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This database is an alphabetical list of over 600 titles used for published works by Ellen White. Included are actual titles, title variations, and related titles with cross references. The date of original publication and paging is given for each title—when known. Notes are provided to show relationships between titles, to show if the title is part of a series (in parenthesis), and to indicate any other information that establishes the uniqueness of the title. Publisher information normally is not included.

The Bibliography includes both books and pamphlets published by Ellen White during her lifetime and posthumous compilations published by official sources of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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Call For Canvassers.
4 p.
NOTE: article from Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, June 2, 1903.
Call Of God: The Development Of The Work In Washington, D.C.
22 p.
NOTE: by A. G. Daniells and Ellen G. White; from Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, May 26, 1904.
Call To Service In The Master's Harvest Field, An Appeal.
16 p.
Call To Service.
SEE Suggestions To Those Holding Missionary Conventions.
Call To Stand Apart: Challenging Young Adults To Make An Eternal Difference.
120 p.
NOTE: compilation; "selections from the writings of Ellen G. White; a paraphrase."
Call To The Watchmen.
16 p.
Camp Meeting: What Is It?
12 p.
NOTE: compiled from the writings of Mrs. E. G. White by Elder B. M. Heald.
Camp-meetings, Their Object, And How To Conduct Them.
48 p.
NOTE: Testimonies For The Church, v. 6, pp. 31-71.
Can We Know God?
31 p.
NOTE: two chapters from Steps To Christ.
Child Guidance.
616 p.
NOTE: compilation; companion volume to Adventist Home.
Children: Bouquets Of Hope For Their Salvation.
112 p.
NOTE: compilation.
Choice Thoughts On Dress.
2 p.
Christ In His Sanctuary.
128 p.
NOTE: compilation.
Christ Our Righteousness.
SEE Gospel Workers.
Christ Our Sacrifice.
8 p.
NOTE: from Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, September 21, 1886; "published and for sale by D. W. Johnson, South Lancaster, Mass."; not listed in The Published Ellen G. White Writings On Compact Disc.
Christ Our Saviour.
158 p.
NOTE: Edson White's adaptation for children of materials prepared for Desire Of Ages; amplified in 1900 to 182 p.; 1949 edition with text unchanged entitled, Story Of Jesus.
Christ Tempted As We Are.
16 p.
NOTE: articles from Bible Echo, November 1, 15, December 1, 1892, January 1, 1893; (Bible Students' Library, no. 118).
Christ Triumphant: Devotional Meditations On The Great Controversy Story.
384 p.
NOTE: compilation; "inclusive language edition"; mostly unpublished and unreleased works on the life of Christ.
Christ Triumphant: Devotional Meditations On The Great Controversy Story.
384 p.
NOTE: compilation taken mostly from letters, sermons, and manuscripts; inclusive language edition.
Christian Courtesy.
NOTE: Special Testimonies, Series A, no.3.
Christian Education.
255 p.
NOTE: from other published sources; replaced by Education in 1903.
Christian Experience And Teachings Of Ellen G. White.
268 p.
NOTE: drawn mainly from Life Sketches, Early Writings, and Testimonies For The Church.
Christian Experience And Views.
SEE Sketch Of The Christian Experience And Views Of Ellen G. White.
Christian Leadership.
77 p.
NOTE: compilation.
Christian Service.
SEE Instruction For Effective Christian Service.
Christian Temperance And Bible Hygiene.
268 p.
NOTE: 162 p. by Ellen G. White; replaced by Ministry Of Healing.
Christian�s Privilege.
8 p.
NOTE: article from Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, May 3, 1881; (Apples of Gold Library, no.2).
Christs Object Lessons.
436 p.
Church Of Power For All Races.
55 p.
NOTE: selected from Acts Of The Apostles; (20th Century Library Souvenir, 6) on some covers.
Church Schools.
SEE Special Testimony To Battle Creek Church, 1898.
Church Schools.
31 p.
NOTE: published by Union College Press.
Circulation Of Our Health Journals.
4 p.
NOTE: article from Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, November 12, 1901.
Climax Of The Ages.
407 p.
NOTE: subtitled, A Story From The Past Of Faith And Courage... ; edition of The Great Controversy.
Colporteur Ministry.
176 p.
NOTE: compilation; an amplification of Colporteur Evangelist.
Comfort: Quotations From The Writings Of Ellen G. White.
142 p.
Conference Officers.
NOTE: Special Testimonies, Series A, no. 8.
NOTE: from other published sources.
Conflict And Courage.
381 p.
NOTE: devotional book.
93 p.
NOTE: articles from Advent Review And Sabbath Herald, 1874-1875 on Christ's wilderness temptation; Redemption, no. 2.
Converted Monk.
47 p.
NOTE: selected chapters from The Great Controversy; (20th Century Library Souvenir, 8) on some covers.
Cosmic Conflict.
640 p.
NOTE: edition of The Great Controversy.
Counsel To Christian Stewards.
15 p.
NOTE: excerpt from Counsels On Stewardship, section xiv, pp. 323-335; "compliments of the Potomac Conference Corporation of Seventh-day Adventists."
Counsel To Physicians And Medical Students.
NOTE: manuscript 4a, 1885, in pamphlet form.
Counsels For The Church.
2 v.
NOTE: selected from Testimonies For The Church and other books by Ellen G. White for readers in the Southeast Asia Division; also printed in 1971 by the Signs Pub. Co. in Australia in 2 booklets; facsimile reproduction by the Ellen G. White Estate in 1989, 403 p.; hard-bound edition with additional material--revised introduction and scriptural indexes--in 1991, 462 p.
Counsels On Diet And Foods.
511 p.
NOTE: compilation; a revision and expansion of Testimony Studies On Diet And Foods, a teaching aid compiled by Dr. Harold Walton and printed in Loma Linda, 1926.
Counsels On Education.
312 p.
NOTE: compilation; from the 9 volumes of the Testimonies For The Church.
Counsels On Health.
696 p.
NOTE: compilation; subtitled, And Instruction To Medical Missionary Workers.
Counsels On Sabbath School Work.
192 p.
NOTE: compilation; amplification of Testimonies On Sabbath School Work.
Counsels On Stewardship.
372 p.
NOTE: compilation.
Counsels On Teaching.
NOTE: from other published sources; (Sabbath School leaflet).