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This database is an alphabetical list of over 600 titles used for published works by Ellen White. Included are actual titles, title variations, and related titles with cross references. The date of original publication and paging is given for each title—when known. Notes are provided to show relationships between titles, to show if the title is part of a series (in parenthesis), and to indicate any other information that establishes the uniqueness of the title. Publisher information normally is not included.

The Bibliography includes both books and pamphlets published by Ellen White during her lifetime and posthumous compilations published by official sources of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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Title Yearsort descending Pages Notes
51 p.
NOTE: subtitled, An Appeal To Students And Teachers In Our Schools And Employees In Our Sanitariums; A Study For The Young, at head of title; portions later appeared in Counsels To Teachers.
Appeals For Unity.
16 p.
NOTE: "addresses on consecration, unity, and self-denial given in the chapel at Loma Linda, California."
Counsels To Teachers, Parents, And Students Regarding Christian Education.
575 p.
NOTE: compilation from Christian Education, Special Testimonies On Education, and unpublished manuscripts; in 1943 name changed to Counsels To Parents, Teachers, And Students.
From Riches To Ruin.
77 p.
NOTE: selected chapters from Patriarchs And Prophets; (20th Century Library Souvenir, 1) on some covers.
To Our Bookmen.
7 p.
Tower Of Tongues.
47 p.
NOTE: selected chapters from Patriarchs And Prophets; (20th Century Library Souvenir, 3) on some covers.
God�s Desert Broadcast And Dwelling Place.
63 p.
NOTE: selected chapters from Patriarchs And Prophets; (20th Century Library Souvenir, 4) on some covers.
World That Then Was.
63 p.
NOTE: selected chapters from Patriarchs and Prophets; (20th Century Library Souvenir, 2) on some covers.
Writing And Sending Out Of The Testimonies To The Church.
32 p.
NOTE: also includes: My Work And My Helpers; the work of W.C. White; copy of a portion of letter written to Elder G. I. Butler (1906).
Spirit Of Sacrifice.
40 p.
NOTE: Special Testimonies, Series B, no. 19.
Ownership And Control Of The Madison School.
20 p.
NOTE: from other published sources; contains quotes by Ellen White about the school, but rest of pamphlet is written by others.
Testimony To An Aged Sister.
4 p.
NOTE: from Testimonies To Ministers, pp. 516-520.
Victorious Life ; A Message To You.
8 p.
NOTE: from Testimonies To Ministers, pp. 416-420.
Life Sketches Of Ellen G. White.
480 p.
NOTE: compilation drawn from: Spiritual Gifts, v. 2, Testimonies For The Church, v. 1, and Life Sketches, Ancestry, Early Life, Christian Experience, And Extensive Labors Of Elder James White And His Wife, Mrs. Ellen G. White.
Story Of Prophets And Kings As Illustrated In The Captivity And Restoration Of Israel.
753 p.
NOTE: originally issued under title, The Captivity And Restoration Of Israel; (Conflict Of The Ages Series, v. 2).
Remnant Church Not Babylon.
32 p.
NOTE: included in Testimonies To Ministers and Remnant Church.
The Time And The Work.
31 p.
NOTE: "compiled from the writings, published and unpublished, of Mrs. E. G. White, by the Atlantic Union Conference Committee, in the interest of Home Missionary Work"; revised in 1935 (Home Missionary Series leaflet, no. 14), 32 p.
Notebook Leaflets.
45 leaflets.
NOTE: originally published by the Elmshaven Library in the 1920s, 43 of the leaflets consist of selections from Ellen White's writings on specific subjects and are organized under five topical sections; 44 of the leaflets were republished in 1945 by the Review and Herald.
The Colporteur Evangelist.
112 p.
NOTE: compilation; taken from Manual For Canvassers; replaced by Colporteur Ministry.
Christian Experience And Teachings Of Ellen G. White.
268 p.
NOTE: drawn mainly from Life Sketches, Early Writings, and Testimonies For The Church.
Fundamentals Of Christian Education.
576 p.
NOTE: 74 articles from various sources arranged chronologically from 1872-1915.
Testimonies To Ministers And Gospel Workers.
544 p.
NOTE: originally published in Special Testimonies, Series A and B.
Selections From Testimonies To The Managers And Workers In Our Institutions.
78 p.
Counsels On Health.
696 p.
NOTE: compilation; subtitled, And Instruction To Medical Missionary Workers.
Instruction For Effective Christian Service.
283 p.
NOTE: compilation; cover title, Christian Service.
Light Of The World.
64 p.
NOTE: selected from Thoughts From The Mount Of Blessing.
Principles Of True Science.
720 p.
NOTE: compilation prepared as a teaching aid by M. E. Cady.
Tithing: Faithful Stewardship.
16 p.
NOTE: from Testimonies For The Church, vol. 9, pp. 245-252; with "How To Pay Tithe" by J. L. Shaw, treasurer of the General Conference, 1926-1936.
Should Christians Attend Mixed Bathing Resorts And Engage In Worldly Amusements And Recreations?
20 p.
NOTE: from other published sources.
Dangers Threatening The Church.
8 p.
NOTE: compilation.
Messages To Young People.
499 p.
NOTE: compilation, mostly from articles in the Youth's Instructor.
Health And Healing.
8 p.
The Place Of Herbs In Rational Therapy.
32 p.
Medical Ministry.
348 p.
NOTE: compilation; subtitled, A Treatise On Medical Missionary Work; manuscript version entitled Health And Healing: A Treatise On Medical Missionary Work In The Gospel, 5 volumes in 1, 193-?
An Appeal For Self-Supporting Laborers.
48 p.
NOTE: title variation on p. [3]: An Appeal For Self-supporting Laborers To Enter Unworked Fields; "selections from the writings of Ellen G. White".
Brief Sketch Of The Life And Teachings Of Ellen G. White.
128 p.
NOTE: taken from Life Sketches Of Ellen G. White.
A Call To Medical Evangelism And Health Education.
48 p.
NOTE: compilation.
Impending Conflict.
127 p.
NOTE: selected chapters from The Great Controversy.
Selections From The Testimonies.
3 v.
NOTE: selected from Testimonies For The Church, volumes 1-9; replaced by Testimony Treasures.
Guiding Principles In Prayer For The Sick.
63 p.
NOTE: compilation; cover title, Prayer For The Sick.
On The Mountainside.
63 p.
NOTE: selected from Thoughts From The Mount Of Blessing; M.V. Bible Year award, 1938, Central Union Conference.
Counsels On Diet And Foods.
511 p.
NOTE: compilation; a revision and expansion of Testimony Studies On Diet And Foods, a teaching aid compiled by Dr. Harold Walton and printed in Loma Linda, 1926.
Counsels On Sabbath School Work.
192 p.
NOTE: compilation; amplification of Testimonies On Sabbath School Work.
Counsels On Stewardship.
372 p.
NOTE: compilation.
Worker's Need.
48 p.
NOTE: selected from Ministry Of Healing.
Your Home And Health.
388 p.
NOTE: abridged from Ministry Of Healing.
Counsels To Writers And Editors.
192 p.
NOTE:compilation; amplification of first edition entitled, Counsels To Editors, 1939, 118 p.
Country Living.
32 p.
NOTE: subtitled, An Aid To Moral And Social Security.
Radiant Religion.
271 p.
NOTE: devotional book.
747 p.
NOTE: compilation.