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This database is an alphabetical list of over 600 titles used for published works by Ellen White. Included are actual titles, title variations, and related titles with cross references. The date of original publication and paging is given for each title—when known. Notes are provided to show relationships between titles, to show if the title is part of a series (in parenthesis), and to indicate any other information that establishes the uniqueness of the title. Publisher information normally is not included.

The Bibliography includes both books and pamphlets published by Ellen White during her lifetime and posthumous compilations published by official sources of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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Titlesort ascending Year Pages Notes
To Our Bookmen.
7 p.
To Conference Officers.
SEE Elmshaven, Sanitarium, CA.
To Conference Officers And Managers Of Our School.
4 p.
To Brother J. N. Andrews And Sister H. N. Smith.
40 p.
To Brethren Who Occupy Responsible Positions In The Work.
NOTE: Special Testimonies, Series A, no. 6.
To Brethren In Responsible Positions.
NOTE: Special Testimonies, Series A, no. 1; also no. 1, 2nd ed.
Tithing: Faithful Stewardship.
16 p.
NOTE: from Testimonies For The Church, vol. 9, pp. 245-252; with "How To Pay Tithe" by J. L. Shaw, treasurer of the General Conference, 1926-1936.
Tithing And Our Relation To It As Set Forth In The Testimonies.
15 p.
NOTE: from other published sources; compiled by D. P. Wood.
Thy Saving Health.
NOTE: from other published sources.
Thoughts From The Mount Of Blessing.
205 p.
Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me.
NOTE: Special Testimonies, Series A, no. 9.
This Day With God.
384 p.
NOTE: devotional book.
There Is Help In God.
8 p.
NOTE: (Apples of Gold Library, no. 56).
The Truth About Angels.
314 p.
NOTE: compilation; "a behind-the-scenes view of supernatural beings involved in human life:- -T.p.
The Time And The Work.
31 p.
NOTE: "compiled from the writings, published and unpublished, of Mrs. E. G. White, by the Atlantic Union Conference Committee, in the interest of Home Missionary Work"; revised in 1935 (Home Missionary Series leaflet, no. 14), 32 p.
The Sinner's Need Of Christ.
8 p.
NOTE: from Steps To Christ.
The Second Tithe: A Systematic Offering For The Sydney Sanitarium.
14 p.
The Quote Book: Gems From The Pen Of Ellen G. White.
NOTE: compilation.
The Place Of Herbs In Rational Therapy.
32 p.
The Ministry Of Healing.
541 p.
NOTE: replaced Christian Temperance And Bible Hygiene.
The Message And Health Reform.
4 p.
NOTE: from Testimonies For The Church, volumes 6 and 9.
The Hillcrest School Farm: An Appeal From Mrs. E. G. White.
4 p.
NOTE: Manuscript 25, 1909.
The Great Controversy: Unseen Powers Struggle For Supremacy.
271 p.
NOTE: published by Family Heritage Books and printed by Pacific Press.
The Great Controversy Between Christ And Satan During The Christian Dispensation.
704 p.
NOTE: this title was first used in 1886 with the fifth edition of what had been volume 4 of the Spirit Of Prophecy, the colporteur edition; volume 4 was rewritten and enlarged in 1888 and the book we popularly know as The Great Controversy was born; revised in 1911; (Conflict Of The Ages Series, v. 5).
The Faith I Live By.
384 p.
NOTE: devotional book.
The Enlargement Of Our Work.
24 p.
NOTE: portions by Ellen G. White; signed by O. A. Olsen.
The Desire Of Ages.
866 p.
NOTE: amplification of The Spirit Of Prophecy, v. 2 and v. 3 (first part); (Conflict Of The Ages Series, v. 3).
The Desire Of Ages.
2 v.
NOTE: Bk. 1 subtitled, From Heaven With Love and Bk. 2 subtitled, The Destiny Of The World Decided; published by Family Heritage Books and printed by Pacific Press.
The Colporteur Evangelist.
112 p.
NOTE: compilation; taken from Manual For Canvassers; replaced by Colporteur Ministry.
The Captivity And Restoration Of Israel.
SEE Story Of Prophets And Kings.
The Adventist Home.
583 p.
NOTE: compilation; companion volume to Child Guidance.
The Acts Of The Apostles.
633 p.
NOTE: subtitled, In The Proclamation Of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ; amplification of The Spirit Of Prophecy, v. 3 and adaption of Sketches From The Life Of Paul; (Conflict Of The Ages Series, v. 4).
The $150,000 Fund.
32 p.
That Other Angel.
64 p.
NOTE: selected from Colporteur Ministry.
That I May Know Him.
382 p.
NOTE: devotional book.
Testimony Treasures, v.1-3.
1771 p.
NOTE: drawn largely from Testimonies For The Church.
Testimony To The Church At Battle Creek.
116 p.
Testimony To The Church (no. 21, private).
220 p.
Testimony To The Brethren In Western New York.
32 p.
Testimony To An Aged Sister.
4 p.
NOTE: from Testimonies To Ministers, pp. 516-520.
Testimony Studies On Diet And Food.
SEE Counsels On Diet And Foods.
Testimony Relative To Marriage Duties And Extremes Of Health Reform.
27 p.
Testimony For The Physicians And Helpers Of The Sanitarium.
94 p.
NOTE: reprinted in Testimonies For The Church, v. 4.
Testimony For The Churches At Allegan And Monterey.
46 p.
Testimony For The Church.
33 issues.
SEE ALSO Testimonies To the Church, 1871-79 and Testimonies For the Church, vols. 1-9.
Testimony For The Church At Olcott, N.Y.
24 p.
Testimony For The Church At Battle Creek.
62 p.
Testimony For The Battle Creek Church.
84 p.
NOTE: includes: Our College (1881), Important Testimony (1882), The Testimonies Rejected (1882), Workers In Our College -- Extracts From Previous Testimonies (1881); reprinted in Testimonies For The Church, v. 5.
Testimonies To The Church.
6 v. (nos. 1-28).
NOTE: mostly contains same material as first 4 volumes of Testimonies For the Church.
Testimonies To The Church Regarding The Strengthening Of Our Institutions And Training Centers And A Plea For Medical Missionary Evangelists.
32 p.
NOTE: Special Testimonies, Series B, no. 8.