,musician;
Simpson, W. Ray & Abbie M. Winegar
(Abbie) physician, educator, author, faculty member at AMMC / both operated the Long Beach, CA Sanitarium
Turner, Ada Lucine Williams & Harry Charles
(Ada)Director of Official Publications CME-LLU/(Henry)Chief Pharmacist at White Memorial Hospital 20+ years
Jacobson, Alan & Linda & Tyler(son)
(Alan) Cardiologist / (Linda) Anesthesiologist LLUMC / (Tyler) gifted child / newsmaker / musician
Haysmer, Albert James & (1) Sadie Crandall (2) Dora Van Deusen & (1) D. A. Wellman
(Albert) Nurse (1st class at Battle Creek College); minister; head of church work in Jamaica & West Indies; President of Alberta & Minnesota Conferences
Bokovoy, Alex P. & Sandi
(Alex) grad of CME Medicine 1946, other hospital positions in US & foreign countries / missionaries to Ethiopia 1956-1974 / (Sandi) child evangelism work in Ethiopia, author, periodical articles
Williams, Alfred H. & Mabel Blanche Harocourt Donaldson
(Alfred) conference & Division positions; missionaries to India / (Mabel) educator; nurse
Mazat, Alfred O. and Alberta Bernard
(Alfred)physician/Missionaries to Borneo & Singapore/Family Life Workshops/((Alberta) SDA Author; LLU Faculty;books in Heritage Col.
Druillard,(Drvillard) Alma & (1) Eliza Elwell (2)"Nellie" Helen Henrietta Rankin (1844-1937)
(Alma) miner, farmer, colporteur, director of Tract Society, missionary to South Africa, bus. Man. Boulder San, CO; bus. man. for Ellen White for 1 year at Elmshaven;staff at EMC/(Nellie)founder of Riverside San(Negros);co-founder of Madison Col;nurse
Davis, Janet Haynes (Mckibben) & Morten J.
(also known as Janet Jacobs at La Sierra & LLU
Burke, Ann Cunningham & Kenneth I.
(Ann) Author/Poet / Kenneth - LLU Faculty
Ritchie, William Shannon & Anna Lula Joseph
(Anna) started Sabbath School in Riverside, CA; Bible Instructor;pioneered SDA Work in Utah / adoptive parents of Iner Sheld Ritchie